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31  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Skintones / Fear Of The Dragon / Tattood skintone on: July 23, 2007, 12:55:04 pm
Hello :wave:

These are some older tattoos that I made, and have only just got around to uploading them. I have got a lot more stuff to upload so bare yourself for the major uploading spree Wink

These are oriental style tattoos for adult female and male sims, based off of a skintone by the wonderful Louis - big thank you to her!

The adult male skintone has two snarling dragons in a heart shape on the chest, a serpintine dragon on the left hip and a drago and tiger design on the back.

The female skintone has a flying dragon on the stomach, a worm dragon climbing out of flames on the back, and a detailed design on the chest which includes the words 'Fear of the Dragon'.

Usual policy applies click here to read it

32  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Make Up / RedRum ~ Set of 5 sinful shades on: July 22, 2007, 05:30:29 am
Hello :wave:

These I made ages ago and just havent got around to uploading them. I actually have a heck of a lot of cc to upload, so beware, soon there will be a mass uploading spree! Wink

These are another set of lips, all red and heavily textured with nice glossy spots. Apologies for the pictures, my model just would not stop smiling ¬.¬ And usually they are all depressed and dont smile! My sims are too weird

Erm so the 5 shades are called Fruit, Infidel, Rouge, Trickster and Wine. They range in different tones and contrasts, but generally they are all bright reds - perfect for pinup girls!

Because I made these ages ago I cant remember what ages and genders I made these for...but I *think* its only Teen, Adult and Elder female. Me thinks :angel:

And if you like these lips, check out my other ones =) And I am working on some handy tutorials on how to make lips

Enjoy ya beauties!
33  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Make Up / Nymphaea [Collection of 7 facial designs] on: July 17, 2007, 05:17:30 am
Hello people :tongue8:

These are called Nymphaea, which is the latin name for the Lily family. To create these I used someone elses layerable blush because I thought that it would make these layerable...and it kinda worked. So basicly some of these are layerable, and some arent. I have no idea why some of them didnt work...meh! So the ones that are not layerable are 1, 4 and 6; and the ones that are layerable are 2,3,5 and 7. Well thats what it is like in my game anyhow, so if its different on yours then please let me know.

Blergh, so to cease my ramblings - these are seven costume makeup blushes. They are all in floral designs, with a slight gothic twist, and are all in black. They are only for adult female and adult male. Four of these are layerable, and three are not. Sorry but I cant fix that bit, if someone else wants to make those ones layerable then they are very welcome to and I'd love it if you'd PM me with the layerable versions so I can add them to the upload Smiley

Erm, so details of each blush:-

Nymphaea #1 [[NOT LAYERABLE]]
*Dripping black with flower blooming on the left eye, with
horizontal lines which join to the right side of the forehead
where there is an entwining vine design

Nymphaea #2 [[LAYERABLE]]
*Intriqute design of vines, spirals and a flower on the left cheek

Nymphaea #3 [[LAYERABLE]]
*Blooming rose with climbing lines, spirals and sunburst detailed
design on the right cheek

Nymphaea #4 [[NOT LAYERABLE]]
*Butterfly resting on a leaf facial design on the right cheek

Nymphaea #5 [[LAYERABLE]]
*Vine and leaf design over both eyes, with more detail on the right
of butterflies and spirals.

Nymphaea #6 [[NOT LAYERABLE]]
*Finely detailed design on the right eye that leads from the bridge
of the nose over the eye socket to the forehead

Nymphaea #7 [[LAYERABLE]]
*Gentle lotus flower design central to the sims forehead

Pleaes click here to read my policy! Cheesy

The sims in the pictures are shown with additional eye makeup, so this is not included in the actual design or download. The creators of the various eye makeup are Ephemera, Barcelonista,   Bruno , Helaeane and IcedMango. Other content shown are lips by KamiKitten, Ephemera and Paryun; eyes by IcedMango and FlyingPigeon; blush by Jirka and Sussi; all the skintones are by Ephemera, and the hairs are all edits by Setso, Harripwns and Evanesco at MTS2 and GoS. And thats all the sim thinks. O_~

Additional credit and thanks to Ca_Pris at DeviantArt whose brushes I used when making these. Some of the brushes I did not edit at all, and others I edited a fair bit. But credit is due where credit is due ;] So many many thanks to her.

......Yup, I ranted and rambled. Sorry >.<

34  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Skintones / Natures Notes / Tatood skintone on: July 08, 2007, 06:15:19 am
...yup another one!! I have got the tattoing bug at the mo Wink

This is a skintone that I originally made for my tree hugging hippie-elf Acorn (the male in the pictures) but I developed it into female tats as well so here it is for you to enjoy as well!

      I used a skintone by Louis as a base, so credit and thanks go to her.

Right, this skintone is for all ages, but the tattoos are only for adult female and male - purely because I do not like tats on the other ages, I know its unrealistic but thats just the way I like it.

The adult male skintone has overall 5 tattoos - a large twisted tree on the back, a blossoming branch on the right thigh, an intwined flower on the lower stomach, a heart tree thing over the heart and some climbing vines on the right arm.

The adult female skintone has a lot more tattoos..7 in total - a black rose on her right ankle, a spider in 3 periwinkles on the left knee, intwined irises on the lower back, growing flowers down the spine, intwined lilies on the lower stomach, blooming yellow flower on the chest and a thorny lilac rose on the right shoulder.

Click here to view my policy please!

Enjoy ya beasties! :tongue8:
35  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Skintones / Geisha Tats/Tattood skintone on: July 05, 2007, 05:36:06 am
Hello :wave:

I am back with more tattoos! This time these are only for adult females...purely because I just think these tats are more feminine, and our sim men just need to be manly for a change! Wink

SO these are oriental geisha styled tats for our adult female simmies. Yet again I have used a skin by Louis as a base, credit and thanks to her! This skin has a total of 6 individual tattoos - a small jumping dolphin on the right knee, a cherry branch on the back right ankle, a crow on a blossoming branch on the stomach/hip area, a fan with falling petals and chinese lettering on the upper chest, a blue geisha woman on the right shoulder, and, finally, an extravagant tattoo on the back. There's a fair bit of Japanese and/or Chinese writing on these tattoos, and I have absolutely no idea what they mean... so if its something offensive then I deeply apologise!

*Are for adult females only
*Appear in Skins under the Genetics category
*No EPs or meshes required

Click here to view my policy please!

36  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Skintones / Doll skintones - 4 BJD recolours on: July 04, 2007, 05:26:05 am
Hello there! :wave: These were requested at GoS (if you havent been there yet then go! Its awesome there) and I figured that I may as well share them with you guys too.

These are 4 recolours of Ephemera's/Teru K's BJD skintone which can be found at MTS2 here. Thank you very much to Ephemera for permission to recolour and for the original skintones ^.^

Because I have edited the hues and contrast things, and all that jazz, on these skintones they are not as good as quality as the originals (as in they are more pixelated), so I apologise for that.

      The recolours that you get here are called:
*Autumn Wish      - Natural tanned skintone with pink hue
*SandStorm         - Natural tanned skintone with yellow hue
*SullenEarth         - Deep rich brown skintone
*ChocolateDream  - Dark strong brown skintone
These are for all ages and all genders! They will appear under the Skintone category in Genetics

Click here to view my policy please!

Enjoy my lovelies!
37  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Male Hair / Terrible Lie - Edits of a Maxis mesh on: June 28, 2007, 01:43:11 pm
Hello everyone :wave:

Today I have a couple of edits of a Maxis mesh for you. I needed more hair for my men..and the nearest mesh was a Maxis one. It could have turned out very very bad but instead its kinda cool! Yayness! Cheesy

Mkay so these are alpha edits, recolours and retextures. I mucked about with the dreads texture and made them more 'compact', and then used textures from another Maxis mesh to create the shaved effect at the side of the head. I basicly tried to make them look punky...with a gothic edge to them. Not quite sure if that worked, but hey they still look alright to me. And they are named after a song which I have had stuck in my head for days...anyone know the band? Wink

      *are retexures, alpha edits and recolours
*are for Teens-Elders
*no mesh required! Woop!

      Policy -
No Exchange please
No Paysites please
In regards to editing and such like, please PM me first ^^
You can include this on a full sim just give me some credit (name and link)

38  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Honeys / Estelle~Gothic Elf on: June 25, 2007, 06:03:17 am
Morning :wave:

As asked after, here is my model from MoonShine Lips - Estelle!

She's a gothic elf who spends must of her time being freakishly quiet...and then at night she dresses like a cyborg and likes to go crazy at parties (o_O). Urfgh my neighbourhood is in turmoil at the moment: is full of manic elves, hunky goths, mimes, vampires and a large amount of drunk pirates...I need some aliens!!

Lol anyway, Custom Content included -

The makeup was originally by Gelydh at TSR, big thank you to her for letting me include it. She makes awesome gothic stuff, so go check it out ^_^

And the hair is not included. It is by RaonSims Smiley

      Policy - No reuploading of this sim please
Use as a model or in a contest is allowed, but I would love it if you dropped me a PM so I can have a lookee! I;d just like to see what you do with her =]

Enjoy! :smt106
39  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Make Up / Moon Shine Lips ~ Set of 7 dazzling lips on: June 23, 2007, 02:22:02 pm
Hello! :wave:

These are yet another set of lips to wet your appetite! This time I tried to do something different rather then my usual dark gothic matte lips, and have done some shiny kinda gothic-cyber-vampiric lips - so please give feedback if you like these!

Mkay so, you have 2 red shades (blood and ruby), 3 purple shades (stella, viola and crystal) and 2 brown shades (moth and diamond). They are all pretty bright, and pretty shiny! ^_^

These are for teen, adult and elder females, and adult males
Policy -
No claiming as your own
No paysites
No Exchange
Can be included on a full sim, but please give me credit!

Enjoy! Cheesy
40  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Skintones / Cut Throat Tats/Tattooed skintone on: June 22, 2007, 12:23:41 pm
Hello ha :wave:

Here are some tattoos perfect for sims who have a love for the sea, shiny valuables and the booty - pirate tattoos!

These tattoos are for adult females and males (the other ages are just the normal Louis skintone); on the adult male there is a skull&crossbones with hat on the chest, a coloured ship on the right arm and a sinking ship on his lower back. The female skintone has a sailing ship on her stomach, skull&crossbones symbol with 'pirates life for me' on the right arm and a skull&crossbones with 'surrender the booty' on the sims lower back.

Thank you to Louis for her original skintone! Cheesy

      Policy -
Do not claim this as your own work...
You may include as part of a full sim, please give me credit, and please not on the Exchange or a paysite

Enjoy! Yarrr me mateys
41  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Female Hair / Edits of XM48 [as part of the NaturalRedheadProject] on: June 21, 2007, 09:32:16 am
Hello :wave: Here are nine edits of XMsims female mesh 48, as part of the NaturalRedheadProject.

These hairs have been alpha edited (made them shorter in length), retextured in the bands and recoloured to more natural red tones. These were quite hard to do I hope that they do actually look natural to you! Smiley

The hairs have been split into 3 groups - 1 is strawberry blonde hairs, 2 is ginger and 3 is copper/dark red. The elder colours are white/blonde, according to the colour of the adult stage. The hair is for all ages and is colourbinned, thank you VividMiss for colour binning them! *throws sugar*

      *are alpha edits, retextures and recolours
*are for all ages
*are colour binned - thank you Vivid!
*requires mesh by XMsims to appear correctly, click here

Note: You may need to put these files in your Saved Sims folder for them to work, I dont know why exactly but thats where they work for me

-No Exchange please
-No paysites...and that does include TSR.
-You may include them as part of a full sim, please give me credit. I ask that the full sim is not on a paysite or the Exchange
Any other questions to do with my content please feel free to ask, or shoot me a PM :tongue8:

42  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Make Up / Dark Orchid ~ set of 7 gothic lips on: June 12, 2007, 09:51:17 am
Hellooo all :wave: Here are my latest creations - another set of gothic lips! I hope you like them, if so please leave a comment. I enjoy reading them and it encourages me to make more ^^

(gah I lurve photoshop, tis so much fun)

These are more transparent around the edges then my previous lip sets and so should work better on a variety of skintones. There are a pink/natural version set of these available exclusively at PinkKitten (IcedMango's and KamiKitten's forum)..for those of you who like pink rofl

So Dark Orchid is a set of 7 lips, all dark and mostly magenta (well my version of magenta tongue) with different levels of contrasts, brightness, etc. So there should be something in there that everyone likes. They are called Bitter, Burnt, Demon, Dragon, Grudge, Hell and Phobia (- Phobia is my personal fave, and thats what the model is wearing in both pics)

      *Appears under Lipstick in the Makeup category
*Is for all ages...(I think)

Please do not upload these to the Exchange or a paysite.
You can include them in a full sim, on a free site, just give me credit please

If you want to edit them at all, please PM me Cheesy I'd be interested in what you want to do with them.

      Enjoy them! :toothy2:
43  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Make Up / Velvet Touch ~ Soft, pink liptsick set on: June 01, 2007, 09:36:55 am
Hey all :wave: I made these ages and ages and ages ago, and have been slowly taking pictures of them, and now I have finished! Huzzah!

This a set of six lipsticks in soft, pink/red shades. They are more natural looking then my other sets, and suits most skintones. The six shades are called Remembrance, Adoration, Belonging, Nostalgia, Memories and Eternity...with Remembrance being the lightest, and Eternity being a dark, brown shade.

*appear in the lipstick category, under Makeup
*no mesh required

Policy -
Do not upload and claim as your own
Do not upload these on a paysite or the Exchange
You can upload as part of a sim on a FREE SITE only, and you must give me credit pleasey

44  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Hunks / Zephyr - Tattood hunk! on: June 01, 2007, 09:02:11 am
Hello ha :wave: Someone asked in the Devil's Workshop tats thread for the male model to be uploaded, and here he is! I hope you like him =] Zephyr, in my game, is a Capricon romance sim who goes around seducing most of my neighbourhood. He also reads books all the time, listens to the stereo, and regularly eats grilled normal for my sims! Tongue

      Custom content - all Included!
Hair is a conversion of a Raon hair by HIM666
Eyebrows and eyeliner are by Helaene
Lips are by Inretrospect designs
Skin and facial hair are by me
Eyes are by the Penguin
Piercings are by Corinne and Ninika
Clothes are by Simsconnection, the other outfit pictured is by Hnote

And thats it...feels very weird that all the content can be included, but I checked their policies and thats what it says, so yay!

Policy -
Do not reupload this sim

45  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Skintones / Devil's Workshop / Tattooed skintone on: May 26, 2007, 06:03:15 am
Havent uploaded for ages because I have been busy with now they are over, let the uploading spree begin! Have made a load of new hair, lips and eyeshadow (and attempted some t-shirts) but am really pleased with this skintone so am uploading it first ^^ These are my first tattoos so they arent perfect..but meh

The male skin has 3 tattoos; a big back piece, small demon skull on the left shoulder and a big chest piece The female skin has 4 tattoos; 2 skulls as a chest piece, demon skull on lower back, skull on the left shoulder and a demon butterfly skull thingy on the back of the left shoulder Both skins have black nail varnish...I was just in that kinda mood tongue And its named the 'Devil's Workshop' as its a line in Kill The King by Megadeth...great band, great song imao.

      *Appears under Skintones in the Genetic category
*Are for females and males
*The tattoos appear only for young adults and adults though

-No editing the tattoos without permission
-You can use these on a full sim, please give me credit, and the sim can not be on 1) the Exchange 2) a Paysite

Enjoy! Comment if you like them, these are my first tattoos so it will be great to know what you think =]
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