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16  Resident Creators / Meshes / New Mesh by MC_ Rio with simple design flip flops on: March 05, 2008, 02:24:00 am
Hi again. MC made this great mesh and as she is working on so many meshes, I asked her if I could post this one for you all. These are the same outfits on the other shapes with the simple design flip flops and sexy feet.

Thanks Chrystal for making this mesh for me and Warlokk for the shape, BLooM for the Feet and Simple Design for the flip flops. Please adhere to all of the creators policies and link back here for the mesh, but give MC the credits for the mesh, I can't mesh worth a darn.
17  Resident Creators / Clothes / I'm back with more FC, FG, RIO, and VG recolors on: March 05, 2008, 02:17:25 am
Hi all,

I was playing freetime and I realized that my shapely girls didn't have the right clothes for ballet and I decided to make these for them. Warlokk has given me permission to include the swimsuit meshes for Faiere Girl, Rio and Voluptous shapes. They are on the adult site in the x-hires project for the appropiate shape. If you don't have them you can download them here. THe fit chick mesh is here:
PinkUndiesmesh for  FC

There are three dance/gym outfits; the 2 tone purple is also pj's.
If you'd like to see more outfits of this type just say so in the thread.
Again the pics mayn't show all the shapes but they are for all 4 shapes.

I hope you like these.
18  Resident Creators / Clothes / Recolors for FC, FG, RIO, and VG on: March 04, 2008, 08:04:34 pm
Hi all, since MixdCrysys had made all these wonderful new H&M stuff mesh for Warlokk's curvy women, I had to recolor them.
Not to mention that Warlokk made some more meshes for VG for me to play with. ( that's a hint)
I'd like to say thanks to Warlokk, BLooM, MC,JWilson, Poppeboy and countless others for these meshes and ideas.

There are several meshes included in this upload, so I'll include the links:

RIO Flows and tank
VG Flows and tank
FF_mesh for vg
FF_mesh for fg
FF_mesh for fc

Donna mesh for:

Jennifer dress mesh

Berlin mesh for


Dada top mesh for


as usual they're in the .rar format and this time I put the each set of outfits in the .rar if you want them by size let me know and I'll redo it, but I think that some may not like all the outfits and so this way it's easier to chose which size you want from the .rar.

Some of the pics don't show all the sizes, my sims weren't behaving because I had the bright idea to do them as YA, I learned my lesson. LOL

I have more things in the works, I hope to release them this weekend.

Please let me know what you think, i'm trying for a differnt look and moving away from photoskinning, and using more of EAxis textures as they have the matte look that I'm going for. I'm also handpainting more, hopefully I'll get better with Photoshop.
19  Resident Creators / Clothes / More Clothes for NeanderThal by BLooM on: February 23, 2008, 05:30:56 am
And this time there's some clothes for VG.

You'll need meshes from BLooM from here:

(Stompin Boot)

Meshes from Warlokk here:

And finally from MixdCrysy here:

Well Zachary is featured again but the vacation with Natalie didn't go well so he set another date this time with Niome.

The pictures are of her home. I guess he decided to save money.

Either way, I'll be honest and say that the VG stuff is not my best, I've never used any of the meshes except the flip flap one and not that often. So I was kinda feeling my way on these. I decided to put them up anyway because the pickings are kinda slim for VG right now, but I you don't get them I understand. I'm really pleased with the results of the NT oufits.
The ones with sweaters are also outerwear and the dressy-ish ones are both everyday and formal.

Again I'd like to thank the wonderful meshers, BLooM I really love the NT, as you can see I haven't made male clothing since the original BB was done. And War thanks for bringing sexy to the sims 2 with all these wonderful curves. And last but never least, MC thanks again for all of your support, advice and listening ear. I love the flipflaps, I have tons in all colors so I'm glad my simmies can have them too.  I'm kinda done for at least a week , except for the requested outfit for Radian (?sp), I have midterms next week. If you guys would like anything just PM me or post in either thread. Any comments, constructive criticism or whatever is welcome.

There are 5 outfits apc and again the textures for all of them came from EAxis. The NT and VG outfits .rar are just that and the combined one contains all ten outfits. The red top outfit and the 2 flip flop out fits are maternity as well.

20  Resident Creators / Clothes / Vacation Wardrobe for BLooM's NeanderThal on: February 21, 2008, 04:04:39 am
Hi All,

BLoom made this wonderful mesh in cahoots with XPTL and I fell in love with it. It adds to the variety of the game every man can't be a HBB [grin]

You will need the meshes from here:

And featured in the photos are 2 of my original model Zachary and Natalie she's based in Warlokk's gorgeous Voluptuous Gal Mesh here:

This Zachary's attempt to woo her by taking her to his luxurious beach home.



Technical Stuff

Some of the outfits are doing double duty, Either as Everyday & Formal, Everyday & Outerwear , Everyday & Gym

Also some of them differ only with the shoes and to save space I only uploaded 1 pic and they are in a rar file together.

As always I have 1 big zip with all the files inside if you want them all.

Lastly the textures for the boots and black shorts are all BLooM there was no room for improvement in my opinion. The remainder of texture are mostly EAxis, the rest is hand painted.

(Mostly Everything on VG is converted from my favorite stuff all over.)

I can't think of anything else, but feel free to ask.

I did forget something: Thanks to Chrystal for the flip flops mesh and listening to me whine all the time, Thanks BLooM and XPTL for the idea and these meshes, Thanks to Warlokk for the VG, she's my fav next to RIO and to all that has helped me and wished me luck. Thanks.  

I hear the music.......

PS no zip files winrar doesn't bite and it opens both zip and rar.  SMILE
21  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / I Want to wish you all a Happy New Year... on: December 30, 2007, 06:47:43 pm
To All you great people on Insimenator,net. You guys made this a good year for me and thanks so much.
22  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / Falfae's selfsim by jaccirocker on: November 11, 2007, 09:11:17 pm
I don't know how I ended up in the self sim business, LOL, either way I've found that it relaxes me and I needed it after the week I've had.

Falfae requested that I do her self sim, I'm pretty happy with it but I dtill don't like the side view. She's packaged as shown, if you have trouble installing use clean pack.

Thanks to all the CC makers without whom none pf this would be possible. And a special thanks to corvidophile for his/her amazing skin tone, I just had to use it.
23  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Self-Sims / V.A.C. self sim as requested on: October 27, 2007, 11:47:16 pm
she asked me to do her a self sim, something that I'm not familar with but here's version 1
24  Retired Creators / BodyShape Requests / RIO requests on: October 19, 2007, 11:46:37 pm
Hi all, I have tried to be patient and I have even tried the meshing thing ...... way beyond my skills. But I have a wishlist for Rio Girl

1. Nude and dress to knees with boots from H&M SP or off seasons coat

2. A smooth body but with wide leg pant similar to NL pants can have heels and/or not.

3. Smooth body but with pencil skirt to knees with heels would be great

4. Misc some H&M SP  meshes, ( they are really the best thing for EAxis)

and any different types of heels.

I promise to skin, take photos or whatever you like. I even offer up my first born.  Seriously if there is something wanted in trade I'd do freely.

Rio is my favorite mesh and she seems to be neglected at least to me.
25  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misc. Mods and Careers / NFL Cheerleader Career works with all EPs on: October 13, 2007, 02:35:27 pm
Hi All,

I requested this career and then I decided to try to do it for myself. This is my first career so if you find mistakes please let me know. There was a problem during testing on level nine with the sim getting 7.5 million dollars but I think I fixed it. I couldn't get it to repeat. Also remember to back up your neighbirhood before you test this.

Background info:

Basically I downloaded the NFL career from MTS2 I think and I thought it'd be great to have the cheerleader career to match. Plus we have so many cheerleader type body shapes.


Is EP ready
Doesn't overwrite any EAxis careers
Uses Punching Bag as reward object.
Skills needed body and charisma
Friends 12
Chance cards completed
Unique Guid
At present it's Adult only
Unique Icon
There isn't a uniform, so you sim will where what ever their everyday is. I may create some outfits to match but I won't build them in as I generally use the RIO bs. And everyone might not want that.

1.   Aerobics Class Student
2.   Aerobics Class Teacher
3.   Dance Team Hopeful
4.   Amateur Dance Team, Member
5.   Amateur Dance Team, Top Spot
6.   Cheerleading Tryout
7.   Cheerleader for Weekend Softball Team
8.   Cheerleader for  Minor League
9.   Backup Cheerleader for NFL Team
10.   Top Spot Cheerleader for NFL Team

Workdays vary

Lastly I'd like to thank MTS2 for having the tuts and SimPe/Bidou for the career editor. And Superfly and Poojkins tuts were invaluable in making this.
26  Resident Creators / Clothes / !!!!!!!!!Updated with mesh link 4-20-2010 !!!!Maternity for RIO on GP's new mesh on: September 18, 2007, 01:52:17 pm

EDIT: If someone has this mesh please upload it or if you want to do it anonymously then PM me. I hate that I can't find it.And people need it for this to work.

I found GothPlague's site and one of the meshes is there. I have put in a WCIF for the one with flip flops.

GothPlague created a new mesh for me and I can't seem to stop making stuff for the RIO girl ( original bodyshape by Warlokk). This time I have 5/6 outfits for the RIO girls waiting for the stork.

1. Brown embelished top whith khakis
2. Red ruched top with dark jeans
3. Cream and brown top with fawn pants
4. wine lounger/pjs, also found in everyday
5 and 6. the same outfit: orange and lt blue layered tees over jeans. One is sleeveless and one has short sleeves. On the short sleeved one I couldn't get all the noise out so I really was going to nix it but my neice said she loved it so it's up to you.

As usual they are in individual .rar files and 1 with all of them.

Next I'll be working on some dresses using Franny's and MxdCrys' (sp) meshes. If there is anything you'd like to see, send me a note and I'll try to do it.

mesh needed :
27  Resident Creators / Clothes / !!!!!Updated 4-21-2010 w/ new mesh links!!!!The completer set for BV RIOand Ren on: September 16, 2007, 05:16:49 am
****Made in BV Bodyshop****
I was working on this project and requested some meshes for RIO GIRL and Gothplague was kind enough to do it for me. She made RIO GIRL with wideleg pants both with bare feet and with the Simple Design flip flops. You can find the meshes here:Here

The other meshes are from Frannysims here:
the one I used was for RIO and REN with wedges and toe-tally toes for RIO.

The rest of the REN outfits are on BLooM's REN multiaplha dress, pants and shoes mesh. ( Yes the guy Rawks)

Included in the Pack are 15 outfits:
5 Swimsuits 2 alike for each ren and rio, Ren also has matching sarong with same suit.  So actually 3 for her.

4 shorts outfits again 2 of each on wedges

6 loungers , 3 of each  ( can't have them getting jealous now can I) 2 of which match one of the swimsuits. The pink stuff.

The outfits are in both 1 big .rar and individual so that you can pick what you like.

I have also made 6 pairs of jeans and tops on GP's newest meshes:
you can find the here:

And the PJ's for the bare feet RIO mesh by GP here:

Done talking now.

Wait Thanks BLooM , Warlokk for making the orignal RIO meshes, and the rest of the great meshers for all of your meshes and all the CC makers that really make my game.
28  Resident Creators / Clothes / A Quartet of Lovely Loungewear on: September 16, 2007, 04:41:42 am
****Made in BV Bodyshop****

Gothplague was kind enough to do a request for me. She made RIO GIRL with wide leg pants both with bare feet and with the Simple Design flip flops. You can find the mesh here: HERE.

Once again the pics aren't that great but these outfits look really good in game. I was kind of rushing because I'm uploading 25 outfits today.

these are pjs but they are in Everyday and Gym as well. She made this mesh preg enabled, which means with a cheat your seems can wear this as maternity clothes. So I thought to put them int he other categories as well.

The outfits are in both 1 big .rar and individual so that you can pick what you like. My favorites are the cream one and the black one.

I also finished up some of the stuff I was making for BV yeah I know I'm late
you can find it here:

And the jeans and tops on RIO mesh by GP here:

Done talking now.

Wait; Thanks GP, Warlokk for making the original RIO meshes, and the rest of the great meshers for all of your meshes and all the CC makers that really make my game.

ETA: spelling mistakes and new mesh links
29  Resident Creators / Clothes / [UPDATED} Mesh now included--Six Pack of Jeans and Tees for RIO on GP's new mesh on: September 16, 2007, 04:33:37 am
****Made in BV Bodyshop****

Mesh is here.

Gothplague was kind enough to do a request for me. She made RIO GIRL with wide-leg pants both with bare feet and with the Simple Design flip flops. You can find the mesh here:

These outfits are for the mesh with the Flip-flops. My pics aren't that great but the outfits look wonderful in game. I really worked hard on these. The tops are all Baby Phat and the jeans use various H&M stuff textures. I didn't mean for all the tops to be BP but it seemed that I kept finding yet another one.

The outfits are in both 1 big .rar and individual so that you can pick what you like. My favorite is the one with the brown halter.

I also finished up some of the stuff I was making for BV yeah I know I'm late
you can find it here:

And the PJ's for the bare feet RIO mesh by GP here:

Done talking now.

Wait Thanks GP, Warlokk for making the original RIO meshes,  and the rest of the great meshers for all of your meshes and all the CC makers that really make my game.
30  Resident Creators / Clothes / Bon Voyage Gift Pack on: September 06, 2007, 11:33:10 am
I have made some dresses, 2 swimsuits and coverups to celebrate the new EP. I used BLoom's Ren Girl multi dres and pant's mesh,

 and Franny's Ren and Rio short dress with heels.

The dresses, except for the black multi with bsett heels that uses the BLoom multi alpha mesh,are on the Franny mesh come in both Rio and Ren flavors. The swim suits and cover up only on Ren.

The pics aren't the best becasue I had to remove hacks for the new EP, and so no fancy poses and they are a rush job because I meant to get them out yesterday. The dresses are bump mapped and they look great.

I hope to have more stuff done this week, on the list are yoga outfits for both sizes, and the plump and sassy along with FM. More swim wear and cover ups, and of course more dresses.

Also as a bonus I have included the Ren Girl skintone, mesh from Warlokk @ adult site.  It's the tan Louis with theTattos from uni, and they have toe nail polish texture made expressly from the multialphameshes so that when the Sexy Feet show they will be polished. Issue with that it that in the franny meshes it shoes around the ankle , not pretty.  

I have also include one big .rar file with everything in it and seperate ones as well.
The swimsuits and coverups are .rar together for ease.
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