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16  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: look at the game this way on: July 31, 2009, 10:36:05 am
Now I still can't figure out what in the Hell people like about this game. I've played it for like 40 minutes, and throughout that period I felt I was forcing myself to enjoy it. The gameplay camera is probably the worst aspect of the gameplay. It is awful. Then we have the rabbit holes and lack of a customizable neighborhood. And people still find this game fun to play?

Sims 3 deserves a D from me (not an F because the seamless neighborhood is one improvement). Barely passing.
17  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: How worth it is it on: July 30, 2009, 03:02:22 pm
I feel that buying the Sims 3 would be a mistake (me personally).

There are people who love the game--mostly those who have become bored with Sims 2 and still feel an urge to play a simulation game of some sort; and newcomers to the series. If Sims 3 will be your first Sims game, then you will probably enjoy it if you think and appreciate the same values in a game as most people.

The reasons why I did not enjoy playing the Sims 3:

1. Empty Shell buildings and no neighborhood customization. Most people don't seem to mind this, if you're not really big into making neighborhoods and community lots, this won't be a problem for you.

2. Ugly Sims. Even with CC they all still look a bit strange.

3. New gameplay. As others have said, this game is not canon to Sims 2. You may or may not like the new gameplay.
18  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: The sims 3, What do you think? on: July 20, 2009, 06:45:32 pm
One can also interpret the poll this way: EA might very well have lost about 35% of its loyal customer base for the time being. Can any company be supremely confident that losing 35% of its regular customers won't hurt it?

lol They definitely lost me as a fan. I bought all of the Sims 2 EPs, but the Sims 3 is nothing special. I don't think I'll ever buy another Sims game from EA again, unless it really impresses me.

For as long as it is human nature to flock to something new and shiny, the Sims 3 will remain popular.
19  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: The sims 3, What do you think? on: July 09, 2009, 09:56:04 am
Yes, it is a shame Roerzman.

To think about all the truly amazing new features the game could have had--as you mentioned interaction with the environment, different heights, deeper personality, a more realistic setting. Would love to have some urban locales or even a city-suburb. Even a train-station or metro station would have been good.

Heck, we can't even make our own neighborhood, or even enter community lots.

I absolutely feel the game was rushed. And if it wasn't, there is seriously no creativity coming out of EA Blackbox.

Just the same old same old.....
20  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: The sims 3, What do you think? on: July 08, 2009, 11:38:13 pm
I agree, Kaoz. I am hoping whatever maxis team is left can help the Sims franchise. If not, there may not be a Sims 4 or 5 to look forward to....
21  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: The sims 3, What do you think? on: July 08, 2009, 10:38:43 pm
Not over capitalistic, just full of idiots. Rod Humble. "I PLAY THE SIMS" what a load of ----. As if he has the time.
He's trying to copy and cash in what Will Wright started all those years ago and eventually call it his own.
The fool didn't have the vision to improve on the original concept and make something really revolutionary, instead he went for the mass market and to hell with how it's received and plays, just get the sales figures up there.
I don't think the twit realises that people are constantly upgrading their pcs. and if the game requires mid to high specs to run it, then so be it, IT WILL SELL.
I and probably many others like me would have had no hesitation buying the thing if it had been written properly and was a true continuation of the sims 2. not some childish marketing scheme to coincide with their desire to cash in on the after market CC.creation.
As for those who thought that this was a true upgrade of the sims, I feel for them. I can well understand their horror  when they eventually got the thing to run found that they had taken for a ride and what they have is junk and the more CC. one throws into it to improve it the more it crashes.
Those of us that are still sitting on the fence can only hope that EA. comes to its sences and release a true upgrade and discontinues this childish s---.

I feel as though EA knows exactly what they're doing, and it comes off as idiocy because they seem to be defying common sense. What you say is true, we constantly see new threads going up about people needing a new CPU or more RAM to run a new expansion pack. But if EA could lower the standards, then even the granny PCs can run the game at low resolutions. And I think that's EA's biggest problem. The payoff : effort ratio is way off. They'd rather be safe and make sure all their money is doubled than try something new which may not sell as well. Hence, why Sims 3 looks so eerily similar to Sims 2.

People will still buy Sims 3 because they hope it will improve with EPs/Sps, or they've become bored with Sims 2. And it's not just Sims 3, but the Madden games, too. lol All that ever changes is the roster in those games since EA has been fooling with them, and people still buy it. EA has a knack for ruining franchises.
22  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: The sims 3, What do you think? on: July 08, 2009, 05:22:01 pm
Ha! Yeah, they're all up against major corporations. EA has turned selling crap into an art-form. I still remember the Need for Speed series that got cut. Me and my $100 steering wheel and pedals set will never forgive them lol

I can only hope another people simulation franchise comes soon enough. EA has become overly-capitalistic over the years....
23  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Celebrities / Re: Michael Jackson on: July 08, 2009, 04:36:25 pm
That's pretty good!

You should've made the skintone paler though.
24  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: The sims 3, What do you think? on: July 08, 2009, 04:33:55 pm
My thoughts exactly, Roezerman.
25  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: The sims 3, What do you think? on: July 08, 2009, 01:42:30 pm
Would be nice if EA actually read what we had to say. Game could have been alot better.
26  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: I'm I the only one who would rather just keep playing sims 2. on: July 07, 2009, 09:19:23 am
I was actually playing the game today again. Undecided

I really don't see what the fuss is about aside from better graphics and short loading times (but I'm sure those loading times will increase when CC comes out). I found myself trying to sneak off onto the internet or cook or have some excuse to get away from the game XD lol My subconscious is telling me that it's pretty boring.

4/10 for me. I stopped playing in about 40 mins. Only about 20 mins of actual gameplay since I kept sneaking off lol

But that's just me. Some people are addicted to the game. I don't see how....
27  Simmers' Paradise / Where Can I Find...? / Re: WCIF: This Completed Neighborhood? on: July 07, 2009, 09:13:44 am
Aish, taking a while for me to find a good setup for this hood. But I'm about 50% done. Pics soon.
28  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / Re: ~*Yaoi Heaven*~ Post your Yaoi Couples here!!! on: July 07, 2009, 09:05:41 am
Holy shocked I leave for a week and see this. Nice pics, you guys....
29  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Re: I love the Sims 3. . .an honest review from a veteran Simmer on: June 26, 2009, 10:22:47 am
I have played (and loved) a lot of in-depth and complex games as well, Jasumi, (and I would call myself a hardcore Sims fan, since I've been enjoying the Sims franchise since the Sims 1) but I find that the Sims 3 is still a very relaxing and interesting game to play.

Sorry, I'm not trying to be a b.... here. Just making a general observation. And the Sims 3 does have alot of pluses. Hopefully new EPs can fix it's drawbacks as well so you guys can be happier.
30  Simmers' Paradise / Where Can I Find...? / Re: WCIF: This Completed Neighborhood? on: June 24, 2009, 06:17:42 pm
Well it's cause I have a ton of sub-neighborhoods. lol I think 2 Downtown and 4 Business ones so it's huge.

But I could try to make another one for you guys
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