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31  A Safe Haven / Quizzes / What's Your Medieval Profession? on: September 08, 2009, 11:13:35 am
You Are a Playwright

You are a highly literate wordsmith. You love both reading and writing.
You are also a natural storyteller. You can turn a mediocre anecdote into a riveting tale.

You find people and all aspects of life fascinating. No topic is off limits for you.
In modern times, you would make a good filmmaker or novelist.

What's Your Medieval Profession?

3d animation, writing, storytelling, reading... I guess it fits :/
32  Simmers' Paradise / Content Creation & Recoloring Help / Accessories turns out black in Bodyshop on: August 23, 2009, 12:57:12 pm
I started learning accessory making before the summer holiday, but I seem to have forgotten half of it...
I've got a weird problem with the textures on my new meshes. The meshes shows up - but the textures are completely black (even though I put on the new textures before I made the bodyshop package). The alphas are, of course, white.

I've also tried to make a new project out of the black mesh/recolor - but this too turns out black, even though the texture files shows up correct in the project folder.

I haven't tested them ingame yet, but the other accessories I've made shows up with textures in bodyshop - so something has to be wrong.

Anyone knows what might be the problem?
Thanks for any help Smiley

(oh, and one more thing - does anyone know where to find the original infant diaper mesh with SimPE? I've looked, but can't find it. For some reason most of the maxis objects does not show up in the object creation panel, even though I've got the newest CEP. The objects showed up before, but not any more, so I've got no idea what's wrong :-()
33  Simmers' Paradise / Where Can I Find...? / WCIF baby shower objects? on: July 02, 2009, 08:18:53 pm
I'm looking for baby shower objects and also "new baby boy/girl" objects for parties. Balloons, gift wrappings, cakes, decoration, banners, baby gift sets, and so on.

Found almost nothing at Sims2Wiki, MTS2, retailsims or TSR.

I'm looking for these recolors/items in particular

thanks for any help Smiley
34  Simmers' Paradise / Objects & Recolors / Maxis NL diner door as double door on: June 21, 2009, 08:17:59 pm
Hi Smiley

I've been hunting for this NL diner door as double doors for ages, but I've so far only found recolors of the original (T$R, MTS2, N99, piggis-sims...). So could anyone help me with a little request?

It would've also been nice if it drew textures from the original one (since I've got some of these)

Thanks in advance Smiley

(If it already exists, just ignore the request, and post a link to wherever I managed to overlook Smiley)
35  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Help / Game crashing randomly (?) + graphics problem on: June 20, 2009, 08:28:05 pm
I've never had many problems with my game before - but lately, after installing my prev games (all EP's and SP's) + AL, KB, IKEA, holiday 06 and MG on my new computer, I've had several crashes. A message pops up, saying "the programme has crashed" - and it returns back to windows.

Mostly the crashes appear randomly while in buy mode - once in plants, once when I clicked on electronics, once when I clicked on the small electronics (phones), once or twice while furnishing the same house, and also once while browsing hair in CAS (the next time I browsed around in the same hairs, nothing happened). It also froze up when shifting to the largest neighborhood view, and I had to manually quit the game. Those are the ones I remember. Might have been a few times more.

It has not happened while actually in live mode and playing, and I've not had any hack conflicts showing up (except maybe for the buyable trashcan/mailbox which I had not updated for AL - but I fixed that after the first or second crash).

I've run the hack detection (simwardrobe), but nothing sensible came up. I moved out Phaenoh's (MTS2) Catalog Clean Up Mod (never worked - I think I put them in the wrong folder anyway...), and I'm quite sure I've updated all hacks/mods for AL and MG. I've also put in one of the critical fix hacks for AL, and a few other fixes (not the official patch, since EA tends to ruin even more games with those *shudders*)

I use mostly the same downloads (not the hacks - which are updated, but buy/build/CAS stuff) as I did on my laptop, but had no crashes there.

All the crashes (except for the CAS one) has happened on new lots (either built by me, or recently downloaded lots - all of them installed with Clean Installer). Several happened while in Belladona cove, and the last two or three in Pleasantview on the same lot. Most happens after I've played for a time.

I've got 4GB memory on my computer, so it should not be a memory problem, even though I've got vista now (I had 512 MB and XP on my laptop, and although it ran slow and lagged a lot, it seldom crashed or froze completely)

I usually delete the .cache files before going ingame, so it can't be these (Might be the reason for the last crash though, since I forgot to delete them, and the game crashed on the same spot).

Anyone has a clue what is going on?
36  Simmers' Paradise / Content Creation & Recoloring Help / Accessory mesh/SimPe problem on: June 06, 2009, 06:00:48 pm
So I'm trying to make my first accessory mesh (well, second - but the first one never ended in anything...). I've got the base mesh ready and UV mapped - and have come to the stage of getting it ingame. So now I'm trying to decipher the base tutorials at MTS2 - the clothes/hair/accessory tuts. I've made a new mesh file, and so far so well - up until linking the new mesh package with the recolor (before doing the actual mesh/recolor editing). I get this message

when I try to do the linking stage with the PJSE tool.

I'm using the square maxis glasses as a base mesh, as I want this accessory for all ages (not sure about toddler yet, as I have to figure out how to make it for the other ages at first - so I'm making it for child and up to begin with...) - so I have a feeling that all those multiple files have something to do with it - but I could find nothing at all at MTS2 about it... The accessory tutorials are either for one age, or just some kind of "do this instead of that in the other tutorial" instruction, with no apparent solution to my problem.

The MTS2 base clothing tutorial says I'm supposed to link everything with the PJSE tools, while the MTS2 accessory tutorial says "this linking is the old long way - linking by hand - not using the PSJE tools." - and I've got no clue how to do it the old way...

I've tried to find a solution at MTS2, but to be honest, I do find their creation/tutorial section a bit difficult to navigate. (and now I'm tired and impatient...)

so does anyone know what might be wrong?

Oh, and another thing - do I need different mesh files (or something like that) with resized versions of the mesh, linked to the skeleton, for all the ages?
37  Simmers' Paradise / Objects & Recolors / Maxis "bouncinator" as carseat? on: June 05, 2009, 07:05:18 am
I (like many others) love the two baby items from the TS2shop, and since we finally have a maxis(!) object the infants can sit in, and since the seat of the bouncinator looks a lot like a car seat - would it be possible to make a clone of it, that has all the animations intact - but without the stative and the animal sound knot thingies?

I tried to do a tetexture, erasing the parts I did not want, but it seems it's not alpha-editable, so it doesn't work... Sad

I don't mind if the seat goes up and down, and it doesn't have to actually work like a car seat (as in taking the infant to community lots), because I usually only do storytelling anyway, so having to place the car seat with OMSP's and such is not a huge problem for me.

And if anyone wants to use their artistic imagination to make the seat look even more like a car seat, that's even better Wink

Thanks for any help Smiley
38  Simmers' Paradise / General Sims 2 Discussion / SimPE site gone? on: June 02, 2009, 04:15:45 pm
Does anyone know what has happened to the SimPE site? It worked (mostly) fine a few days ago, but now I only get a message that the site doesn't work.

I really want to install the newest edition of simPE (since I finally got around to install AL), but there wasn't a installation programme, only a huge lot of files. They said something about it on the site, but since it apparently is down now, I can't check what it was.
39  Simmers' Paradise / Where Can I Find...? / WCIF ambulance helicopter? on: June 02, 2009, 03:37:19 am
just what it says Smiley
Preferrably drivable (AL)

I've looked at the car source, MTS2, TSR, but nothing there.

thanks for any help Smiley
40  A Safe Haven / Forum Games / Caption the avatar above me on: May 31, 2009, 07:29:14 am
Couldn't find this, so I'm bringing this back from the old insim days.

Mainly, put in a caption that fits the avatar above you. 

Example (Smiley is supposed to be illustrating the avatar): 


Have fun Smiley
41  Simmers' Paradise / Where Can I Find...? / WCIF plant hacks for AL/MG? And buyable trashcan/mailbox for AL? on: May 30, 2009, 02:24:28 pm
I've just installed MG and AL, and hoped that my previous Seasons hack would work - which they don't seem to do... My game crashed when I opened the plants in buy mode, and tried to place a tree. So I'm guessing the hacks are "bugging" the new plants in MG...

So does anyone know which hacks are compatible with MG and AL - or at least where I can find out if they are? I've looked at MTS2 - where it seems none of the seasons hack are updated for MG, or even AL (if they do need updating at all, that is... the crashes might have an other cause which is probably resident in my hack folder...)

Any location of hacks/mods for easier harvesting/gardening is appreciated Smiley
(I love plants and gardens, but HATE gardening - both in real life and for sims...)

EDIT: and it seems I might have another problem. I dl'ed a buyable trashcan/mailbox from "Sim a Little Dream a Lot", but as far as I can remember, the ones I dl'ed weren't compatible with AL (there was another edition for AL). But the site is down, and it doesn't seem like it will be up anytime soon - does anyone know where I can find this elsewhere?
42  Simmers' Paradise / Objects & Recolors / powered wheelchair (mesh almost done - creator help needed) on: April 28, 2009, 01:34:10 pm
I've been on the hunt for a good-looking powered wheelchair (as a chair) for quite a long time. Since I couldn't find one I could use, I decided to try making one myself.

But I have some problems. First of all - my internet at home does not work, and my laptop can't handle mesh programmes. Besides - if I remember correctly from my first (and only) try at making a mesh, I'll need a new GUID, which can only be reached through the net (and I had huge troubles finding out how...).

Second, the only mesh programme I've got access to is 3dmax (at school), and from what I understand, things can get a bit tricky because of that.

third, I know how to unwrap a mesh - but I've got no clue how to do the texturing process on a newly made mesh. I know how to recolor an excisting mesh, though.

I also don't have the time right now to go through a bunch of tutorials - at least not when I can't do it at home.

the mesh I've got so far is around 3200 polys (if I can trust 3dmax). I'm not sure if it's concidered very high, or somewhere in the middle - but I've tried to take it down as far as possible.

I only need it as a chair, with chair functions.
(I know it is possible to make it drivable (rebecah made one), but I need to be able to move it around freely, and I couldn't do that with the drivable one. Same goes with the one with car functions at MTS2, which also was too big for my taste)

I really need this to the next chapters for a story project (Little Fire Burning), so I would really appriciate it if someone could help me out a bit Smiley

(I know the model is a bit too large - but I wasn't quite sure how big it's supposed to be for ingame use. But I've at least tried to get the proportions right).
43  Simmers' Paradise / FreeTime Help / Toddlers won't walk/crawl - hack problem? on: January 31, 2009, 12:42:45 pm
For quite a while now, I've had a problem with toddlers not having the option to walk/crawl anywhere. The option simply don't show up on the pie menu when I click on the ground. I've tried to move out some hacks I thought might be the problem, but I've got quite a lot of hacks and such, so testing them one by one just takes too long - especially since my game is really slow even in "test mode" (aka. only neccessary hacks and downloads, for testing downloads and such).

However - I've heard that some hacks might cause just this problem. There was one teleport hack at least (but I've tried removing those I could find, with no luck). Does anyone else know of any other hacks that might cause this problem? My game is otherwise mostly problem free, so it can't be a huge hack conflict - if there's any at all. I can't really remember when the problem started either.

I've got all EP's and SP's up to FT installed.
I do have both FT insim and inteen in my dl folder, but both of those work fine, with no problems at all. Otherwise, I've got mostly small problem fix hacks, and "annoyance removal" hacks. I've also updated most (maybe even all) of the hacks I've got for FT, and moved out those I knew didn't have updates or wouldn't work with FT.
44  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Web / Moonlightdragon (upd: 06 March 2019) on: December 07, 2008, 09:41:47 pm

My own little forum. Everything is 100% free (of course) - but to see the download contents you have to be logged in.

The site's name is

Updates with all the links to download topics can be found here:

(Just so it's clear, because people seem to confuse "site updates" and "downloads" a lot)

Anyone who wants to join in are very welcome  Cheesy

First update:
I've updated these outfits (and the rest in that upload) to also have hatless meshes.

More updates will come soon, as I'm making bright and shiny new infant winter/christmas outfits and onesies - some of the onesies in a new and a little more realistic style than I usually do.
45  Retired Creators / Guest Recolors / A mix of girl and boy outfits (some requests) on: November 21, 2008, 08:32:32 pm
I've gotten some requests about tank tops and more "summery" clothing (and yes, it's in the middle of the winter - but do the simmies care?) and here are some. There are also three dresses (I think all were requests).

IMPORTANT: the outfits without the hat and pacifier NEEDS one of the three meshes showed here, since this is NOT one of Bloom's outfit meshes.

Read this before downloading:
1. NO additional meshes needed (except for the nohat version of the outfits), since the meshes are "built in"
2. REMOVE all other infant outfits - both recolors and meshes - or they will conflict with these ones. Put only ONE of the outfits in your downloads folder
3. The graphic setting SIM/DETAIL must be on high for the outfits to work correctly (especially the dresses).
4. Put this in you Downloads folder (or defaults folder if that's what you use)
5. The clothes override the maxis diaper - but works just like it. They go off when you ask a sim to bathe the baby or change its diaper.
6. ALL infants will wear the outfit you choose - both girls and boys

7. Thanks Bloom Cheesy
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