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16  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Female Hair / Imperial Hair, Colors on: June 12, 2008, 02:07:49 pm
Well, I did have Viper in mind for one of them, Syn. I did not just take the good guys in to account. Hehehehe.
17  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Female Hair / Imperial Hair, Colors on: June 11, 2008, 09:28:43 pm
Hi! I have always loved the 2-for-u's High Ponytail, not sure why but I just always have. A long time ago I asked Ellu here on Insimenator to recolor it for me, and she did a good job. An excellent job. However, now I know more how to recolor I wanted to give it a try myself.

I did the "natural" colors and decided I wanted more. Since I haven't gotten the hang of steaking yet, I went with a whole slew of alternative colors.

The hair is available in teen, young adult, adult, and elder with the elder being the same color as the other ages.

There are sixteen various colors (of which I am not going to attempt to list), all in the same file so you can just delete the ones you don't want. Since I am a rabid X-Men fan, I tried to make colors suitable for every mutant (including She-Hulk) I could think of but they are fine for any sim who likes alternative hair colors.

You MUST download the mesh from here for these hairs to appear in your game. Just go to "meshes", then "hair", and finally the bottom right corner of the second page.

You are welcome to do whatever you like with these, but please give credit where credit is due. Which is mostly Chriko from 2-for-U.
18  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Female Hair / Imperial Hair, Natural on: June 11, 2008, 09:05:47 pm
Hi! I have always loved the 2-for-u's High Ponytail, not sure why but I just always have. A long time ago I asked Ellu here on Insimenator to recolor it for me, and she did a good job. An excellent job. However, now I know more how to recolor I wanted to give it a try myself.

These are the more "natural" colors. They are color binned but not familied. I removed all unused ages and the only elder is the orangy-red which comes with the mesh that I just recolored the hairband to black. I did include it here because it is a Maxis recolor and not an original texture. Since the elder is also the original Maxis color, I probably should have remove it too, but I decided not to.

There is one black, two browns, two blondes, and three reds.

You MUST download the mesh from here for these hairs to appear in your game. Just go to "meshes", then "hair", and finally the bottom right corner of the second page.

You are welcome to do whatever you like with these, but please give credit where credit is due. Which is mostly Chriko from 2-for-U.
19  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / That's not all! on: June 07, 2008, 12:11:16 am
Oh, but I wasn't done! Did you think I was done? Well, I'm not!

All the above costumes come in teen versions. They are exactly the same but use different meshes. The teen females all use Syn's Teen Female Heels. The teen males use the Teen Lean Body Builder v2 by Syn, Marvine, and Beosboxboy. However, I did make two versions of Fang's uniform, one using the previous mesh and one using the larger Slim Body Builder by Marvine and Beosboxboy (the one that has the number in the name of the mesh). Since he didn't start out that big, this way he can grow into his size if you're so inclined like me.

Actually, I almost didn't make teen versions of Zarek and Sanchez's uniforms since they were not teens at Xavier's (heck, Zarek was a teen at the same time Charles was!) but since I was doing the rest I figured I do their's too since people can use them for other characters their own.

I think that's all of it now. No story this time Smiley
20  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / Movie Recolors for dizi's OCs on: June 07, 2008, 12:08:35 am

Alright! This was a big project for me, as you can see. What I did was I took some of my original characters and made uniforms for them from SynapticSim's X-Men Colorized Movie set (the more recent one here). Some you will recognize and some you won't from previous uploads.

There is Firewall, Joy, and Sunshine. Then I felt the need to go on and did Zarek from my "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?" contest entry (whom I still simply LOVE), The Three and Marissa (not in the picture because I did forget about her for a little while since I don't think of her as wearing a costume but if Sunshine can then so can Marissa) from Syn's last little contest. But I also felt the need to do a couple that are also close to my heart (I should stop saying that because I really do love all my original characters) Fang and Sanchez.

Now, Fang is a little different in that he is not yet adult in any of my stories yet. However since I was growing up all the rest, I figured I'd do him too. His real name is Victor William Creed, the son of Sabretooth and a little Suzy-homemaker named Jessie. Their story is in "No Place Like Home" (you can find through the link in my signature if interested) and little Billy was born there. Being as he was raised by his mother, he has the abilities of Sabretooth without all the violent tendencies. He can be violent, he has all the instincts, but its not the main thrust of his personality. I will upload the actual sim in the near future.

Sanchez is something else entirely. She doesn't have a codename because she doesn't feel the need. She's an ex-cop who only recently found out she was a mutant. Basically I think she was in denial since she was totally against inheriting the "sight" from her grandmother, setting it in her mind that it was just superstition. Though she knew Wolverine from hanging out at the same bar, she did not come in contact with Xavier's school until a tragedy occurred and a student was viciously attacked and left for dead, she caught the case. Sanchez is the main focus of "Farewell Sunshine" in which the poor girl dies. Sanchez does have a full name, really she does, however she doesn't like it and I can't tell you what it is or she'll hurt me. In the story she's started a relationship with Sam Guthrie, aka Cannonball. Again, I will be uploading the actual sim in the near future.

Now for the good stuff.

Like I said, these are actually only costumes since the sims themselves are already available (except the two mentioned above). The meshes are NOT included! If you don't already have them then, my goodness, why not? All the males use Syn's LBB (though I really should have used the SBB for Zarek), the new version found here. Except Fang who uses the HBB by Marvine and Beosboxboy. The females all use Syn's Adult Female Heels, except for The Three who is on Marvine and Beosboxboy's Female High Heels Mesh. I think that covers all the necessities, if I left anything out just let me know.

I will link to the sims as I introduce them through the rest of this post. (And I will link back to Fang and Sanchez after I post them.)

He has two costumes, the first done by the stupendous SynapticSim as an example for me and which he allowed me to upload. (Both in the same file)

Joy and Firewall
Separate files, one picture.

The Three
I just aged them to adult and changed skintone, added make-up, but they're the same sim. Actually they're all the same sim, it's part of their mutant power which you can read about here.
I couldn't decide which I liked better so there are two only slightly different versions. You might not be able to tell in the pictures but one is lighter than the other. (The light and dark is broken up but all three colors for The Three are in each file, ie: light has the lighter version of the red, yellow, and orange, same for the dark.)



Extra views of her since she's new to you.

It looks like I went a little wild and crazy for her but I just couldn't decide which I liked best. So she has four different costumes. (All in one file.)
Take note of the cut out along the neck on this first one since I went to a lot of trouble for it. Smiley Unfortunately its not very visible with her skin but its there.

The first and third in this picture have some neckwork too. Still can't decide which of the four I like best.

Different skintone but the same sim.
I couldn't make a decision for him either so he has three costumes. (All in one file.)

This is also just an aged version with different skintone and hair.
She's last because I forgot about her and not included in the first picture. I didn't mean to but I don't often think of her as being "in uniform". Just for a couple details possibly missed, Marissa completely fell for Zarek the when he rescued her from a group of people who were selling her ability to heal to the highest bidders. He doesn't feel that he should be in any kind of relationship since he doesn't age but she worms her way into his life and therefore his heart. Isn't that sweet? He tried to dump her with the X-Men but it just didn't work out that way. You can read about her here, though I changed the story a bit. In the actual story the agents didn't find her, the caretakers of the hospital found out what she could do and decided to use her instead. A few years later, Zarek came looking for her at the same time there was a battle with Sentinels outside the hospital. All parties met up and... well, I haven't figured out the rest but I will eventually.

Marissa also gets two costumes. (Both in one file.)
21  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / Danielle Moonstar on: June 04, 2008, 08:27:25 pm
She's great!
Good job!
22  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / The Acolytes on: May 29, 2008, 08:01:35 pm
Wow, Dracine, these look fabulous! I'm making an "Asteroid M" community in my game and these guys will fit nicely.
23  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / dizi's Zelig, aka Firewall on: May 24, 2008, 06:53:22 pm
Since Kurt and Jenny took in teen foster children, that works great, Simz!
24  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / dizi's Zelig, aka Firewall on: May 24, 2008, 12:54:53 am
So here's his history. If you don't want to read it just skip down. WAY down.

It all starts for him before he was born actually. His biological parents were both mutants. Lacy, his mother, was physically mutated having deep red skincolor and white hair, her only actual power was that she could see in the dark. Her parents didn't kick her out when she manifested but they didn't want her staying around once she turned eighteen. She was working in a fastfood restaurant when some of the patrons found out it was a mutant cooking for them in the back where she couldn't be seen, usually. Lacy was attacked, nothing serious but they were throwing trash and stuff at her when Danny stepped in.

Now, Danny wasn't anyone's vision of a hero. He was an insurance saleman. He was fairly normal, generally considered a geek before that was in the least bit cool, and pudgy. But he just couldn't watch Lacy get treated that way. So he stepped in front of her and used his own mutant power, a personal forcefield, to block the debris from hitting her. And instantly became her hero. Always. It was very sweet. In full hero-mode, Danny insisted she come home with him because he didn't trust that someone wouldn't follow her and cause more trouble. Three weeks later they were married. His parents did not approve. They didn't care, Danny was her hero and Lacy was his angel.

But their relationship was to be short-lived. Six months later Lacy discovered she had cancer. Danny was on his way home from work to take her to a doctor's appointment when he was in a car accident and died instantly. His parents took possession of his property and left Lacy with nothing. She found herself on the streets. Shortly after she found out she was pregnant. Danny died without knowing that but they had discussed children and he had wanted a boy so she hoped for a son.

This is where we get more into Jenny and Kurt. They had already met and were falling in love (well, they really were in love but hadn't realized it fully yet). Jenny was a waitress at Harry's Bar but donated time and energy (at least) to a local homeless shelter that allowed mutants in (the only one in West Chester that did). Lacy went to the same shelter but disappeared after arriving. That night the shelter was firebombed by the FOH and Jenny was kidnapped! Turned out Jenny's father was a scientist who was trying to find a way to detect whether a fetus would be a mutant before it was born. Lacy was taken to experiment on and Jenny to attempt to get ahold of her father's research which was purportedly completed and successful. It is unknown if this is true or not.

Jenny and Lacy met in a holding cell in an FOH stronghold. Once Jenny was taken out and questioned about her father's research, she quickly understood they would experiment on Lacy and most likely kill Jenny herself whether she gave them what they wanted or not. It should be said that she did at one time posess the research but she gave it to Hank. Would the bad guys have believed her if she told them she no longer had it? If she told them who DID now have it, how long would they keep her alive? Or the very pregnant Lacy? So she told them nothing but the truth, which was that she didn't know where the research was anymore (which really was true because she didn't ask Hank what he did with it). But they did not believe her and she was beaten/tortured for the information. Jenny held on knowing that she had good friends in the X-Men and they would come for her. Kurt would come for her.

Of course, they did, also rescuing Lacy and bringing her to the mansion/school. Lacy did not tell anyone she had cancer. Fully aware there was a possibility she could be cured/saved, she also knew that in the process her unborn child would die. That wasn't an option. She did tell Hank since he is the team's doctor and her physician at that time and Logan was able to smell her illness, but they were the only ones who knew.

Her pregnancy progressed. She and Jenny became as close as sisters, Kurt also having brotherly feelings for her since he spent so much time with Jenny. He did during this time ask Jenny to marry him but he bungled the proposal unknowingly by mentioning children (Lacy's influence) when he didn't know Jenny couldn't have children. So Jenny refused because she didn't feel that she could give him the family he deserved. Lacy moved in with Jenny and time went by. Kurt didn't give up. His background inspired Lacy to look under German names while searching for names for her baby (she now knew she was having a boy since Hank did a sonogram); she selected 'Zelig' because it means 'the blessed one' and she felt blessed to have met Jenny and the X-Men.

Zelig was born. He got lots of attention from all the X-women but Jenny was his main caregiver. Lacy, weakened by the delivery, started to seriously decline after his birth. Jenny and the others thought it was simply that she was taking time to recover after childbirth. Hank had already told her she would only have possibly two months to live after Zelig was born. But she refused to tell anyone else she was sick as she did not want her remaining time to be filled with them grieving for her. Six weeks after Zelig was born, Hank finally talked her into telling Jenny who was planning outings for the three of them (Lacy, Zelig, and Jenny) which could never happen.

Jenny broke down after being told. For the first time since he was born, Zelig cried and Jenny didn't come (unless she'd been working). Lacy called Logan to come for her (they were at Jenny's house) because Kurt was out. Word quickly spread about Lacy. Hank felt guilty that he could not save her, others had grown close to her, Bishop had the beginnings of feelings for her but had held back since she had just given birth, the entire mansion was affected in some way. Even Logan who had not really been close to her because she was afraid of him, was affected because he respected her reasons for dying and telling Jenny herself instead of leaving it to someone else. Feelings were running high and strong.

Kurt since he had first asked Jenny to marry him had been carrying the ringbox in his pocket. He often toyed with it, having it out where she could see it, as a reminder that he still wanted to marry her and was not giving up. It became habit for him to have it in his hands. Most of the X-Men sort of pushed at Jenny that she should marry him, putting lots of pressure on her. That night while everyone was upset about Lacy, Kurt again had the ringbox in his hand. Jenny saw it and exploded. She knocked it out of his hand and shouted at him that they were NOT getting married. He, in turn, became equally upset and shouted back that they certainly WERE even if he had to drag her to the church to do it. Jenny indignantly drew back that she was not getting married in any church (she has issues with organized religions since they generally do not acknowledge mutants) and that their friend who was a priest could marry them anywhere. Just like that Kurt took it as a 'yes' and they were engaged (he had witnesses and was holding her to it). They immediately started planning the wedding as they wanted Lacy to able to be there.

When Kurt took Jenny home that night, Jenny and Lacy spent hours talking and discussing the wedding plans. But the stress of the day combined with forgetting to take her medicine was too much for Lacy. She died during the night. Having thought ahead for her child's well-being, she had left Jenny custody of Zelig, also hoping it would make a difference in Jenny's stance of not marrying Kurt. Once Jenny and Kurt were actually married Matt Murdock processed the adoption and Zelig became their child.

They never forgot Lacy and Zelig grew up knowing that his mother died for him and left him to Jenny and Kurt so he would grow up with good parents.

It was all very moving. I got many good reviews for the story.

Later, in short stories, Jenny finds an abandoned mutant baby near a dumpster and they basically kept her. Zelig helped pick her name with Scott's assistance, they chose Liese because the name has a similar meaning to his own and is also German. He informed them "It means 'beloved by God', and God must have loved her a lot to give her to us because we want her when her mom and dad didn't." He was six years old at the time, Jenny and Kurt thought it appropriate too.

When he was thirteen and had already manifested, he was at that time enrolled at Xavier's and excited to be dorming there; Liese was almost seven. Mystique shape-shifted into a little girl and befriended Liese who didn't have many friends since she herself was green-scaled with red hair and amber eyes; Liese was mutated suitably for the ocean with gils and able to withstand pressure of deep water (I suppose this means she would have enhanced strength but never got into that). Jenny and Kurt were happy their lonely daughter had a friend and complied with frequent requests for "Michelle" to stay the night. One night after many snacks, "Michelle" was 'sick' from overindulging. Liese went running for her Mommy and Daddy to help her and Kurt found Mystique in the bathroom instead of the child he expected.

Kurt then immediately, while Mystique was occupied throwing up from morning sickness (which as every woman who has been pregnant will tell you doesn't just happen in the morning), ordered Jenny to take Liese out of the house and called for back up. Jenny did intend to do what he said, but she ended up going into the bathroom (totally enraging Kurt in the process once he found out). It should be known that Jenny hated Mystique for abandoning and attempting to kill Kurt as a baby. In between bouts of throwing up, Mystique informed Jenny that she was pregnant.

They did confirm Mystique's pregnancy at the mansion later. A large conference was held wherein Mystique informed them that she had inviegled her way into their home to determine for herself that they were indeed the parents she wanted for her child (supposing she wanted to avoid another Greydon Creed episode). Mystique further revealed she had impersonated a substitute teacher of Zelig's while he had been going to public school, now involving Zelig in the conflict. At first Kurt didn't care that Mystique was pregnant and wanted her away from his family. Jenny however understood he might later feel guilty for not helping his own brother or sister when he'd had the chance. In general, the meeting turned into a question of trusting Mystique and helping her child. Once Zelig offered to come back home to help take care of the baby, they agreed to take the baby in as they realized what kind of son they had raised that he would make such an offer. So Zelig and Liese ended up with a new baby brother named Simon (assume Mystique named him that for reasons of her own).

This is where my more 'mainstream' stories related to Zelig end. However in another alternate future story, he has grown up. In that one, Kurt and Liese died in a car crash (hit by a bus since I love having X-Men die by mundane causes, and Liese had to die because the reason Kurt didn't teleport out of the car in time was that he was trying to get to her in the back seat) before Simon was concieved. Jenny has been grieving ever since. Zelig in the meantime is basically Scott Summer's underling and some-day-when-he-actually-retires successor to leader of the X-Men. When he first started dorming at the school, he developed a crush on a beautiful yellow skinned girl named Sunshine, who left the school the next year. She recently moved back to West Chester and opened a florist shop. Zelig finds many opportunities to buy flowers for his mother and all the X-women just so he can go in and see her, perhaps flirt, and again get turned down for coffee or a date. That's as far as that story has gone but he will not give up. Eventually he will win Sunshine over and make her happy, whether she likes it or not. He is a very determined and capable young man.

Zelig's powers are a stronger version of his father's, Danny's. He can create a very strong forcefield which he is capable of expanding to cover others over a limited range. With the forcefield up, he can use it offensively to augment physical fighting, able to enhance his strength with it, as well as use it to 'push' and 'shove' his opponents. Personality-wise, he is usually very serious when it comes to his work, willing to do the paperwork Scott abhors, and is surprising in his playfulness since it isn't seen often as he is so involved in school and X-Men business. Rob and Kenny are fine with him taking over from Scott as they have dreams of being secret agents, they are twelve and thirteen respectively to his twenty. The story currently leaves off with Zelig working with Rogue's son Rey to determine his capabilities and limits after he has just manifested. I imagine that  Zelig keeps a picture of his birth parents in a frame beside Jenny and Kurt's wedding picture in his room at the mansion.

I know that was long but it is a shortened version of Zelig's ENTIRE history.
25  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / dizi's Zelig, aka Firewall on: May 24, 2008, 12:40:24 am
Zelig Daniel Wagner, aka Firewall

And here is a character close to my heart. Zelig was my first X-kid. He first showed up in a story of mine called "Human and the Demon" and is the adopted son of Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler and my original character Jenny. He was actually born in chapter 17. Several chapters at the end of "Demon's Kind" deal with the Wagner's as a family, including them getting Liese and Simon. The more adult version of him is in "What Might Have Been", he shows up in chapter 2 and is more involved from chapter 4 on through the rest (but that story is not yet completed).

I had intended to put his history here but it turned out to be too long, way too long. So it will be after the initial post, but I will put a brief description.

Zelig Daniel Wagner is the adopted child of Nightcrawler and my original character Jenny. As a baby he was most likely attracted to those red glasses of Cyclops. Whatever started it, as he grew up if he didn't go to his parents for assistance with some problem, he went to his 'Uncle Scott'. They were pretty tight and Zelig tried to emulate him to the point that Wolverine called him Scott's "mini-me". It came to a point that it was understood (before it became official) that Zelig would one day take over the running of the X-Men from Cyclops.

In the contest, he ended up in a leadership position much sooner than expected. You can read about his part in the contest here and a further explanation of him and the other characters here. For the sim I did my best to make the strain of this show on his face as much as possible.

Skin- Pooklet's "Compulsion" at Garden of Shadows. Included.
Eyes- Echo66 at MTS, 'Gravel' color of her Mixed Eye Set. Included.
Hair- MYOS at SimsArtistUnion, this one. Included.
Brows-Helaene, 'eva brows', might be on the graveyard as they are no longer on her site, or maybe MTS. Included.
Blush-'Eyelids' by AtomicSpaceKitty (no longer listed for download). Included.
Blush-'Hollow of the Cheek' by AtomicSpaceKitty (no longer listed for download). Included.
Blush-'Mid' male face (makeup under blushes) by Louis@Simcribbing. Included.
Eyeshadow-unnamed male makeup (couldn't find the original download location) by Louis@Simcribbing. Included.
Eyeliner-'Ephemera Asian style Lashes' by teru_k. Included.
Lipstick-'Just Lips-Mid' by AtomicSpaceKitty. Included.
Face Makeup-'Wrinkles' mask, no identification, I think it's layerable (to give that worn and hardened appearance). Included.

(Goodness! He's got more makeup than my female sims. But it was all for that battle hardened look.)

Zelig's clothes are again a combination created from two of SynapticSim's here (I think) and here. The 'X' is actually from the Wolverine and I pasted it onto the costume from the other set after altering the color a little. I think they look good together but what I was looking for was to have that yellow edging on the blue uniform. I thought about going red for "Firewall" (you know, 'red' = 'fire') but it didn't seem to fit him so I kept with a more traditional X-Men blue and gold. His idol is Cyclops afterall, and he wears those colors, soooooo... Anyway, the clothes use The Lean Bodybuilder Mesh by SynapticSim, Marvine, and Beosboxboy.

Personally, I like these glasses by elau on him too. They are not included and are entirely optional but I think they kinda complete his look. I left them off in the contest for some reason. Not sure why, but at the last minute I decided to not put them on him. I generally imagine him in some kind of dorky glasses though whenever I've pictured him as an adult in regular clothes from one of my stories.

However, I did want everyone to see what he regularly looks like, so I am also uploading a 'normal' version of him.

Skin- Pooklet's "Compulsion" at Garden of Shadows. Included.
Eyes- Echo66 at MTS, 'Gravel' color of her Mixed Eye Set. Included.
Hair-by tlkaska at TSR (free download), located here. NOT INCLUDED (packaged with Maxis basegame hair)
Brows-Helaene, 'eva brows', might be on the graveyard as they are no longer on her site, or maybe MTS.
Blush-'Eyelids' by AtomicSpaceKitty (no longer listed for download). Included.
Blush-'Mid' male face (makeup under blushes) by Louis@Simcribbing. Included.
Eyeliner-'Ephemera Asian style Lashes' by teru_k. Included.
Face Makeup-none
Clothes-same as the 'Firewall' verson.

As a bonus, I am also uploading Jenny. I just didn't feel right leaving her out.

Jenny likes to cook and clean. She is very motherly. Jenny is also a normal human. She's just very open and accepting. Jenny fell almost immediately for Kurt, and it didn't take long for him to follow. Soon after she met him, she added a lot of blue clothing to her wardrobe.

Skin- Pooklet's "Compulsion" at Garden of Shadows. Included.
eyes-Echo66 at MTS, "Graveyard Gold" (which is actually a brown color). Included.
hair-pictured with BigBadShar's ponytail which you can find here on TSR, which I just think it suits her. NOT INCLUDED (she comes packaged with Maxis basegame hair).
brows-unknown artist, just says "brownbrows". Included
eyeshadow-Barcelonista, not sure which it is since not identified except by artist. Included.
eyeliner-same, but I think its part of this set on justsims2
clothing is Maxis base game

Both Jenny and Zelig, like I said, are close to my heart. Jenny was my first original character from my fanfiction and she has a large following. Please enjoy them, do what you like with them just give credit where credit is due.

26  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / dizi's Sunshine on: May 22, 2008, 09:50:53 pm
Hadn't gotten around to that one. I'll start it next. Thanks, Gaymuffin!
27  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / dizi's Joy on: May 21, 2008, 07:34:17 am
Yeah, you don't come back from cancer. Could do a clone thing but that would be pushing it after the Cyclops clone...

No, she died for a reason. But its only in one story and I have a disclaimer.

EDIT: btw, the background? That's my "Wolverine's Cabin in the Woods", you know, his place up north. Figured it would be like a second home for the girls. It's the same lot I used for the Bonus round. Just thought I'd mention it.
28  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / dizi's Joy on: May 21, 2008, 12:40:43 am

Hi, all! Once again I have a character from one of my fanfiction stories. Today we have the daughter of Wolveine and Jubilee. (Yes, I am a W&J shipper, deal with it.) One Joyous Lee-Logan (Get it? "Joyously" Logan, hehehe).

In the story, she is the oldest of four daughters being raised by Wolverine as a single father. Jubilee died of cancer shortly after the youngest was born so Joy is the only one of them to really remember her. She misses Jubilee and having a mother. Because of this she... acted out. To the point that Logan threatened to send her away to Xavier's, though he didn't really mean it, without realizing that was precisely what she wanted. Whenever the girls visited the school, Jean and Scott (who at that time is running the school) fawned over them because they only have boys and both wanted at least one daughter. So Joy wanted to go to the school to be closer to Jean, a good mother figure. (It should be said that Scott and Jean's sons, Rob and Kenny, both have HUGE crushes on Joy.)

Of course, Joy couldn't simply tell Logan that she wanted to go to the school, that would be far too unrealistic for a teenager to speak reasonably to their parent. Oh no, she had to get herself suspended numerous times and expelled three times before asking Jean to speak to him about letting her go to the school. Nobody associated--or especially related--to Wolverine can do something the easy way.
Just to add a twist, remember this is WOLVERINE raising four daughters on his OWN. His girls were not going to be pieces of fluff or victims by anyone's standard, certainly not HIS. So after Jubilee died, he began raising them the only he knew how: he started training them. Logan wound up with the best trained cute little girls there ever was. They also became a little... bloodthirsty. Quick to defend anyone they percieve as 'weak', outgoing, and able to break bones without trying hard is not always a good combination. None of them are to be picked on without serious damage being done. He takes pride in that as well as despairs because of it. We're talking about children afterall, they don't always know where to draw the line. He has not succeeded in teaching them moderation, though their strategy is coming along.

Now, picture all of this in a surly rebellious teenage girl package. A girl with Wolverine's healing-factor, his enhanced senses, his bone claws (stubby and still growing), and better training than most S.H.I.E.L.D. agents get. That was what Logan had to deal with in Joy as a teenager. Not fun.

Since this is the grown-up version I've got here, just take all that to the next level. Beautiful with a bad attitude. Don't tick her off. Joy is tempermental and quick to use her early training. A dangerous woman to deal with. A woman fully able and willing to defend those she cares about to the extreme.

If you would like to read the introduction to MY X-Men universe of this version of the Logan family (I think of the first part of this chaper as "The Trials and Tribulations of Wolverine as a Single Father"), you can do so here. Joy was also used as a main character in SynapticSim and Dracine's "Children of the X-Men" contest, so you can read about her here and here.

I suppose you didn't have to know so much about Joy and her sisters. But it's kinda fun to learn about them, huh? I didn't really have anything in mind when making her or them except to give Woverine a hard time. Seriously, he deserves it. Joy's role just grew. I have plans for her, though in the story she's still a teenager.

As for the sim...

Skin- Pooklet's "Compulsion" at Garden of Shadows. Included.
Hair- Pigtail Prep by Liegenschonheit at Digital Perversion. Included.
Brows- by Helaene, possibly in the graveyard as no longer on her site, the August brows. Included
Blush- none (didn't find it necessary)
Eyeshadow- none (ditto)
Eyeliner- Helaene's 'june-lashes-black', see above. Included.
Lipstick- Bruno, part of the "Chiqui, a Latina Beauty" package. Included

Clothing, now, that's something else. Joy got a whole set of clothes because I couldn't decide which I wanted to use for her. I first recolored Monet's costume from here, making it a darker red. Then I did the same with one of these (not sure which). Added parts from both to make several different uniforms. They all use Marvine & Beosboxboy's mesh which is included thanks to their wonderful policy (thank you very much!). There are four different clothes for her, all in a separate download but one with the sim (I couldn't remember which was which). BTW, used this mesh deliberately due to the more platform style shoes as Joy is a little short in the story and would need the height (she IS the daughter of Wolverine and Jubilee, they are both height challenged).

(The hair in the pictures above is from Seasons.)

This is what you get. Currently, I don't have a teen version but if people want me to make one, I will.

Have fun with Joy, do what you like with her. Just please don't re-upload her without giving me and all the other creator's whose work went into this credit.
29  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / Squirrel Girl on: May 20, 2008, 11:59:35 pm
She's so fun! I love her!
Great job!
30  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Custom Sims / dizi's Sunshine on: May 19, 2008, 09:24:58 am
You mean for a story or something? Sure whatever you want. Now if were a written story such as for ffn or some other fanfiction site, we'd have to discuss it further. But anything you want to do Sims2-wise is fine, even in story form.
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