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31  Resident Creators / Clothes / 2 Recolors of Bloom's Rio For Business on: September 01, 2007, 02:58:44 pm
BLooM created this new mesh

And because I aggravated him into showing me how to get to the other shoes included in the mesh .In thanks I decided to put my money where my mouth is.
Now the Rio is my favorite mesh along with Plump and Sassy, so when he made this I had to use it.

The textures aren't the best, It took forever but I couldn't get them perfect.

The one with the white sweater and skirt are my own textures, it was on another mesh on my site. I really like the boots though, they were kinda hard to get them the way I wanted them and they came out great(IMHO). The alpha for them if my own design. Their orignal alpha in the fashion model set under wedges.

The red jacket with black and gold dress textures are from H&M SP, I really like them and wanted to use them on this mesh. While I was taking the screenies I noticed that one side of the jacket is messed up, if you like I can fix it and repost. With that being said Thanks BLoom for making this wonderful mesh and to Warlokk for making the Orignal RIO mesh. You guys make me love my game. Model by me thanks to all the CC makers, you make my sims beautiful.
32  Resident Creators / Clothes / Updated with 10 more colors_ recolor of toenail accessory on: July 11, 2007, 06:22:10 pm
Hi all, I just love these feet and wanted to do the accessory toes in a range of colors if anybody like this first one.

Ok you can't see much but the feet because she's doing yoga, but it was the best close up I could get. The toes are red with white design, if you have a particular request for these , send a good pic and I'll get right to it

I have added ten more recolors , mostly designs but my favorite is the metallic gold and vampy red. The french manicure isn't perfect. And the pics are horrible.

BLooM or anyone: I need help with getting good screenies, I tried a close up but it just didn't work, I'll take any advice.

BTW BLooM I didn't know you could use F3 and the mouse to get a close on the toes, had to download prima to understand what you were saying. Thanks for that tip it really helped bring these to life.

Also I'm thinking about doing a few of louis' skintones with the french manicure texture for the outfits that this doesn't show up on, let me know if you guys would be interested
33  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Celebrities / Fantasia Barrino on: July 09, 2007, 09:59:27 am
I am really feeling Fantasia's new song " When I See U'. I was inspired to make my first and probably only Celeb Sim.

CC on Photo is not included in Sims2Pack.

Skintone in Photo Rensims Circonflex Dusk/Warlokk RIO

Make Up
Eyebrows : Helaene Eve Brows Black
Blush:  ASK Holow of the Cheek, Rensims Curved Blush Rosehips
Eyeshadow: Helaene Natural Shadows # 13
Eyelashes: Helaene Hollywood Lashes no under eye
Lips: Iced Mango Natural Lipgloss V.2
ShadyLady nails in Red @ MTS2
Eyes By JoAnne Dyer @ MTS2
Hair Edit of Raon #35 by Selurex @ MTS2
Earring Lianna @ TSR
Outfit GLamorous Lounge, Rextured onto RIO with gemmed heels by warlokk.

Include in SIMS2PACK  
Rio Skintone by Jwilson Dark, You will need Warlokk's meshes from Insimenator
All Makeup
On the model is nightlife dress on Rio By Warlok you will still need to get the mesh.

As this is my first Sim please feel free to leave your comments and what have you, I can take it. My 3 neices knew who it was without prompting but hey their family. If I've done anything wrong with the upload tell and I'll try to fix it.

THe only rule is don't reload as your own
34  Resident Creators / Clothes / More outfits for Ju's new AG meshes on: July 30, 2006, 05:07:04 am
Hi all,

I was really inspired by Ju's new meshes for the AG so I made some outfits.
First there are a pair of jeans that I just couldn't get right but the boots came out great. ( Pink snakeskin ) mesh for them here
and to go with that 3 different shirts. BTW the pink tank is longer because I wanted to create a tucked in the pants look, it came out ok. The other 2 are  square neck midriff tanks the use the fitted body shirt mesh you have to get here

The last is a recolor of a maxis alpha  because I wanted to I wanted to get the feel for it, since it came out ok . I decide that if you want it you can download.

Again thanks Ju for these new meshes.

I'll put more things up tommorrow If you all like these.

Ok Guys sorry , I think Imessed up when I uploaded so today I have the correct package file for you. Thanks so much for all you that offered encouragment to me.
35  Resident Creators / Clothes / New Dress of Ju's Athletic Girl 60's mesh on: July 30, 2006, 01:09:18 am
Ok this is my first try on working with the alpha dresses and like Ju said it was a time working with this mesh and recoloring it. I altered the mesh and textured it. It's not perfect but I think it's pretty good. I also reworked the shoes to sandals because I thought the dress called for them. I wasn't to happy with those. Anyway the alpha and textures are mine If you want to recolor them let me know and please link back to Ju for the mesh. This is more a gift for her because she helped me start skinning. SO thanks Ju and Yakov for your help and inspiration. You can get mesh here

Once again Guys I think I goofed and put the wrong file up. So mhere goes the right one. Thanks for the compliments and patience.
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