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16  Simmers' Paradise / Content Creation & Recoloring Help / need advice: just learned how to use milkshape on: February 04, 2007, 09:40:09 pm
I made a few body meshes today.  One was really skinny and one was normal-size with bigger shoulders.  The skinny one seems to have a semi-detached head, and both seem to suffer from pointy shoulders at certain angles.  Does anybody know about this problem, and how to possibly smoothe it out?

Also, I plan to make hundreds of body meshes, with slight variations in each one (I am very methodical in my methods).  But I am getting very frustrated with loading all the different programs, then switching files over, then loading other files, to find out something wasn't saved properly, then looking for the other saved file, only to find the mesh didn't turn out right, so I have to wait for the sims2 to shut down, so I can start all over again.

Is there a very simple and easy way to use the same clothes for different meshes (like making copies and linking to the new mesh, without having all the similar clothes changing over as well).  I am going to end up using the same white briefs for all my body types.
17  Simmers' Paradise / Content Creation & Recoloring Help / Make muscle size genetic? A difficult project on: February 03, 2007, 10:29:34 pm
Who wants to make muscle size genetic but still force your sim to work hard for it?  Read on.

Actually, I don't think it would be that difficult, if I had all the right information.  That is why I need your help.  I will try to explain it the best way I can, but it is so complicated, I know I am going to leave something out.

I want to know how to modify my game to make body size and shape genetic.  Before you say its not possible, I am aware that the genetics in the game only include hair, eyes and skin, but I think I found a loophole.

My plan is to make 2 body shape factors genetic:
1) The sim's bone structure size(1-teen;2-adult;3-large adult;4-xlarge adult)
-sim will start teen years at size 1 and will transition to each successive size until he reaches his final size, whether it be 1,2,3 or 4.

-There are 10 possible variations on this "A-factor" which differ in the maximum size reached and the age of each size transition.  Note that the face will not change with the body, and will undergo its own transition at the normal age.

 2)  The sim's muscle growth potential(1-impossible; 2-moderate; 3-huge)

-There are 3 possible variations on this "B-factor".  For each bone structure size (1,2,3,4) there are 5 physique sizes (obese, fat, average, athletic, and muscular).  All sims can be obese, fat, or average, but "athletic" is only possible for MGP 2&3, while "muscular" is only possible for MGP3.

Take these two factors A and B together in every possible combination and you get 10X3=30.  That's 30 versions of the muscle genotype.

Now we can't make muscle genetic, BUT we can make 30 variations of each skin color and make THAT genetic.

So let's say we have a normal S3 male and a muscular B4 female (I want females to carry the muscle genotype but not grow huge themselves.  I think there might be a way to include them in the variations, but I haven't given it much thought.  Maybe they have bigger breasts)

So the S3 male and the B4 female have a baby. Genetically, the baby would have to be either S3 or B4.  But I want to use Simpe to make it possible for a B3 or S4 baby.  That way the skintone(3 or 4) isn't always bound to the muscle type(S or B).  That's the first MOD I need help on.

Part 2

So imagine all the sim guys out there with 5 different bone structure sizes, each with 5 physique sizes and with 3 possible face ages (teen/adult/elder).  That's a lot of variation, and it IS possible if you use all those different body meshes out there.  But there is a problem.  Did you notice that in CAS, the clothes for all the different body sizes are together and available for the adult no matter what skintone they have.  If a sim were to grow up into in adult, they might randomly end up with a bodybuilder swimsuit even though they are not genetically meant for it.

So my solution is to create a separate life stage for every possible body shape. That translates to (take my word on the math) 65 different life stages.  Each life stage (body shape) would have its own line of clothing associated with it.  I want to create new life stages in Simpe.  That is the second MOD I need help on.


So imagine all those sim guys out there, some of them are muscular, some fat, and some average.  But wait a minute.  Those muscular sims, even though they are genetically gifted, they don't automatically grow muscle without effort.  They have to work out really hard to get that way.

So when their fitness meter gets to the top, that's when they transition to the next best physique size (or bottom out and go in the fat direction).  And did you notice how easy it is to get that fitness meter to the top in the game now?  I don't want it to take the sims one long afternoon to get buff.  Instead, it should take them half a lifetime.

So I want to make some modifications to the game to fix that.  If a sim has less than 5 body skill points, he can only raise the fitness meter to the halfway mark, and even then, at a rate correlative to the # of body skill points attained.  Once the sim has 5 body skill points, he can start to push the fitness meter above the halfway mark at a rate of (#ofBodySkillPoints-4)

And once an MPG3 sim (the type with the highest physique potential) gets to the athletic physique, it will become even more difficult to raise the fitness meter (perhaps at a rate of (#ofBodySkillPoints-8)).  In any case, the third set of MODS I need help with is in adjusting the way all workout objects will affect the fitness meter and somehow linking that with the body skill points.

Part 4:

Remember that each body state is a unique life stage with its own combination of bone structure size, physique type and facial age.  So how do we know when the sim should go through an age transition?  There are four possible ways this could happen:  1) fitness meter reaches the top.  The sim may in some circumstances transition to the life stage with the next best physique type; 2) fitness meter reaches the bottom.  The sim, unless already obese, will transition to the life stage with the next worst physique type; 3) The sim has reached the age where he will grow in bone structure size, as required by his genetics; or 4) the sim has reached the age of normal age transition, where his face will change from teen to adult or from adult to elder.  

And that is the fourth MOD I need help with:  encoding each life stage with the information on what triggers an age transformation, and to which life stage.

I am probably not finished explaining everything, but that's all I think of for now.  Thanks for reading.  Now please help me!
18  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / how to change fitness level on: February 03, 2007, 01:16:41 pm
How do I mod the game to change how quickly the fitness level changes?  I mean the one that goes up when the sim is working out and down when the sim overeats.  I would like it to be harder for sims with certain genetics to benefit from working out, so they are likely to be fat all the time, while others seem to keep fit easily.

Also, how do I mod the game to make it more difficult to gain a skill?
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