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76  Retired Creators / *NEW* Huge Bodybuilder / Adidas Response Court Shirt and 3 Stripes pants for the HBB on: September 01, 2007, 10:04:03 am
Excellent job Montoto, thank you!
77  Retired Creators / Casual : Vêtements décontractés / Not that casual: shirt and pants for the BB :) on: August 03, 2007, 01:50:54 am

If I remember well, this is a matter of graphic settings in the game; you should try higher detail and it should fix the issue.
I'd love to give you an explanation, and I think I understood the reason once, but now either I dreamed that or I forgot :lol:
78  Retired Creators / The Post-Modernist Collection / Ladder with custom animations on: July 28, 2007, 03:48:38 am
Thank you all!! Cheesy

I'm really happy that you find this useful, now I pray that some other people will make all the other missing sims stuff so I can play the game for a change :lo:
79  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misc. Mods and Careers / *Requested* No Autonomous Roach Stomping on: July 28, 2007, 03:22:49 am
Hey very cool, this stupid roach stomping was such an annoyance!!
Congrats Kathy, it's a lovely surprise to see you making mods, and that one is really nifty and useful *hugs*
80  Retired Creators / The Post-Modernist Collection / Ladder with custom animations on: July 27, 2007, 01:47:39 pm
So, when testing Wes_h's Animesh exporter for Milkshape I asked myself what I wanted most in game (and that didn't seem freakishly difficult in terms of BHAVs and other real modding stuff!!)... Well, it seems that I'm happy with not much :lol:

Anyway, here's what I hope is a realistic enough alternative for the usual space saving stairs: stealth stairs, teleporters, and Targa's ladder stairs that were my favourite despite the lack of animations.

The base object was cloned from Targa's ladder stairs; the mesh was replaced but I kept his original footprint. So this ladder takes only 2 tiles, 1 for the ladder itself and 1 for the landing.

The custom animations are for all ages, except toddlers that can't use stairs anyway; all the locomotion types (sexy, depressed, angry...) will use the same "normal" animation, except the "run" locomotion for which the speed was doubled - pets and ghosts will just jump, at least for ghosts that makes sense

You'll find two different objects below:

- the "Marvine-ladder-animated" with 7 recolours : light wood, dark trashed wood, white, grey, black, blue, and a raw wood texture by Beosboxboy. The base object uses a warm medium wood texture, don't delete that one in game!

- the "Marvine-ladder-animated-metalClone", mesh and texture by my dear Beosboxboy, for an industrial look.

The packages were tested with Seasons and with base game only, I don't think the minor last minute changes will affect that.

Known issues:

- despite all the pains I took, the hands sometimes sink a little in the sides of the ladder, and this is more noticeable on the metal version which uses a slightly thicker mesh. Well it's not too bad with the fading...
- some animation overlays will look weird, like climbing upstairs when holding a baby, or when the sim turns to look at another sim; I didn't figure out how the priorities work so there's nothing I can do about that for now. It shouldn't happen very often anyway, unless you have the nursery upstairs Smiley
- when climbing down, the sim turns a little briskly to face the ladder and to walk away; this is the only workaround I found for a skeleton settings issue.
If you notice anything else, please let me know!

Policy: you're welcome to recolour, clone, modify with appropriate credit; please don't upload on pay sites or the Exchange.

Biggest thanks: to Wes_H of course, being his guinea pig was a priviliege :lol:, to Echo for answering my dumb questions, and to both Echo and John Brehaut for their great tutorials that got me started - and to Beosboxboy for putting up with my baby mad scientist moods and whining Smiley

And, of course, to all the people that made this possible with their tools, research and advice!
81  Retired Creators / Classic Pinupgirl / CPU - Multimesh recolors on: July 27, 2007, 02:22:41 am
Beautiful work, these capris and top are just too cute Smiley
82  Retired Creators / Male / OpenHouse Rough Up Jeans Slim BB on: July 27, 2007, 02:20:34 am
Thank you very much Jack, gorgeous work as usual!
83  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Objects & Recolors / "How to rule the world" ;) set by Solander on: July 27, 2007, 02:13:22 am
It's great to see you here Solander. Thank you very much for this gorgeous set!
84  Retired Creators / Classic Pinupgirl / CPU_MULTIoutfit*Bouncing boobies/sexy feet*Updated 01-11-2008* on: July 27, 2007, 02:09:09 am
That's crazy! Great job Bloom Cheesy
85  Retired Creators / SexyFeet Replacements / SeXy Feet for meshers*Updated* on: July 16, 2007, 01:20:08 pm

Once more I'm very impressed, not only by your creativity and the quality of your work, but also by your understanding of the whole meshing thing.

Thank you very much for sharing  Smiley
86  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Women / Pin-up Girl Class on: July 03, 2007, 06:41:40 am
Very lovely outfits Morbid, thank you very much Smiley
87  Retired Creators / Male / 5 Tank Tops for HBBs on: June 26, 2007, 01:20:45 pm
Very cute Cheesy
88  Resident Creators / Urban Male / Undies - BB 3pair Jockey Boxerbriefs on: June 25, 2007, 01:17:12 pm
Oh lovely! Cheesy
89  Resident Creators / Urban Male / BB - Green G-Unit Tank & Jeans on: June 25, 2007, 01:16:51 pm
Looks great, thank you Smiley
90  Retired Creators / Male / 3 HBB Undies Recolours on: June 25, 2007, 09:54:31 am
Very nice! Thank you  Smiley
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