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31  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Videos / *~-Lycanpire Melancholy-~* //Stage Show? Bloody Fest? NO! // Preview on: August 20, 2008, 11:11:03 am
Nice video!  I am eager for this story now! Cheesy  I hope it comes soon.
32  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / The Wellgate Legacy - Chapter 13 Up 1-9-08 on: August 20, 2008, 10:44:34 am
Thanks everyone for your comments and sympathy! :group hu:

Sadie, I am keeping score, after a fashion.  It's probably not perfect.  There is a clause that you can restart your game if it is an absolutely emergency.  It wasn't really though because Stephen is still going strong and wants it very much in his patient way.  Things tend to be interesting when you just let them happen though, I've found. Wink

Yeah Paul manages to getting into everything I do. :-P  Sneaky little demon he is.

Chapter 10

Stephen has suddenly taken to working out his weights every chance he gets.  

It seems to be working!  Strut your stuff baby, you've got it!

What's this now?  You want to eat this glowing green bowl of toxic waste?  I'm game!  Nothing like a bit of a glow to get me moving in the morning.

Ohh I feel all tingly!  

Not only does it help my digestion, it keeps my teeth pearly white.


Stephen had a snow day and he was quite thrilled.  In fact it snowed so much that winter, he had three snow days in a row.  Not much to do but hang about all the time.

All the while Lakeshia is hanging out in bathroom.

Lakeshia: Ug, what is all this?  Five days until I become an elder.  Must be my body winding down.  That's it, all it can be.

I don't know...  Looks like more than that to me!

It was a special Mother and son bonding time as they worked today creating artificial men from snow.

Then with a pop it all changed.  Seems another Wellgate is on the way!  I was surprised with Lakeshia so close to being an elder, surprised but pleased.

Excusing himself from the family drama for a bit, Stephen made eyes with a red head named Willow.  Can't say I don't love that name.

Even as he chatted Willow up yet another girl happened to come by.  What luck.  He was equally attracted to both so he invited both in to see what would happen.

I think we can see who the clear winner is here.  Just walking by someone's house so you might come in and use their computer is not cool.

Stephen: Enough talk, time for a decision.  What do you think?

Willow: How this?  You put the boom, boom into my heart!

Stephen:  How lovely and I must say, you wake me up before you go-go!

Ah a perfect snow angel.  Surely someone is looking down from heaven and smiling.  Or maybe that someone is floating around the garden a red ball of fury ...

This is wrong on so many level.  Barefoot outside in the winter exercising in pjs while pregnant ...  At least she is looking slimmer now.

Ahh!  Snowball headed your way, better duck!

Ohh, just missed her.  Great reflexes!

Yes that's a pregnant tummy all right.  What mysteries does it hold?  After two boys I know what I wish for.

Stephen: Hey Mom I got an A!  I do this everyday and I will keep on doing it until I get the cheer I deserve..

Lakeshia: Hmm, good.  I would get up but I am pregnant and don't want to disturb the baby.

Ohh, ohh here we go!  What will it be?

Oh another boy ...  Yay ...  I have nothing against boys, but a girl would be nice at some point.  I'm talking to you Stephen, take note!

Lakeshia: Aww, look at him!  He looks just like Max did once upon a time.  

Stephen: Actually he looks just like I did too you know.

Lakeshia: Aww, you are so sweet, just like Max.  I'm going to call you Matthew because you are clearly from heaven.

Stephen: So you are Max's replacement are you?  Try it if you like, but I'm off to university soon and they will be impressed then.

Owen: Another one?  When did that happen?  Hello little baby!

Matthew: Hello Dad!  Something happen around here?  What did I miss?

Oh My God, first sighting!  Wow, just as red as I thought he would be.

Nothing like blossoming young winter love.

Willow:  Isn't it quite amazing that every time we do something hearts are floating above our heads?

Stephen: Hmm, did you something something darling?

Owen: Look at my boy almost all grown up.  Now I have another one starting over at the beginning?  I must be out of my mind.

Stephen: Do allow me to properly massage you my dear.

Willow: Aw, thank you.  You are so thoughtful.

Willow: That's really nice, but I'm so cold I've turned blue!

Stephen: I know just the thing to warm you.

It certainly did work well.  It's so good seeing Stephen doing all right for himself.

Stephen: Oh my god you are that cool vampire guy who use to hang around our house all the time.

Paul: That's right.  I am cool.

Stephen: You know I may be a popularity sim, but my secondary aspiration is knowledge.  I get these strange wants from time to time ... hint hint.

Matthew is such a perfect baby!  He rarely cries and sleeps more than Max and Stephen combined.

Birthday time!  

Toss the kid up and let him down.  Will he look like Stephen or Max?  The anticipation is killing me.

Neither!  It's a good nose though.

After a make-over!  How comes Matthew, the late stage mid life crisis miracle baby.  How will this effect the dynamics of the family?  Honestly with what has happened so far, I haven't a clue.  

Owen:  Goodnight my sweet angel.  My only wish is to be around to see you grow.  

The same party Lakeshia changed into an elder.  My sims seem to be picking out decent clothes for themselves, which is nice for a change.

Stephen was leaving for uni in the morning as he and his father had some last minute fun bonding over GTA.

Stephen: Goodbye Snap!  Forgot me not and I'll see you soon.

Snap: Sure thing.  Rub my belly before you go.  It's for good luck, I promise.

Ohh scary ghost anger.  Sorry about the bed mate, but we couldn't exactly just keep it around.

Moving up and out Stephen gets out the cab into a whole new life.

His girlfriend Willow and him put all their savings together to rent a little house just outside the campus.  Which you can't see from here because my graphic card doesn't allow for that.  :-P

Willow: You know Stephen now that we are at University I just wanted to say that even though we are living together we don't have to be exclusive.  I mean this is the time for fun and experiment.

Stephen: Oh.  I didn't know you felt that way.  Sure ... maybe that's for the best?

Willow: Of course it is!  Besides you know I love you best.

Yay mixed messages!

Unwanted surprise packages outside the door do get me enough money to actually make living condition passable.  Only good thing, Mr. Humble!

Still they were basically broke, so Stephen tried panhandling with little success.  A bunch of skinflints these college types.

Fortunately just when it looked like they were going to have to sell the couch Stephen got a call from a certain vampire inviting him down town.

There was a nice meal with Paul prattling on and on about all sort of rubbish.  Nothing better than a captive audience.

Stephen: What's this?  Advertising for temporary DJ's?  I might have to give that one a whirl.

He was a great success, with the money just rolling in!  Got the ladies dancing and Paul giggling, couldn't ask for more.

He even got hit on by one of them and sad to say she's married and writing this legacy right now.

Stephen: It's nice to know that Max isn't the only one who can get the girls flocking.  Of course I must remember Willow, she's my girlfriend after all.  I'm sure she's at home just waiting for me.

Noo... sorry to say, that a no Stephen.  She had been cheating on him with a cow.  Yes a literal cow.  Bad enough either way but with a cow it's that much more insulting I would think.  

That cow has many enemies. Even before he left that lot the Cow had been attacked by a furious cheerleader.

Who of course won.  You don't mess with the cheer squad.  See I told you it was a real cow.

To make himself feel better and to get some more much needed mula Stephen tried free styling.  He had half the place dancing, but did anyone put anything in his tip jar?  Nope, not a penny.  Hello people pony up all ready!

He even got a bit of unexpected attention.  He's a current head of the line though and I can't have him going that route.  Pity.  

Stephen Out!

He didn't however miss the opportunity of chatting up a couple of people in very nice uniforms.  Is there a method to his madness?

Willow left in a huff to explore her bovine interests elsewhere.  So sad, but they only had one lighting bolt between them.  On to big and better things.

Mmmm, pepperoni pizza.  The stable of the University student's diet.

Stephen invited several suits over to his modest home, when it happened.

Party crasher!  

Stephen: Excuse me?  You think I'm a chicken?  What is this?

PC: No I think you are trying to weasel your way into our secret club.  Sorry to say it worked.  Take this poke so you will remember how lucky you are.

Stephen: I think you punctured an artery with that poke.  

PC: Now I'm going to lock you up and give you another good poke.

Stephen: This is turning a bit more kinky then I thought it would.

Fortunately it all turned out well when he arrived at the secret society.  Quite the welcome party he had!

One girl in particular caught his eye.    

Stephen: So you come here often good looking?

Lola: Why yes.  I live here just so you can meet me, fall in love before I eventually break your heart.

Stephen: Uh, what did you say?

Lola: Welcome to the secret society!  I can see you will fit in well here

Stephen: Thank you!  I'm sure I will.

Stephen didn't just come to meet girls however.  He came for something else...

Stephen: If I told you that you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?

Lola:  You wouldn't be able to stop me baby!

Good idea to feed the mascot before the mascot feeds on you.

After that Stephen was so high on happiness that he couldn't help but cream Paul with a water balloon.  Why is there a vampire on campus?  Search me.

Stephen: Hey Dad!  What's going down?  What's shaking up top?  Keep on grooving baby.

Owen:  Well you certainly are in a good mood today.  College is clearly doing well with you.

Stephen was only too quick to share his good fortune with Snap.  Wonderful thing about dogs is that they always listen.

Stephen:  Dad ... I got (nicked) something for you and for Mom ... I want you to have it but be careful with it.

Owen:  Where did you get that?  How did you get that.  I don't know ... I don't know if I should take it.

Stephen: Take it Dad.  I know you'll do the right thing.

Stephen invited Lola over for some country dancing?!?  What the heck?

No not quite that, but we can't tell you, it's a super special secret!

Ahh, campus love.  Seems the Wellgates really do have a thing for redheads.

Owen: Well that's my cue to leave I think!  Hard to believe how fast they grow.

Owen: I just wanted to say before I go that you are doing so well son.  I'm so proud of you and always have been.

Stephen:  Thank you Dad.  That means so much to me, so much more than you know.

Back at the ranch Matthew is taking his first steps.  

Owen was out playing with Pop when he spied the ghost of his first born.  He wasn't scared, just sad about a life cut so short.  

He was scared but opened the present Stephen had given him, an item of great and wonderful power.

Owen: Money?  You want money?  Um, I don't know ... is three thousand enough?

Owen: Ah, what's happening!!!

Owen:  Max?   ... is that you ... ?

Owen: Oh my God!  What have I done??
33  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Fish Out of Water: A Piscine Legacy - Chapter Nineteen on: August 20, 2008, 07:01:48 am
Pictures, gah!  They are so wonderful somehow.  I especially like the solo shot of Ariel.  After so many dogs in my game, it's nice to see a cat.

It was nice to get Teddy Paul's POV.  Interesting names, as I have two characters by those names. Wink  Good names. Cheesy

How wonderful that he is so patient with her.
34  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Junior / A pair of jeans and 3 tees for your Teen guys [Updated: 4 May] on: August 19, 2008, 11:14:03 am
I really like these!  Thanks a lot. Cheesy
35  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 9 on: August 18, 2008, 05:40:38 pm
Thank you for the comments!  Cheesy  I'm so glad I got you laughing. :-P  

Just a disclaimer, my avatar is that of a rotten apple, so no ... not that big on Twilight unfortunately.  I have a few issues with it, but this is not the time or place.  Smiley  Don't hold it against me! :rabbit:

Anyway, here comes ...

Chapter 9  

Then there were 6!  Dogs that is.  The sixth little bundle of barking joy is Sam, another girl.  

Scamp: So how does she seem my dear?

Gloria: She smells just fine!  Even as I smell her armpit.

Max: So you start school tomorrow Stephen?  Well let me tell you, it's difficult to get good grades.  Like I did actually with no trouble at all.

Owen: Now, now son let's be nice.  I'm sure Stephen will get by somehow.

Max: Hmph, if you say so.

Lakeshia: Eat your vegetables honey.  You need to stay nice and healthy and strong.

Now with more free time Lakeshia is taking up Japanese art, something wholly endorse.

Owen: Now I know not everything comes to you as easily as it does Max.  So I'm going to help you with your homework.

Stephen: Sure Dad.  I'll just pretend that you look at Max and I the same way.  It's much easier that way.

Stephen: Now I know how to study.  You know what, it doesn't matter, no matter what everything will be okay and someday you will see.

Scamp: I have a secret ... You are looking rather lovely today.

Gloria: I also have a secret ... I love you.

Snap: You know I can hear you Mom and Dad and that made me all itchy.  I'm trying to relax here!

Sam: Hi Mom!  What's that, what's that!  Dog food.  Oh it's good, it's good!  Yum, yum, yum!

Gloria: Yes it's good.  Oh dear me.

Yes Sam is a rather hyperactive puppy dog driving everyone mad.

Scamp: I swear I was just getting up from my nap and confetti started flying out of my butt!

Oh I'm an elder now?  Well that's nice, time to retire and just relax.  I demand a four footed foot massage right now!

Max continues spending a great deal of time training and play with Pop.

Max: Well Pop, I asked the teacher if I could bring you to school, but it turns out that she doesn't quite buy that I'm blind and need a seeing eye dog.

His passion is tinkering so spending some time researching it makes good sense.

Max: Oh yes I know that there is a woman behind me eye balling my next.  You know what, I ignore strangers especially ones that look like they might be half zombies.  Makes good sense I think.  Who let her in here anyways?

The boys spend the vast majority of their free time training the dogs.  How nice to them to fulfill their Father's LTW.  Getting 6 dogs to the top of their careers is a lot harder than I thought it would be!  Though thankfully Maxis made training dogs fun or it would be completely impossible.

Lakeshia came home glowing green and happy at life.  

Easy to see why.  It's always a good day when you hold the world hostage and get $60,000 out of it.  Oh and yes her name is really Lakshmi but I forgot that when I started writing this legacy so blah.

Oh yawn!  Yet another day ahead of being gorgeous and wonderful.  How ever do I cope.

Oh I just had a bad dream!  About Max and leaves and ... I don't remember.  That can't really happen, can it?

Owen: I have surprise for you! Guess which hand?

Scamp:  Uh, right hand?  

Owen: Nope, nothing see.  You guessed wrong.

Gloria: This is so silly and pointless.

Random Cook Person:  I want you to come to my secret hideway, where we can 'cook' together.

Owen: Um, first it's downright spooky that you just walked in without knocking while I'm still in my PJs, second I just don't go to anyone's secret hideout without a reason.

RCP: I'll make you a pie.

Owen: Well in that case...

Meanwhile Max is already kiss-assing his way up the corporate ladder.  Starting with the headmaster of the local private school.

5 minutes later....

Headmaster: I would be thrilled to have your son at our school.

Owen: *gulp, gulp, gulp*.  What's that?  I have two sons you know.

Headmaster: Whatever.

Max: Hi Scamp!  Did you know that I am enrolled at an exclusive private school?

Scamp: *in doggy talk* It might be just me but you are getting a bit big for the britches, aren't you?

Max: Everyone thinks I'm so great.

Stephen somehow manages to stay cheerful even while cleaning the house and being all but ignored by his parents.  This is the Cinderella story in reverse or something.

Scamp: So do you still like me even though I'm old and beige?

Gloria: Of course my dear.  You are top dog with me!

Max's birthday!  He actually got a cake, first one ever.

Yay for Max!  Spoiled little darling.

Oh yeah, nice and strong.

Max: You better believe it baby!

Max: Someday you will be great like me if you do everything I say all the time.

Stephen: Oh Golly...

Then Max proceeded to get the ultimate birthday gift!  A brand new house!  Wow wee!  No what actually happened is that someone the lot they were on got infected with something and free will was completely screwed up among other things.  I was so worried, thinking that this was the end of the line.  I managed to save them all though, but lost the lot.  So I downloaded another lot with no CC and here we are.  

Lakeshia stops her criminal ways long enough to play with Sam.

Max and Snap spend quality guy time together.

Owen and Pop discuss politics in a friendly manner.

Scamp discovers that green bones can be just as tasty as brown.

See that there was strangely an old abandoned car on this lovely lot, Max got right on it with some power tools.  

Then Owen suddenly unexpectedly had a heart attack!  Oh no!

Ha ha, just kidding isn't that funny?

Lakeshia: No..

So here is our family.  And yes Lakeshia does have interesting ideas of appropriate dining wear.  Max seems slightly more cheerful these days.  Must have been those pre-teen hormones before.

My goodness does he love his tinkering.  He went to the secret lot looking for teenage girls and found none. So he spent his time enthusiastically talking electric trains with the engineer there.

With more time on her hands now Lakeshia is devoting more time to her hobbies.  For unknown reasons she felt confident enough to enter a cooking contest.

The judge seemed to like her crapes...

But she lost.

Lakeshia: Now darn it, darn it, darn it.

Random Cook Guy:  Listen lady no one wants a scene.

Random girls keeping walking by the house.

Unfortunately Max can not claim to be a fan.  Will he ever find the woman of his dreams?

Owen's birthday!  It's been quite a journey all ready, what will the future hold?

A haircut!  That's good for starters I think.

Ah, now that's better.  All debonair and stuff.  

Snuggles, snuggles.

Max knows that he looks hot and cocky in his private school uniform.

Even Stephen looks good actually.  The kids has dignity and a positive outlook, I really like that.

Lakeshia takes her cooking aspirations a bit far and manages to set the kitchen on fire!

Lakeshia: Oh thank goodness you got here!  That fire burned so hot and so quickly.  Good thing we have plenty of money for a new stove!

It must be the area that they moved into because sudden there are so many girls around.  Even one for Stephen.  Maybe the no nose will balance out too much nose?  Who knows?

Meanwhile Max makes love to his mirror.  

Max: Oh baby you have everything!  Good looks, charm and a great sense of style.  This is a match made in heaven.

Owen: I may be old and grey and you may be carrying extra junk in the trunk, but together we are magic!

Lakeshia: What do you say my dearest, still have it in you?

Owen: Boy do I ever baby!  Come here!

Finally Max finds the woman of his dreams and she is just like his ... mother.  Hmm, I could explore the deep reaching physiological implications of this, but I'm a bit lazy.

Stephen brought a friend home from school.  Seems that he is practising early to take over his mother's 'career' choice.  

Whoa, teenage boys really have no brains at all sometimes.

No she won't go out with you now, silly boy.

Yay homework time!  

Meanwhile Lakeshia is out walking the dogs when she comes upon a stranger who just loves talking make-up.

And loves to wear womans shoes.  What sharp teeth he has?  Really this is a bit strange.

Paul the vampire: You know I love sun!

Owen: Um ... right.

One of the worth things about this house is the huge pills of leaves that need to be raked up at least once a day.  Silly trees making silly leaves.

Paul: Hi there boy!  I'm harmless really.

Scamp: My doggy ass you are.  Still, do you want to play?

Max: Oh yeah, I need to polish until I can see myself.  Then this car will be perfect!

Random Girl: Please ... Your rich family and good looks do nothing for me.

Max: Aww, shucks.

Delivery woman: You know you totally called me and I brought this food over...

Lakeshia: Must ... work ... off ... butt.

Max: At least I have this car.  When I can drive any where I want I'll be able to find all the girls that look just like my mother!

Owen retired and now he spends all his time with the never ending task of training the dogs.  Honestly it's unbelievable how long this is taking.  The dogs always get to tired or have to use the loo right before being fully trained, always!  I'm hoping Owen manages this!

BTW, Scamp, best dog and best doggy Daddy ever.  I've never seen a dog with such a perfect relationship with everybody before.

Stephen got an A.  No one noticed, but he was proud of himself and that is what matters.

Then boom!  He grew up and no one noticed, including me, bad me.  His face rounded out a bit and that helps.  

He's so fun and sweet and that helps tons.

Sam grew up and here are all the dogs in one room!  Clockwise from the bottom.  Sam, Scamp, Gloria, Pop, Crackle and Snap in the middle.  It's slightly scary that I know that!

Owen: You know Stephen is doing so well, maybe he will be an overachiever like Max!

Scamp: Hey I'm rooting for him.  At least he never tried to eat me.

Max continues to work on his car.

Almost done!  Just add a bit of paint and ...

All done!  Looks good, doesn't it?

Max kindly invited Stephen and the Wellgate boys went out on the town.  Unfortunately all the teenage girls must be in hiding or something.  Well try again later.

Owen practically lives in the bathroom at this point.  He spends at least 6 hours a day just washing dogs.

Then it happened ... folks ... the worst thing possible.  Max was out raking and burning leaves.  Apparently his bathrobe caught on fire.

He went up like a torch, too much cologne?  Everyone tried to save him, especially Lakeshia.

But nope...

Shock, I was in shock.  It happened so fast.

The grim reaper wasn't interested in any sort of plea.  There was nothing to do.


I got nothing.

Stephen apparently couldn't care less.  Which made me angry at first, but then I remembered Max was never especially nice to him.  I was hoping they would become better friends in college, but now that is never to be...

Owen and Lakeshia were of course devastated, as was I.  

Of course I could have just reloaded my game but I had made pack with myself to accept anything that happened, no excuses.  I have never had a teenage sim die in my game before and I can't believe it happened now, but it did.  

Now it's down to Stephen, ... or is it?

And even the fireflies cried ...

Sorry for the depressing ending, but that's the way it went. Sad
36  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Fish Out of Water: A Piscine Legacy - Chapter Nineteen on: August 18, 2008, 11:21:13 am
I like the lyrical way you write it's nice. Smiley  

Also yay to another update!  I was hoping you hadn't forgotten. Cheesy
37  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / The Avalon Legacy - Updated 11/01/08 - Chapter 22 on: August 18, 2008, 09:17:08 am
I didn't even realize you updated!  

I vote for Arynn all the way.  She's so pretty and does not take any flack, good for her!  I love that shot of her giggling behind her hands. Cheesy

Aubrey is a nice kid, but he's a bit of a wimp from what I've seen.  *lol*

I wait in anticipation.
38  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 8 on: August 17, 2008, 09:07:19 pm
Thank you as usual everyone for the comments!  They mean so much to me. :love4:

For this next chapter I'm putting on a rush, so just bare with me if I don't caption every picture and my spelling and grammar is atrocious as they tends to be.  I'll return to my other style for future chapters.  I am something in the neighbourhood of 250 pictures behind. :brain: Which isn't bad in and of itself, it's just that so much has happened (good and bad) and I want to get to it. :angel:

So here we go!  Longest chapter yet! Cheesy

Chapter 8

Yay expansions!  With another baby and puppies on the way it was time to build some new additions onto the house before everyone ate each other.  I've seen enough hand waving for one lifetime, thank you.  I only used the money I had because I refuse to use any cheats for this legacy.

Bottom floor.

Top floor.  Hmm, not perfect I guess.  It was the first time I created a top floor on a lot, so it's all right?

Here's the backyard.  I suppose I lose my handicap points for the family tree because I had to uproot it and move it.  

Here's Max again!  Evil genius or no, I adore him.  

There is something special about the first legacy baby I think.

All right, so he's a bit of an attention whore.  Show me a two year old who isn't.  I think he's confused by the fact that his house expanded over night.  Who wouldn't be?

Yay again!  Gloria and Scamp had their puppies.  Snap, Crackle and Pop.  Yes I was eating breakfast when I named them.  The white one is Pop, a girl, Crackle is brown also a girl.  Then finally Snap is the boy.

Here are two very proud doggie parents.  Not sit on the couch be damned, they just had triplets!  

Gloria: So I had the babies and it was a lot of work.  I'm off to the spa and you can do the rest!

Scamp: Um, not exactly what I signed up for...

Scamp: Still, aww, they are so sweet and they look and smell just like me.

Scamp: Maybe this won't be so bad provided the humans around here do all the real work.

Max:  Aww, puppy nice.  I not eat this puppy!

Lakeshia:  All right, all right!  The puppies are cute!  You know what's not cute?  I'm 9 months pregnant, Owen is always away and I'm stuck here with all these stinky dogs.  You see Owen's Lifetime Want is to have 6 pets reach the top of their careers.  So in other words we are keeping all the puppies and I'm going to be living and breathing dogs for the rest of my life.  *takes deep breath, passes out.*

Max: Aw Ma, chill.  What possible trouble could a few little dogs cause?

Aw heck, here we go again.  Hopefully now my bladder won't decay completely every five minutes.

Stephen: *Gasp*  

It's all right little guy.  Everything is going to be just fine, even though you are not a girl like I expected.

Max: Wow, Mom was making a lot of noise.  I'm so hungry.  Maybe this will be okay to drink?

Note to self, do not sample things that associate with green mist.

Aww, thanks Dad, that is so much better.  I haven't seen you around lately.  How have you been?

Yep Max old boy, pooping in a box through your clothes definetely means you are moving up in the world.  

Ha ha ha.  They have all fallen for the cute disguise I portray.  With this crayon I will complete my plans for world domination!

Here is the current state of things.  Seems that Scamp's artistic vision has rubbed off quite well onto his pups.

For a while there I was really sure Lakeshia was going to lose her mind.  There was absolutely no time for anything with her but chores, chores and more chores between the puppies and the babies.  I was hoping to get a picture of the doctor when he showed but it never quite got that bad.

Grabbing naps where ever you can.  This does bring back memories for me.  Eeeek.

Lakeshia: Sexy pajamas, what sexy pajamas.  What you see is what you get love.  I'm running on fumes here.

Max:  That's lovely Ma.  How about your have your epiphany's when I'm not in danger of being dropped.  Just a thought.

Lakeshia:  I ... can't ... handle ... it.

Scamp:  Ohhh!  Nice weather we are having today

Meanwhile Stephen continues to be generic cute little baby all sweet and things.  

Bad train!  You've been a very bad train.

Bathtime, not the most favourite of times.

Aww, kisses for Pop.  Just tasting or loving, you decide.

Crackle: Daddy that boy is watching us again.

Scamp:  Yes I know dear, but no worries.  At least he's on the floor with us, not like those others only using 2 legs to walk.  Don't trust anyone with two legs, that's my motto.

Aww, I'm sad.  My jaw is displaced and I'm stuck in my crib, life is rough.

Awww, surge of growth hormones!  

Dude!  I totally just tripled in size.  Rock on!

Shhh, the puppies are sleeping.  As long as they are doing that and not peeing everywhere in site, they are so cute!

This is what poor Lakeshia spends pretty much her entire day doing.

Meanwhile Owen decided to hit up Ikea for some new furniture.  

Then the puppies were not puppies anymore!  This is Pop, probably my favourite of the offspring just because she stands out well and has a pretty coat.

Then there is Crackle.  She's a bit more round then her sister, and a bit of a bully because of that.

Then there is Snap.  He takes after his Dad I think.

Yay!  Time for the traditional game of toss the baby!

Max is so handsome.  I am sure this one will be the same.  I can't wait to see.

*pin drops*

*jaw drops*

Oh ... No.

Back in oblivion land Pop and Max are becoming the best of friend.  They become owner and master very quick.

Here you go.  Have a radioactive bottle.  It might help, it certainly can't hurt.

Max continues to be gorgeous.  Look at me, I'm an ant!

And domination of the world of ants will be mine!  I have not forgotten!  *evil laugh*

Poor Stephen.  

Stephen tries out Opera.  Is surprisingly successful.  With a nose like that I suppose getting a lot of air is easy.

I do admit to having affection for him.  Now that I'm over shock I can certainly see that he has potential in his individuality.  

Meanwhile Pop is taking his art to new interactive levels.

Max is back from his first day of school!  Of course he did a wonderfully.

Gloria:  Hello Snukums!  You know with the puppies all grown up, I was thinking we should have another!

Scamp: Right you bet ... any day now ... I'll get right on that ... uh huh

Owen made enough money that we could finally afford a babysitter once in a while.

Aww, bliss!  A nap in the middle of the day is pure magic when you have kids.  Believe me I can attest to that!  

Max gets Pop ready for the stage, as the best Showbiz dog ever!

Owen politely attempts small talk with the nanny.  Always a mistake.

Max continues his plans to take over the world one horse drawing at a time.

Guess what?  Owen actually got it together enough to take his wife to a nice restaurant.  

There are fringe benefits of course to that.  

Ohh, that's a hot kiss.

Turns out she happy to return the favour.

They are so sweet when they are lovely dovey like this.

Next we see Owen sneaking into a dressing room booth.  Fulfilling an exhibitionist want are we?  

From that smile I'd surely say yes.  No baby chime played however, thank goodness for that.

Whoa, when someone shows up and looks at you this intently, you have two choices.  Either run and hide, or

Talk about the stock market.  Either work quite well.

Well that was a strange encounter...  Must be the new neighbours that just moved in.  

Pop: Hmm, what do you make of that darling brother?

Snap: Couldn't say for sure my sweet sister.  Seems to be a human but his eyes are so small and shrunken and his jaw in so slight.

Pop: Could it be that he is one of us?

Snap: Certainly could be!  Let's play!

Max continues to campaign to be sweet and wonderful so they will never suspect.  

Max: Now listen Mister Bear AKA Minion, when the time comes I will give the world and we will take over.  You and me, and maybe the ants, or and Pop, hmm, maybe Dad can come alone.  Mom to, she needs the break.  Well Stephen I suppose will have to join us.  How much more to my world is there I wonder?

Max: You know, we totally could be having ice cream right now.  When I rule the world there will be ice cream at every meal.

Lakeshia: Fine, that sounds great.  Just eat your pancakes in the meantime.

*no comment, rolls eyes.*

Gloria managed to talk Scamp into the dog house again, just how I'm not sure.  Then yes the chime sounded so more puppies.  Yay?

Oh that's real classy Owen.  Don't you have pet beds to clean?

Max:  Mom I got an A!

Lakeshia:  Yep, that's what I am.  Mom, nothing else, nothing else here.

Stephen: Both of you are out of your minds.

Stephen: Will you like me if I share my bottle?  

Max: Growl!  In my footy pyjamas I can do anything!

Aww, more hugs for Pop!

Max:  Ohhhh?

Stephen:  Oh silly brother, you can't sing worth a darn.  Try though I find it amusing.

Max: Oh dear brother of MIIIINNNNEEE!!!!

Stephen:  Uh, we don't want to wake the neighbours do we?

Scamp:  Hi ... I was wondering, if it's not to make trouble ... I've been working such long hours and the misses is pregnant again.  Any chance for a hug?

Yeah, now that's some good hugging!

Oh yeah!  I finished my picture!  These will be my slaves when the time comes.  Also yay I finished a picture, I'm so cool.

Look, look.  Betcha you can't top that, you can't that's right.  Whose the man ... boy.  Me that's who!

Lakeshia has some of the neighbours over and randomly shares some ghost stories.  Interesting dinner conversation ... Or maybe she's planning on killing the neighbours and making them into a pie!  Ahhh!  Probably not though...

Aww, poor neglected Stephen.

Do you know what's even more scary then ghosts?  Potty training.  

Neighbour:  Now that I agree with.

Max: Hmph, I don't know if I do.

Stephen grows up!  

Stephen: Yay!  I still have two hands!  That's so cool!

Owen:  Yeah ... a bit of a shame about the nose ...

Stephen: Oh come on Dad, it will be all right.

Owen: Yeah you are right, of course you are.

That's all for now.  If you read through all that I am very impressed!  Cheers and I'll see you all later!
39  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / The Avalon Legacy - Updated 11/01/08 - Chapter 22 on: August 13, 2008, 11:40:39 am
Yay great update!  So many ghosts wow!  How do you get anything done with everyone being scared all the time.  Still it's an added challenge and now I am inspired to keep all of my tombstones on my lot with my legacy.  When I do get tombstones that is.

I really like your characters!  Poor Aubrey, he clearly feels insecure and Aislynn is very lovely and strong.  I can't wait for more! Cheesy
40  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 7 on: August 13, 2008, 11:28:33 am
Thanks for the comments! Cheesy They always make me feel happy to know people are reading and enjoying!

Chapter 7

Hello I'm Scamp!  Did you miss me?  I missed you.  Let's continue on with my story.  That's right, my story, no one else's.  The humans in this story, so boring with their silly love games.  Me, I'm a freedom loving bachelor and that's the way I like it.  

Why hello ... I haven't seen you around here before.  Um, do you come hear often?  Wait ... this is my yard, uh of course you don't...  Right, uh ... Hi?

Gloria: *in doggy talk* That's all right.  I was actually just going from door to door looking for freedom loving animals to sign my petition for Dog Rights.

Scamp: You what!  I have the same exact same petition.  What to make of that?

Gloria: Quite the lucky coincidence I would say!    

Scamp: I should get in.  My pet Owen needs to get tucked in at night or who knows what will happen?

Gloria: Where are you going hot stuff?  How about we head into that dog house that just so happens to be right here and discuss things further.

Scamp: If you insist... This better be good.  I feel another masterpiece coming on.    

Whoa now that's what I call persuasive!  

Meanwhile Lakeshia continues to walk around looking hot even while carrying a baby.

Owen: I blow a kiss to you and your see through shirt.  Did you know that I'm not wearing any pants?

Oh ug, what was in those hamburgers?  At least I know I'm not pregnant.  After all I just had a baby ... right?

Max: I really could be a fashion model for cheesy Hawaiian shirts.  Look at my stoic pose, my handsome serious profile expression.

Scamp: What's this?  Last time I saw you, you were nothing more than a larva.  What on earth happened?

Max:  Well the last time I saw you, you were a virgin.

Scamp: Yeah funny story behind that actually  ... Wait, you understand me!  How do you even know that word under the age of one!

Max: Because I'm an evil genius that likes to eat doggies.

Scamp:  Oh my freaking God!

Max: Ha ha.  With my two panda paws I will take over this world.

Wait ... why am I wearing this getup in the middle of July?  I can barely move my hands.  I'll just have to kill all the blocks with my amazing mind melding powers.

Yes I am so powerful that I can grow a whole head of curly hair over night and look even more darling than before.

Max: You know Mom I've been sitting in this chair all day long.  Not to rush you or anything but my bum is turning a bit red.

Max: Um, are you all right?  Something keeping you up at night?  Couldn't imagine what ...

Max: Well than ... you do that ... just take that nap on the dirty floor.  Don't worry about me I'll be fine just sitting here until I ... DIE.  

Now those are some major flies if I don't say so myself.  

Hmm, this could be a problem me thinks...  I wonder how everything will turn out?
41  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Cluedo: "Up, Up and Away!" (WINNER: rachel631) on: August 06, 2008, 11:22:46 am
Wow this is so cool!  I love your set designs in all the rooms.  

I want to play the game again now. Cheesy
42  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / Which gender you create more? on: August 06, 2008, 11:16:26 am
I always create adult males.  Probably because all the Maxis males tend to be horrible disfigured.  

I can tolerate the Maxis females, but the males with their squashed faces need a lot of help.
43  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / I'm Not There [[updated 8/7]] on: August 05, 2008, 01:52:33 pm
Interesting beginning.  I like the creative touch of the pictures of the two of them in the background.  That was a nice touch.
44  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Anna's Diary on: August 05, 2008, 01:38:47 pm
Very nice story.  I can admit to getting all teary eyed at the end when Liam was talking to his father.  

These things and loses are really and it's important they are addressed from time to time.
45  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Finding faces, The end, part two up! on: August 05, 2008, 12:38:24 pm
Hmm, good start.  Entertaining or not teen pregnancy is a serious and often tramatizing thing.  I hope everything turns out well for Anya.
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