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1  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misc. Mods and Careers / Re: Brighter Leaves For The Fall on: January 16, 2010, 05:03:15 pm
Yes, I saw that.  Headwall  No offense, but even being a blond, that response made me feel like you thought I was stupid.  Thank you for answering, all the same.

No, I mean once you unzip it. There is a file with a 1 in it and a file with a 2 in it. I am double-checking if they are both part of a two-part mod, or optional choices, like default replacements, and meant to only have one or the other in game at a time?
2  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misc. Mods and Careers / Re: Brighter Leaves For The Fall on: January 15, 2010, 02:58:03 pm
Thanks, TNW.  It has two files, need both or are they alternates? Just checking.
3  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misc. Mods and Careers / Re: Detect packages that were created with the old version of Pets EP Body Shop on: January 15, 2010, 02:41:40 am
Personally, yes, I have programming experience, and even enjoy programming assembly.

That aside, I have been using Linux a lot longer than I have been programming, about when I got married was my first experience in it, 15 years ago. Our kids could probably use this code with a little prompting. I think it has to do with what you are experienced with and used to, and how willing you are to learn something new. I tell everyone Linux isn't too hard, nor are command lines, my kids figured it out between 3 and 5 years old.  If kiddies can, you can.  If you read other posts by me, you know we all have learning problems, too.

Linux users are a lot more likely to use something that has to be run at the prompt.  Anyone who has experience with command line programs (Windows has these, too) will be willing to try it. I agree the average user won't, but it isn't like this is rocket science either. I think your instructions were very clear (even for inexperienced people, because I have never used R or S, and was completely lost.)  I think your programming has a certain elegance, too, with straightforward results and easy to figure out what you need to solve.  You even provided links to information on how to fix the files found.

Personally, I think if someone wants a GUI badly enough, they will either find a friend to write one for them and link to it here, as happens in Open Source a lot, especially if you give permission, or they will learn to use the scripts.  GREAT JOB! Don't let complaints make you feel bad.  The job you set out to code, you coded, and did beautifully. Cheesy  Two thumbs up.
4  A Safe Haven / General Discussion / Re: Photography and other creative stuff. on: January 12, 2010, 05:10:44 pm
Wow, PoppieSkat. I had to log into deviantart just to fav the autumn color leaf mask.  is me.

I don't have very much on there that is current, because we have been busy moving over the last two years to a new city then a brand new house (OMG, I finally own a house, that is scary by itself.)

I have been updating my facebook albums, but I can't remember how much of it I made public to non-friends.
5  A Safe Haven / General Discussion / Re: ADD? ADHD? on: January 12, 2010, 01:59:53 pm
The turning the conversation back to what they want to talk about can be AS, but a lot of the time, it is simply a symptom of another common trait to autistic disorders:  problems figuring out social cues.

One of the first things we figured out our children had problems with (and I remember having too) was how other people feel.  Luckily, this is one of the things easily taught, and easily grown out of before adulthood.

You know how, if talking to someone, they start glancing at their watch, looking away from you over and over, saying things like "that's nice," and kind of not paying attention, you know they are in a hurry? Or at least late for something, because they look at a clock?  Or how about when you get right up in someone's space, and they kind of back off a few inches?  You realize you got to close and back off yourself.  They are uncomforable.

Autistic problems with social cues stem from the inability to pick it up as you mature.  Other people pick up that a smile means happy, a glare means anger, they also speak body language because they picked it up as they grew.  I remember having to be taught facial expressions and getting lectures on subjects involving having more empathy.  Kids with autistic disorders have problems picking it up on their own, and figuring out how others feel in situations (empathy, or how would I feel if I were in your shoes.)  Sounds odd doesn't it, when you think how sweet most kids with Autism actually are, especially to family?  It isn't that they are mean, it is that they have to figure out what causes feelings, how it feels in some situations, and how to express it.  Once he figured out some of it, everyone started commenting how my son is the first one to help others now if someone gets hurt.

Sometimes it helps to tell the person straight out you don't want to talk about something anymore.  It may be that they don't know you don't really care for it, or it makes you uncomfortable.  On the other hand, true straight up Autism and AS both have focused interests as a problem. The dude who knew every single detail about the twin towers before 911 comes to mind. No idea what happened to him with 911 happening, but before that he was famous for knowing how many days it took to build, and having memorized the schematics and floor plans.  He could tell you who put in the windows on what floor.  Again, he just didn't realize everyone else wasn't as interested as he was in it.
6  A Safe Haven / General Discussion / Re: ADD? ADHD? on: January 12, 2010, 11:54:14 am
Oh man! yeah, I understand that. I have put books in the freezer trying to make dinner while reading, and someone distracts me with a question.  Ever put ramen in the microwave, get distracted, and forget to put the water in, but you start it?  Horrible smell.  I have done it at least twice as an adult.  We love to cook, but when you do something silly like that, or put salt in the cookies instead of sugar (my husband and daughter did that one) it makes you feel silly.
7  A Safe Haven / General Discussion / Re: ADD? ADHD? on: January 12, 2010, 10:57:33 am
Same reason anyone does drugs.  They like it.  Sophistry is the art of using "reason" and logic to justify your own actions, when you know it is wrong.

Sort of like some of my smoking friends with asthma. I have asthma, I know how hard it is to breath, and so do they. But why do they smoke? Because it "warms the lungs" in winter.  Maybe, but it sure isn't going to make it easier to breath.

Don't want to get into a discussion on marijauna here:  That is another discussion and I don't want to derail this one.  The comment was on specifically the excuse "it is for my ADD."
8  Resident Creators / Squinge's Mods / Re: Sims always defend yourself on: January 12, 2010, 10:55:18 am
Sorry, Chaavik.  I know better, too.  I will do that.  I should have worded it better too, as in what do "I" need to do to fix it.
9  Resident Creators / Squinge's Mods / Re: Sims always defend yourself on: January 11, 2010, 04:55:43 pm
 :Hug2 poor babies Smiley actually, This sounds great, except I would like only my outgoing sims to do this.  Is it possible to alter it to leave out the shyer sims? Like, those with only 3 in outgoing or less?
10  A Safe Haven / General Discussion / Re: ADD? ADHD? on: January 11, 2010, 03:24:57 pm
I cannot stand quiet, I'm incredibly bright in maths, I have to have something to fiddle with
This is classic. It is called sensory issues.  At any one time, they can change to something else, or appear with others. My son and I both hate socks unless they are inside out, he hates loud noises, my daughter won't eat certain foods, and loves having music to drown out conversation.  She used to take a Chinese Jump Rope to school to fiddle with.  The math thing? 90% of people with Asperger's Syndrome are genius or above.  There isn't a single case found of someone with AS who is not average or above.  My kids find it funny knowing that, and someone used the RTD word on them.

hard for her to concentrate on a lot of many things go through her mind at one time
another classic AS symptom.  I have the hard to concentrate part, and my daughter and I both describe AS as a funnel, or the output queue from a keyboard:  lots of things go in, but your mind processes them one at a time.  While, eventually, everything will get processed, it takes longer than for everyone else to get to something you experienced and react. This is shown when someone says "Hi" when you are busy, music is going, and someone else is talking to you at the same time.  Eventually, you will pause, realize they said something, and say "Oh, sorry, hi!"  For my daughter, that is about 5 minutes later. Cheesy  It also means you should only give someone with ADD/AS/Autism one or two things to do at a time, one step at a time.  I can't tell my son to get ready for school, I have to tell him to go get dressed, then breakfast when he gets done, then get your backpack/coat.  He gets lost or frustrated otherwise.

she will stay stuck on the previous subject and yell at people when they confuse her...then she gets really embarassed when she realizes she has missed like 10 minutes of the conversation
This is me too! I can tell you why she does that:  I have short term memory problems.  5 second attention span, literally Sad  If I let someone change the subject, whatever I wanted to say, and most of the time, what I needed to tell them will NOT be remembered, and I may never think of it again.  I don't yell, but I do get upset at forgetting what I needed to tell someone.  That 5 second attention span? Doesn't affect my attention span, like ADD would, but it does make it hard to read something, or concentrate on a conversation... I will reread some paragraphs 10 times because I forgot what I read half way through a sentence! Try explaining to a college professor why you need accommodations (and have a letter from the disabilities office saying he has to comply) when you have a high IQ.  I have had professors tell me I was too smart to need help, even when all I wanted was to record lectures for taking notes later.

My uncle and aunt said that their son had ADHD
I agree Jamie.  That is bad parenting.  We pretty much acknowledge that I may have AS, my daughter has been diagnosed same, and my son medical Autism.  Yet, I have never medicated them or myself, and when met, both of my children have now, with lots of help at home and school, progessed to the point where you can't TELL.  Except when you grab physically my son, but really, who doesn't get mad at being grabbed?

one a six degrees of separation type game in your head in a fraction of a second...edit your life
Wow. Faylen, are you a FlyBaby?  I ask because I am Cheesy  I have to do the organize/toss edit for everything I keep, or I would be drowning in Chaos at home.  Your description was very spot on.  I find we all tend to do it here, and someone says Huh?  Then you find yourself explaining that you said something in your head, but your mouth decided that only the first and last part were important to relate, and you end up with something like "I went to the doctor and brought home puppies" when you were thinking "I went to the doctor appointment today, stopped at the grocers on the way home, someone was giving away puppies, I have two kids, and bought 2 for them."  I get strange looks! Cheesy

I don't find it hard to be a mother of Autistic Spectrum kids, nor to mind the cousins who happen to have other disabilities.  I do find parent training helpful, however, if your state happens to have a Parent Education Ass, look them up or ask the school if your district has one.  The best class I ever took was one comparing Autism and AS.  I have spent loads of time around kids of all ages, normal and not since I was a teen babysitting, and I was eldest of a total of 6 kids.  I have to say, kids on the Autism spectrum tend to be sweet enjoyable, lovable kids if treated kindly and correctly.  They have one problem: dealing with things other kids can brush off, like violence.  Some things you just can't do, and expect the kid to handle.  What I have learned is that anything you have to do to make allowances for our kids, actually makes "any" kid learn better/behave better.  And I find it funny that other moms welcome my son to visit, because he hates it when rules are broken.  They think it is great that he kind of rejects any suggestions to misbehave when Mom isn't looking.  I just hope the potty mouth phase goes out soon.  He just hit middle school, and that is about all he does to rebel.  I am ex-Army, and sometimes it gets on even my nerves.

Edit: Don't want you to think it has all been fun and games, it does take longer for our kids to mature/reach stages than other kids.  Middle school has been about when they hit their strides academically.  My son has always had half the vocabulary other kids had (and made very funny combos from it to say the same things other kids have words for.)  My daughter has struggled socially.  After years of in school social stories, coaching, and lots of patient help, she got nominated this week for student of the month for the school. Both kids are straight A's this year (which is kind of neat, seeing how hard it was last year for them, and how far they have come.)  At one point she was bullied so badly I had to pull her out of public school for a year.  Two moves later, and we are pretty relieved that it is easier now that they are older, and that we have found a school that balances making allowances with not excusing everything because of a "syndrome".
11  Resident Creators / Squinge's Mods / Re: no autonomous maintain or wind clock on: January 11, 2010, 02:47:27 pm
That certainly doesn't make sense... shouldn't they have made it chance to break on "winding" of clock, not maintaining it? I mean, come on, maintenance is done to "prevent" breakage. Otherwise, why do it?  Certainly sounds like Maxis didn't have a clue again when coding.
12  Resident Creators / Mod Requests / Re: Combo Mod Request-OFB fixes on: January 06, 2010, 12:12:18 pm
 Grin yeah I was kind of expecting large fireballs
13  Resident Creators / EP8 Mods / Re: Monique's Computer/Laptop Varieties - Apartment Life (9-22-08) - UPDATED on: January 04, 2010, 09:50:49 pm
My bad Smiley Must have misread the other link as OFB instead of FT.
14  Resident Creators / EP8 Mods / Re: Monique's Computer/Laptop Varieties - Apartment Life (9-22-08) - UPDATED on: January 04, 2010, 04:01:44 pm
I noticed that your OFB version of her computers had the Sunair Light in it, but this one doesn't have a download for it?   Are you planning to do it someday, or was it deemed not able to be converted?

Edit: nemind! I am dense. The link is buried in the links to your pics, however. Seems I just needed to look a little harder.  Thanks especially for that one. I loved the look since I saw a real computer like it being developed on the Science Channel.  My son wants to be a mad scientist/inventor when he grows up, so anything Steampunk/Futuristic Tech is just what he wants.
15  Resident Creators / Mod Requests / Re: Combo Mod Request-OFB fixes on: January 04, 2010, 01:38:50 am
YES Chaavik!  That was exactly the advice I was hoping for.  I have other's by SimPaladin.  I will go pick up that one.  I think I bi-passed it because I had Squinge's and hadn't yet put in any of JMPs mods. 

This is a totally new install, and I had to wipe my windows after it became corrupt last month, taken me this long to get everything back up, so now looking for mods.  My kids spent their Christmas money to help fill in the gaps we had in the expansions (well, so did I some Cheesy ) so this is going to be an install I archive and back up somewhere, so I don't have to do this again and can copy to their computer after install.

Edit:  According to SimPaladin's info, any fix for the two behaviors will edit the same long BHAV, and he has included the fix in his mod, too.  So will this cause a game crash? Or from what you are saying, it should be safe enough to play with?  Another thing I was going to try was removing that BHAV from JMP's mod.  Think it will blow up from space? Cheesy  I don't really know if he has used it for anything other than the one fix in his file.
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