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1  The Sims 3 / Pudding Exchange / Cherita Johnson- A requested sim on: February 16, 2010, 03:11:13 pm

Artistic, absent-minded, natural cook, bookworm, angler

A couple of in-game shots:

Dressed in base game clothes and EA skin.  Included with the file, eyeshadow and lip gloss from The Sims World.

Not included, freckles by Gosik FREE!. Couldn't get the Sim3Pack to install, so it's a package file in my game. Also not included, brows by Subaxi, short underlashed mascara by Aarin, donation hair (Shagri-La) by Newsea and donation hair by Peggy #000019. Both hairs are also available at SimsCave.

I am so happy how this sim turned out.  YAY  She is third generation of the Yamaguchi family, an Asian family I created. Pictured here so you can see the genetics.

Grandma Lulu (when first created)

Grandpa Myshu (when first created)

Mom Louise Johnson (when she became a YA)

Dad Vann Johnson

The file includes both the Sims3Pack and .sim formats.  Enjoy!   Rock

2  The Sims 3 / Sims 3 Buzz / Now You Can Get Your "Beautiful Vista" Buff Back! on: August 26, 2009, 08:36:06 am
TigerM has found the xml to adjust values and get the moodlet back. He made a tool that is easy to add the values on any lot you want. It works great!
3  The Sims 3 / Pudding Containers / For My Single Sims on: July 08, 2009, 05:44:36 am
This house was made for my single sims with commitment issues. Usually I don't marry my sims til they have become adults, but they get to really enjoy the single life while young adults. This lot didn't start this luxurious, my movie director sim lived here til he got in trouble with having too many baby mommas. The poor little fishie may need feeding, in his haste, the son of a gun left him.

Nestled in Riverview, this lot features a rustic/modern feel. Built on a 20x30 lot, with a cost of 55,695 simoleons, fully furnished and landscaped. Sunken kitchen and dining, 1 bedroom partitioned, 1 bath, skill items, living area, pool, small garden, driveway w/ SUV.

Hope you like it, enjoy!   Hug2


Other Image Links:


I had store items in this lot, but took it out to upload the lot. The new modern set looks great in there. Wink
4  The Sims 3 / Pudding Containers / A Modern Bungalow on: June 25, 2009, 06:45:00 pm
Here you go Chaavik, enjoy!

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, mourning Michael Jackson, The King of Pop. Major, serious fan here. I am listening to my favorite song "Dear Michael", popular in the 70's during my high school days and when I had a major crush on him. Remembering kissing his album cover "Off the Wall" along with Prince and Peter Frampton. All I can say to you babe... Rest In Peace dear prince. Love you!

Okay, here is one of my pudding containers I use on Song Avenue, across from the beach. It has big windows to enjoy the view of the ocean and rich earth of their world. Smiley

Amenities: 2 beds, possible for 3, 2.5 baths, open-plan livingroom, dining, and kitchen. Basement garage parking for one car, bike, exercise room, pool.

Other Links:

I used patterns by Lethe s, moroccan weave in the kitchen, and by Mango Sims Motif 8 in the bedroom.

Thanks to the artists above for sharing their talent with us and allowing them for use. Thanks to the community for your support. Have fun.
5  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / A Traditional Country Lot in the City? Pt. 2 on: April 09, 2009, 03:59:56 pm
Requires: UNI, NL, OFB, Pets, Seasons, BV, FT, AL, M&G (considered an EP)
May have used items from Happy Holidays and Glamour Life
Lot: 2x2
Cost: about 56000 simoleons
Amenities: 2baths, 2-3 beds, basement, livingroom, kitchen, dining, driveway
Fully furnished and landscaped with some CC included
Cleaned and packaged with Sims2Pack Clean-Installer.

This lot was requested for upload. Sorry, couldn't put all the CC that I originally had, I am having problems with empty packages coming up with the packaging.  Embarrassed  Can't find out why.  Oh well, I built this lot for the Oldies and Lilith, which I hope will belong to Lilith after her grandparents pass. Oh yeah, included a box of pizza, so no cooking the first day.

As you can tell I only play small lots, so here is another presented for you.  tongue Personally, I like how the houses come out on smaller lots, looks real to me.


Custom Content Included:

Temptress Window
4ESF Trees, plant
Lilymaerose Floor
MsBarrows Maxis matched dining chairs and loveseat
Ailias Maxis matched loveseat
AngelamvEliza Modern Nursery Books (updated to AL by me)
Covidophile2 Bushes, curtain
Phoenix Phaerie Georgian Windows and doors, Manor House plants (I forgot the door recolors, so visit the site for the colors, sorry)
CTNutmegger Macrame Hanging plant, Mirror (don't know who did the recolor, I think they came from GOS)
Crocobaura Eyeglasses in a case
Piggis Sims Wall, Fence, floor
Bienchen Plant
Dgandy Window, lights, maxis-match AL lamps
Jendea Carpet
Margierytka & Dominiczka Walls and floors
Loco-Plus Floor
Riverwillow Floor
The Seraph Terrain Paint
MistressCris Wall
Macarossi Plant
VJ Development Roof recolor
Jonesi Modular Stairs White, (must go to the link to get instructions for installation)
Soloyo Boombox
Jope Girls room 3 end table
Kate Bush, plant
Khakidoo Upper cabinets and recolor, Shrub trees and recolor
Lirunchik Modern Fences
Charlotte Bedcovers single and double
Pas Seasons version refrigerator
MaryLou Independent Expressions windows add-ons, arch
Nengi65 Candle, teddybear, flowerbox and recolor, wall
Sixty-ten Walls
Nazariopilar TV
RdgyAnne Bedpillows

Not Included:

Fresh-Prince '83 Chevy
Padre Water Lilies

Just realized in a picture of the bedroom, there's a box with hair brushes. It didn't get packed and I don't remember where I got it. I thought it was Crocobaura's but I was wrong...

I want to thank the creators for sharing their creativity with us and allowing them in our games. You rock!!  Rock

Our sims community rocks , too!  :kiss:
6  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Country Style in the City? on: April 05, 2009, 03:12:16 pm
May have used items from Glamour Life and Happy Holidays stuff packs
Lot: 2x2
Cost: 54,300 simoleons
Amenities: 3beds, 2baths, driveway, basement, garden plot and fruit tree. Comfortable for up to 6 sims. (That's how many in my lot)  Wink
Cleaned and packed with Sims 2 Clean-Installer. No hacks!
Landscaped and CC heavy. Sorry.

I really loved this floorplan when I was looking in a book. Originally it was suppose to be split level, but I didn't want it too big, so I just made a regular house plan. The Picassos live here  in my game.


Custom Content Included:

4ESF Plants, trees, floors
AstonG Fridge (updated to FT by me)
Simbella Bedcover III
HugeLunatic Single bed cover
Blake_boy Wood desk, coffee table and recolor (the coffee table is the master, needed for desk to show)
Cathy Asian bed and recolor (bed modified for more comfort by me)
Covidophile2 Curtain maxis match
Crocobuara Open underneath stairs, Wooden, Concrete, Nouveau. (must go to site and get instruction to install, for the stairs to show)
CTNutmegger Steelate Upper Cabinets
Dgandy Colonial windows, lights
Buggybooz Plants
McAlli Carpet
Funny2401 Bush and floor
Macarossi Plants and window
Gara's Boutique Accent pillows
VJ Development Roof recolor
HolySimoly Edwardian Door and recolor
Nengi65 Painting, plants, rocks, Seasons nursery decor, vased tulips and recolor, terrain paint
Jonesi Rocks
Sherry Pillows
Jai Pillow recolor
Jope Bedroom 7 endtable
Suza Walls
Khakidoo Birch Shrub
Komasutra Blinds
Lara9T TV & recolor
Heidi Lamps
MsBarrows Maxis match dining chair
Nazariopilar Bookcase, picture
Zookini Windows, light
RgdyAnne Double and single bed pillows- slave to maxis
Sixty-ten Wall
SimsInParis floor
Margierytka, Tonetti Walls, terrain paint
Teko Doors
Alex Stanton Palm bush
Ailias Brick Wall
Xtian Wall
Simcastic Wall
Sim-placement Wall
Loco-Plus invisable driveway
One wall by me

Custom Content Not Included:

ToTo and NoNoFreetime and OFB craftables collections
TheSims2 Ford car

Hope you all like it.  Hug2

Thanks to the artist that share their content and allow me to use in my game. Smiley

Thanks to community!
7  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Just another Cottage on: January 16, 2009, 12:20:00 pm
Requires: UNI,NL,OFB,Pets,Seasons,BV,FT,AL,M&G
May have objects from: Holidays and Glamour Life Stuff Packs
Lot: 2x2
Cost: 73.500 simoleons
Features: 3 - 4 beds, 3 baths, living/diningroom, kitchen, basement, alley parking for 2 cars. Fully furnished and landscaped with Maxis and some CC.
Cleaned and packaged with Sims 2 Clean Installer. Please note: I did place some furniture while the 'setquartertileplacement on'. I know for sure the dining set has to be moved to the proper tile for gameplay.  Okay

I fell in love with this floorplan, so I squeezed it in on a 2x2 lot for downtown. Hope you enjoy it. I love it!  Heart



Main floor:


Custom Content Included:

Ailias Modern Pediment
Crocobaura High Stakes Fence, Gate, recolor
Fway One Tile Old World Door
Macarossi Nasturtium and recolor
Khakidoo Birch Tree Shrub, Upper Cabinet w/recolor
Lethe_S Short Clump of grass
Donaldb01 Closet
Patul Stucco Wall
MizzesSimmer Clarion Lamp
Bienchen Flower
Dgandy Windows, Charmed Lights and Arch
LilymaeRose Wall
Margierytka Walls and Floors
Samba Panelled Wall
Nengi65 Curtain, Walls, Floor, Flowerbox w/recolors
Piggis-sims Floor
Marinasims Wooden Post Column
Hunii Wall
Jope Floor

I knew I forgot something! Please download the beautiful walls in the package first to insure they are in the lot at the time of placement. They are by Sixty-ten at her site.

Custom Content Not Included:

TheSims2Store Calla Lilies Bouquet
Piggis-sims Appliance recolors
Marinasims Roof recolor

 Love n Hugs Thanks to the staff at IS and the community for your support. Enjoy! Beer
8  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Retro Colonial Ranch on: December 08, 2008, 07:46:19 pm
Requires: UNI, NL, OFB, Pets, Seasons, BV, FT, AL
Lot: 2x2
Cost: 53,015 simoleons
Amenities: 3beds, 3baths, livingroom, study area, eat-in kitchen, off-street parking, familyroom in basement, playground and b-ball court.
Fully furnished (except no fire and house alarms, no computers...keeping with the theme) and landscaped, some CC included.
Cleaned and packaged with Sims2Pack Clean Installer, so no hacks.

I am playing a themed family in this lot and thought I would share to celebrate our revolution and freedom from a "site that I will not name"  Grin Hope you like and since I am a little out of practice, if there's a problem please let me know. Enjoy and "Viva La Revolcion"!  Cool


Custom Content Included:

Nengi65 Floors, curtains, potted plants, flowerbox and recolor
Maylin Deco Beam
Kate Outdoor lighting
McAlli Carpet
Khakidoo Birch Tree Shrubbery, Kitchen Window
Macarossi Plant-Taro, Pond plants
Temptress Window
Flye Door
Plasticbox Wall
AlexStaton 1983 Bush
MoononSun Terrain paint
Margierytka Terrain paint, floor
Donaldb01 Closet
37sims site closed, floor
Corvidophile2 Deco wall hangings, plant, tree and recolor
SusanJoan19 Climbing plant
Riverwillow Floor
Simcastic Floor, wall
LilymaeRose Walls
Piggi-sims Floors, walls
PhoenixPhaerie Manor house shrubs
CTNutmegger TV, Stereo, Refrigerator
Dee Wall, fridge recolor
Loco-Plus Wall, stair recolor, fence, half-wall
Sarah1141 Wood floors
kittyispretty Floor
Shakeshafter Tree
4ESF Shrub
Helena Window
Hunii Plank Wall
FreshPrince Daybed
Crocobaura Sauce bottles
Suza Salsa garden chair
Sherry House number
Tiggy027 Funnel lamp
Simgedoehns Shower fence
Brina Upper cabinet
Wndy26 Mini-pediment
Zookini Door and window
one wall by me

Custom Content Not Included:

roddyaleixo Invisiable driveway
Numenor Recolorable modular deck stairs- need to get stair color
Ribot1980 Smooga Stationwagon
BitzyBus Birdbath

Thanks and enjoy!!  Kiss
9  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Apartment Buildings / Duplex Community on: November 12, 2008, 08:42:25 am
Requires: UNI, NL, OFB, Pets, Seasons, BV, FT, AL
Lot: 3x3
Rent: 1300 - 2200 simoleons  6 units
Furnished and Landscaped, some CC
3 Duplexes, a 2 story with 2beds, 1.5 baths. Level 1bed, 1bath. Level 2beds, 1.5 baths. All have livingrooms, eat-in kitchens and private yards. Features pond, playground.
Cleaned and packaged with Sims2 Clean-Installer, no hacks
Play-tested for a sim week.

Always wanted my own community of family homes mixed with elders. I have the Oldies and the Goodies in the one bedroom duplexes and families in the other ones. Love how it looks and plays. Cheesy


Custom Content Included:

Corvidophile2 Big and Giant Maxis plants
Ailias Pediment
Crocobaura High Stakes Fencing
CTNutmegger Maxis match Cabinets, Fence
Macarossi Upper cabinets, pond plants and rocks, flower box, Birch tree Shrubs
Nengi65 Big and Giant Maxis match shrubs
Murano Community Ash Tree
Donaldb01 Closet

Thanks to the above artist for sharing their creations. Thanks to INSIMenator and the community for your support. :love6: Enjoy!
10  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Apartment Buildings / Courtyard Commons on: November 12, 2008, 07:44:54 am
Requires: UNI, NL, OFB, Pets, Seasons, BV, FT, AL
Lot: 5x2
Rent: 3350 - 3750 simoleons
4 units- 2 beds, 2 baths, large eat-in kitchen, livingroom, garage parking, private courtyard.  Lot includes playground, bar, hot tub, pool.
Landscaped and furnished, some CC
Cleaned and packaged with the Sims 2 Clean-Installer, no hacks.

I liked the Tech type condos Maxis made, but was too small. So I built this one to accommodate my gameplay style and to give more sensible room for the simmies. Cheesy

I used Nengi65's modern modular stairs and they require installation. I included the mesh in the package, but you will need to install this by using the Scriptorium (recommended) or pasting the stair text to C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/newest expansion pack/TSData/Res/Catalog/Scripts/modularstairs.txt
Before pasting, please back up the modular stairs file on your desktop

This is the text:

modularStairs 3001
objectID landing     0x001877A6
objectID placeholder 0x001877A7
objectID step        0x001877A5
objectID topStep     0x001877A8
objectID bottomStep  0x001877AA
catalogTextIndex 3002

Space down a couple of lines and paste the above text to the end of all the other texts. It will be installed.

Also, if you want furnished apartments, go to the neighborhood and bring down the cheat window with Ctrl+Shift+C. Type [boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true] (without brackets). When you enter the lot, hold the shift key and click the door of the apartment. Click rent furnished apartment. You will have a furnished apartment. Cheesy Go to the neighborhood and type in the cheat window [boolProp testingCheatsEnabled false] to get out of the debug mode.


My sims apartment

Custom Content Included:

Phoenix Phaerie Manor House Garden items
Buggybooz Flower box
Khakidoo Birch tree shrubs
Nengi65 Sleek and Modern stairs
Donaldb01 Closet
SimtopiX Embrasure Center and twin windows
Simgedoehns Shower divider
residentialsims roof recolor
Cypress mini by Franky (I don't know where to find the creator, if you do I will modify this to show where the creator is.)
One wall by me.

Big thanks to the creators and sharing their objects with the community. Thanks to INSIMenator for the forum to share my lots. Love ya!!! :love4:
Thanks to the community for your support and encouragement.:blob6: Enjoy!
11  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Apartment Life Chat / Just started playing AL, I am getting errors! on: November 04, 2008, 08:43:08 am
I had built an Apartment complex before I installed AL. While trying to replace the doors with Apt. doors I had errors. That was okay cause I was able to place the apt. doors. I painstakingly furnished all the apts. and before leaving the lot, I used the Apt base cheat to make it an Apt. complex. When I returned to the lot with a family, the furniture was gone, except the studios and the bedroom furniture in the 1 bedrooms units. I was confused cause I was told that if the apt is furnished I could "shift-click" the apt door and the sim could move in with the furnishings. Well there was none in the family 2 bedroom units. So I didn't save and left the lot, moved the family out, went back to the empty lot and Whoa, there's the OMG furniture. WTF! I moved the family back in and furnished their expensive apt again and there was nothing I could do for the other apts. I hope the NPC's are okay there. They seem to be, they are playing loud music, in an empty apt.  What am I suppose to do? Is it okay?

EDIT: Figured it out. I have Pescado's Apthacks and it automatically calculates the price of the apt with the furniture in it. It's all good, nevermind.
12  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / Smells Fishy- Starter beach home on: October 31, 2008, 01:40:19 pm
Requires: UNI,NL,OFB,Pets,Seasons,BV,FT
Lot: 2x2
Cost: 19,499 simoleons
1 bed, 1.5 baths, loft, driveway for 1 car, fully furnished (lots of CC), landscaped, lots of CC
Cleaned and packaged with Sims 2 Clean-Installer, no hacks!

Starter for new sim families or just graduating YA's. Lovingly furnished with low costing CC to allow the families to start off in style. Built over a large pond for fishing and getting food from the land. Played for 1 sim week, room for 3 in this state, did have to close up the loft for extra bedroom, it was starting to get tight so I moved them to the Ole' Cottage. Cheesy


Custom Content Included:

Buggybooz Geranium, planter, lily lamp
Nazariopilar Various furniture and decor
Kate Eponymous Garden plants, terrain paint
Crocobaura Open underneath Country stairs  Please note: Requires installation, please go to link for instructions!!  High stake fencing in white.
Nengi65 Rocks, shrubs, grass, big and large rugs w/ recolors, dartboard, terrain paint
Macarossi Pond plants and rocks
Khakidoo Slanted Birch Shrub
Jonesi Modern Modular stairs, Please note: requires installation, site is down today will correct link for direct site page with instructions. Laminate light stairs.
Spring desk and chair
Simbella (site closed) Bedcover I and bed pillows
Hunii Simbella bedcovers and pillows recolor, floor planks
FilizK Floor tile
Margierytka Floors, terrain paint
Ricci2882 Indy loveseat and recolor
Angelamveliza Sink
Taroo bathroom and trunk dresser
Havelock CS palm tree
Orangemuffin Vase, various paintings and recolors, coffee table, sconce, palm tree, pillows,Jope Stove hob
McAlli Carpet
Steffor Windows
Loverat Steffor window recolors
Marmy Season's fridge and recolor
Pas Calvin bed (bed comfort modified by me, don't overwrite the mesh or you will lose the comfort levels I modified)
Plasticbox Beach wall paint
Wndy26 Stone Ashlar pediment
Numenor Trocotto 27 in TV
Lilymayrose Wallpaper and panels
Temptress Door
2 walls by me.

Custom Content Not Included:

Tre Zillah Damaged Pinto
Temptress Wooden door white recolor. (Forgot to package :oops:)

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creations, makes my game so much fun! Thanks to INSIM and the community for your support and encouragement! Love yall! :love4:
13  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / The Ole' Little Cottage, Modernized on: October 31, 2008, 12:19:14 pm
Requires: UNI,NL,OFB,Pets,Seasons,BV,FT
Lot: 2x2
Cost: 25,947 simoleons
2-3 beds, 3 baths, livingroom/diningroom, kitchen, unfinished basement, driveway for one car, partially furnished for room identification, landscaped, some CC.
Cleaned and packaged with Sim2Clean-Installer, so no hacks!

Middle cost family home for sims that need a little more room for their growing families. Newly remodeled and painted for your sims enjoyment! Again built on small lot for easy playablity. Play-tested for 5 sim days, room for 6 sims and 2 pets. Cheesy


Custom Content Included:

Ailias Wood edger
Macarossi Pond plants, cacti
Phoenix_Phaerie Georgian Door and Windows
Corvidophile2 Kitchen deco, Mixed flower shrub
drewsoltesz Floor
Nengi65 Rocks, shrubs, tree, floor, terrain paint, Jonesi pillows deco, grass
Marmy Closet
Witchboy Closet recolor
Kate Eponymous Garden plants
CTNutmegger Marmy Season's Fridge recolor
Marmy Refrigerator
Square Ranchers Table
Crocobaura Open underneath modular stairs. Please note: Requires installation, please refer to the link for installing instructions.
Havelock Roof recolor
Khakidoo Slant Birch Shrub
Marylou Independent Expression privacy window
Numenor Outdoor Lantern
Cameronsnan Wall
Chrissy Jonesi's blanket recolor
Jonesi Blanket
McAlli Carpet
Jope Sink
Nazariopilar Newport dining chair
Steffor Joy kitchen knives, apron
Lyriclee Brick wall
Xtian Loft Wall collection
Margierytka Terrain paint
Mummysim Wall
Giddy6004 LS Wall paint

Custom Content Not Included:

Piggis Maxis Window recolors
HystericalParoxsym Maxis Appliances recolor

I love the creations from the artist above, thanks so much for sharing! :love4: Thanks to INSIM for this forum and allowing me to share here. Thanks to the community for your support and encouragement. :love5:

14  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / All of This for 19,701 Simoleons... on: October 17, 2008, 06:19:47 pm
Requires: UNI, NL, OFB, Pets, Seasons, BV, FT
2x2 Lot
Cost: 19,701
Features: 2beds, 2baths, split-level livingroom, up to eat-in kitchen, down to recreation area, one care driveway, gated trash can
Furnished and landscaped, lots of CC included
Cleaned and packaged with the Clean-Installer, NO HACKS

I used this lot for many of my starting families. Easy and fun to play, if you are use to split-levels. I think this is a used lot, that's why it's so cheap, so you may have left-overs in the refrigerator. Would like to know if there is some leftovers in the fridge, I know there is when I move new families in. Wink


Main floor and second level:

Second level and lower level:

Custom Content Included:

LadyMoonBeam Rock Terrain Paint
Nazariopilar Diningroom, Livingroom, Bedroom, Bathroom, and recolors
Nengi65 Rocks, shrubs, plants, trees, brick wall, dartboard
Wil Walls
OrangeMuffin Chloe Sofa and recolor
Havelock CS Palm Tree
Giggy6004 LS Floor Tile
Taroo Bathtub
Ayyuff Wall
IndigoRage Closet Bar
MaryLou Independent Expressions Door
Maylin Studio Loft Table Lamp and recolor
Temptress Windows
Crocobaura Open Underneath Modular Stairs *PLEASE NOTE* They require installation, please go to link for instructions on the Wooden stairs, and Steadfast stairs. Must be installed to show in game or you will only have the mesh and not the stairs.
Margierytka Floor Tile and Terrain Paint
Simlin55 Walls
Wallsims Neo Light
Jonesi Spring desk
Sweetswami77 Homey wall sconce
Wndy26 Richardson Stone Fence
Patul Wall
Loverat Studio Loft Lamp recolor
One wall by me

Custom Content Not Included:

Fresh-Prince Nissan 350z
Loco Plus Spanish Roof
Simtomatic Beach House Window  *Mistakenly left on the lot. Replace with a maxis window please*
Piggis Maxis window wood recolors
Roddyalexio Invisiable Driveway *can't never find it in the package...*

Thanks so much to the artists for their creations and sharing them with the community. Thanks to for this forum, allowing me to share my lots. A big thanks to the community that encourages me to share my lots. :love8:

Enjoy!! :blob6:
15  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Residential / A Lovely Cape Cod on: October 11, 2008, 01:10:30 pm
Requires: Uni, NL, OFB, Pets, Seasons, BV, FT
Lot: 2x2
Cost: 58,306 simoleons
Livingroom, Diningroom, Kitchen, 2 Baths, 2 Large Beds, Attached Garage for 1Car, Basement, Landscaped and Lightly Furnished w/ some CC included.
Packaged and Cleaned w/ Clean Installer, NO HACKS

As you see I love playing small lots so I try to cram as much as possible into them.  The sim family I have in this house have 3 children and the parents with 2 pets, and they live here comfortable. I did finish the basement when the parents made a little more money, so the teen has his own spot in the basement, to entertain his little girlfriends. Cheesy I built the lot a little high cause it was being placed in Bluewater, so you can place the lot anywhere. There should be no flooding.




Main Floor:


Custom Content Included:

Phoenix_Pharie Doors, Topiaries
Macarossi Pond Plants, Rock, Window Box, Eclectic Expression Windows
Khakidoo Birch Shrub Trees
Nengi65 White Stair Recolor, White Fence Recolor
JLonier Vertical Siding
CTNutmegger Maxis Match Cabinet

Custom Content Not Included:

Numenor Recolorable Wooden Stairs (needed to show the white stairs)
EA SIMS2 Ford Car

I love the work the creators above have given to the community. Without it, I wouldn't enjoy building as much, Thanks so much! :worship:
Thanks to for this forum to upload my lot and to the community for your support. :hugs:

Enjoy! :love4:
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