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1  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 8 - The Re-Union on: September 09, 2011, 01:43:17 am

Everyone in BelleVue hospital was alarmed as they saw the Teppers running from this side of the hospital to the other looking for someone.
Where is my son?” gasped the parents, while the young girl following them seemed to be the only one in control. But since, everyone knew the Tepper family well; no one seemed to be bothered about their over-reactions.
“Mom! Dad! We should rather go to the information desk shouldn’t we?” suggested Alexis Tepper, and she was already feeling embarrassed.
“Yes, that’s a good idea,” agreed Jacob Tepper, as they ran towards the information desk.
“Hey you!” exclaimed Gwen Tepper, “Where is my son? We know he is here, we demand to see him now.”
The receptionist was a bit flabbergasted and then looking at the panting Tepper family, she knew whom they were talking about.
“Yes, he’s on the second floor; ask for Dr. Smith,” informed the receptionist, “She’ll take you to him.”
When they reached the second floor Dr. Smith was already waiting for them near the elevator and she greeted them.
“He is in a very good shape now,” informed Dr. Smith, taking them towards the room, “But he’s suffering from amnesia, he doesn’t remember the gap years in his life. We won’t try to get those memories back with some voluntary hypnotherapy till he’s fully adapted to his present environment.”
“I heard that’s a painful process,” choked Gwen Tepper, already starting to cry, “I would not want my son to be in any more pain, do you understand?

Dr. Smith was a bit taken aback, but Alexis said, “Mom, she’s letting us know about the options we can choose.”
“We’re here,” announced Dr. Smith and showed them into the room.
Ohhhhh!” gasped Gwen extremely loudly.
Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Jacob, as they all stared in disbelief at their son Maxwell, who had disappeared almost seven years before.
“Does he remember who we are?” whispered Gwen, and then to Max she asked, “We are your biological parents, pumpkin. Do you remember us?” and she asked the last part using sign language.
“My memory’s gone, mom, not my hearing,” said Maxwell, smiled, “And I do remember you all.”
Gwen shrieked and started to cry on Jacob’s shoulder as they all looked at Max sitting there, in person and alive, after seven long years.
“So, when can we take him home with us?” asked Alexis.
“Well...the Sheriff would like to take him home by himself,” replied Dr. Smith, “I believe he’ll be free to go by tomorrow.”
“But why didn’t anyone tell us about him till now?” asked Alexis, “I believe he’s been here for two weeks, right?”
Dr. Smith became a bit uneasy but she reluctantly answered, “People don’t come back when they go missing around these parts. We had to make sure he was without any disease or mutations.”
“So you are saying you tested him like a guinea pig, before letting him out in the world?” retorted Alexis angrily, and her father tried to calm her down.
“We had to follow the safety protocol we have for these cases. And now please, excuse me; I’ve other patients to attend. Feel free to talk to your son, while you are here.”
2  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 7 - The Love-Birds on: September 01, 2011, 08:00:18 am

It was a bit annoying for everyone in the Misty-Ice bistro to talk or listen to one another....the girls at the basketball court were a bit too loud.
Some were not surprised to see the girls cheering for the guy in pink vest, although it was just a one-on-one game.
Evan Price was definitely the heartthrob of many girls in the university and it was his detached nature which made him even more desirable. He was not interested in anything that would attract attention to him, despite the fact that he did attract attention with his looks.

And on a fine Sunday as he was playing with a friend, these girls out of nowhere zoomed towards the basketball court and started to cheer for him. Although they were not the only ones who were watching the game.
“And that goes into the loop....YEAH!” yelled Evan, as he scored and won the game. The girls started to yell and one of the girls spilled coffee on her dress.

“Yeah, yeah! Har, Har!” muttered Ingrid Fenig, as she continued to smoke her cigarette, “Evan wins! Evan wins! Now let’s jump on him girls!”
“Shut up, Seze,” said Evan, wiping his face, and then turned to his best friend, “Why can’t anything interest you in the least? You can smile, it doesn't cost anything.”
“Cause it burns the electricity of my system,” barked Seze, maliciously, “BTW, divert your attention...Mr. New-Boyfriend.”
Evan turned around and saw her.

Gemma Nixon was walking right across the street with her mother Dr. Hope Nixon, who is a senior research scientist at Fringe Science Corporation. Gemma had not noticed Evan initially, but the shouts of the girls around Evan drew her attention and their eyes met.
Gemma smiled vibrantly at him and Evan returned a wide smile back at her.
“I don’t understand why do you have to keep it so hush-hush,” asked Seze, still smoking, “I know she isn’t exactly the hot type and superliciously geeky, but I don’t think you have considered those features at all, otherwise, this wouldn’t be happening.”
“Her mom’s the biggest b*tch I have ever come across,” replied Evan, irritated, “That’s why she wants to keep it a secret, not me.”

“It’s been two weeks, right?” asked Seze, “And have you...?”
“Shut up, Seze,” whispered Evan, as his partner in game left and the girls, who were till now cheering for no reason, decided to get to him.
“Hehe,” mocked Seze, putting out her cigarette, as the girls chirped around Evan, praising him for being such a Godly player and Evan looked distressed and grimaced at Seze.
3  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 6 - Seven Years on: August 24, 2011, 11:21:33 pm

Max was just at the edge of the forest and he could see Old Norman’s barnyard right in front of him. He felt glad that at least he would get a ride back home.
He knew his parents must be over-panicking because of his disappearance. And knowing them....he felt he did not want to return home. He did not want to return to his weird parents....who did not leave a single moment to not to embarrass themselves and him in front of his friends.
But again, he needs to settle this issue with Dustin Walsh and he still felt very angry about this whole situation.
Max jumped over the fence and entered Old Norman’s barnyard. He looked around....Old Norman had redecorated the whole farm. He remembered the barn to be reddish earlier....but he was not very sure. His memories felt a little vague....

“Old man! You shouldn’t do all this pushing now,” snapped Tessa Norman, watching her husband, trying in vain to push the useless truck into the barn, “It’ll break all your bones, you old buffoon!”
“ARGH!” yelled Old Norman, “This truck is heavy....”
“I’m going to call Jimmy and ask him to bring his towing truck to take this piece of metal junk to scrapyard,” said Tessa, grumpily walking towards the house, “I’ve had enough of this pathetic wreck of a car.”
“No, wait, Tess....”
Suddenly, their dogs started to bark loudly.
“You see, even Hattori and Hachi don’t want you to protect that junk anymore.”
But the dogs jumped over the fence and started to run towards the backyard, still barking.
“Now what’s wrong with the dogs?” asked Tessa, impatiently.
Old Norman stood to see properly as to what had happened to agitate the dogs.
Goodness Tess! There’s a man in the backyard,” exclaimed Old Norman, as he sprinted towards the backyard.
What? Oh my god!” shrieked Tessa, and followed her husband.
They saw a red-haired man on the ground, surrounded by their dogs, and Hattori was sniffing him quite excitedly, while Hachi was unsure of what to do.

“Young man! You’ve no right to be here,” yelled Old Norman, and he noticed Max’s torn clothes and the visible wounds from the distance, “Oh my, my! Tessa, he’s hurt I think.”
As they came closer, they saw Hattori was crooning around the young was surprising because Hattori usually does not like strangers.
“By Gods of Seven seas!” shrieked Tessa as they saw Maxwell, “Isn’t it Maxwell Tepper?
“I can’t believe this. The red hair and blue eyes, just like Jacob’s, but it can’t be him, right?” agreed Old Norman.
Hello!” mocked Max, sarcastically, “I’m Maxwell Tepper.”
“Boy, are you alright?” asked Tessa, timidly, “Do you remember us?”
“Uhh! Why wouldn’t I?” said Max, a bit impatiently, “I just woke up in the forest like this....and I didn’t know where else to go for help. can I get a ride back home?”
“Gosh! You’ve grown so much, Max,” said Old Norman, looking at him, “But he still has his father’s looks, doesn’t he?”
Tessa nodded sympathetically at Maxwell and stroked his hair a bit.

“Where were you all this time, boy?” asked Old Norman, “Do you know what your parents have been going through?”
Max felt irritated at being interrogated while he felt weak, hungry and cold in his torn clothes. “I don’t know, like I said, I woke up in the forest few hours back. I remember Rudy’s party....”
“Oh my goodness! He doesn’t remember anything, Norman,” exclaimed Tessa, fretfully and looked at Max worriedly.
“Okay, guys, what’s happening here?” asked Max, directly, “Am I missing something? Because I can see you’ve recoloured the barn, which was red before and I don’t know the new dog here.”
The old couple looked at each other nervously and Old Norman said, “Maxwell, don’t you remember anything since the time you went missing from Rudy Keith’s house?”
“No, I don’t and that’s why and asking you,” said Max, edgily and the fear of the unknown suddenly gripped his mind.
“Do you know what year is this?”
The question had a massive impact on Max. His heart started to beat so fast suddenly that he felt it was going to explode.
“’ve been gone for seven years,” said Old Norman and Tessa continued, “Nobody had found your trace and you’ve been declared dead.”
4  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 5 - Worthington University on: August 19, 2011, 12:36:25 am
Worthington University is one of the best universities in Veronure. And its massive campus was just an hour’s drive from Lostread – so Lostread had become home to a lot of students and was also known as the “Youth Town”.

“I can’t believe you talked me into coming to uni so early in the morning,” yawned Joyce Pileggi, as they walked from the bus-stop, “I don’t even have to submit my Shakespeare essay until 3pm today.”
“You can look into the library for a few more points, no harm done,” replied Joyce’s best friend, Olivia Cusack, “I had to return these books today as well and you know how much I hate travelling alone anywhere.”
“Your supervisor is extremely weird calling you this early in the morning,” complained Joyce, “I had told you that this guy is super-creepy. He doesn’t have working hours for himself or for his students. I knew this guy from last year; he left Bouchez’s supervision because he wouldn’t let them have a proper social life.”
“That’s extremely stupid reason to leave such a notable and brilliant researcher,” said Olivia, as they entered the library.

OMG!” gasped Joyce, as soon as they reached the first floor. A blond guy was standing at a distance, drinking coffee and Joyce’s loudness made him notice them. Joyce felt incredibly awkward, but Olivia walked straight towards the bookshelf.
This is so awkward!” whispered Joyce, frantically, while Olivia started to stack away the books, “I can’t believe he’s in the library at this hour. I think he’s looking at us, Liv!”
And she glanced back a little and saw he was also glaring at them.
“Stop acting like a two-year old, Joy,” snapped Olivia, “It doesn’t matter if he looks at us or not. Tin-leg will think a thousand times before approaching any of us ever.”
Joyce still was clutching onto Olivia, while she stacked the books. And after she was done, Joyce was the first one to leave as quickly as possible.
“Listen, I need to go to the greenhouse now,” said Olivia, “Professor said he’s going to meet us there.”
“I’ve a headache, I need caffeine,” replied Joyce, feeling her forehead, “I’ll see you later.”
Seriously,” mocked Olivia, and hugged Joyce goodbye.

Olivia walked through the Stephen Royd building of the Botany department and saw in the archives section Zoya Veloso, a second-year PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Gabriel Bouchez, reading. Olivia walked towards her.
Hey Zoya! Good morning!” greeted Olivia, in Russian.
Zoya looked up and smiled. “Good morning, Olivia! How are you?” she replied in Russian, as she closed the book.
I am good, I just need to eat something then I will be great,” said Olivia, smiling.
Yes, I too did not have breakfast,” said Zoya, “Let’s go, the Professor said he would not hold us for long in there.”
I would kiss him right there,” said Olivia and laughed.

They went into the greenhouse in the Botany department, which was controlled entirely by a computer program, and saw Dr. Gabriel Bouchez was joyfully nodding and prodding a few plants which looked no less than cactus. He looked up at them and smiled vibrantly.
“Ah! My two favourite students! Come in! Come in!”
“Good Morning, Dr. Bouchez!” greeted Olivia and Zoya together. He smiled again in reply.
“Is this the plant you were talking about, Dr. Bouchez?” asked Zoya.
“Yes....yes indeed!” exclaimed Dr. Bouchez, “Nefarium titimarious, the plant which can change the human evolution. I have already sent some specimen to the FSC to test the extracted enzymes in the Blackmoore project. I hope they give me a positive reply, and trust me, all of us are going to become very famous then.”
Dr Bouchez seemed on the edge of exhilaration. Olivia knew that the Blackmoore was the most hushed-up project happening in FSC. She was certainly not sure about how FSC people would react to it when they would find out that a few civilians are aware of it as well.
5  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 4 - Where am I? on: August 14, 2011, 12:03:10 am

It was dark....rustling of leaves all around....the sunlight falling on the ground like spots of lights through the gaps in the foliage above....
There was movement beneath a bushy shrub....
Initially, his vision was unclear....even the dimly-lit forest seemed too bright for his eyes....his whole body was aching mildly....his left hand particularly....
He was facing towards the grassy ground, as he pushed himself up. He felt a little dizzy now and he looked around to see where he was. It was in the middle of the forest - covered with trees, shrubs.
Where the hell am I?” he thought to himself, extremely confused. He checked himself and saw that his clothes were torn and his body and hands were covered with bruises – some were serious.
What happened?” he thought to himself again, as he took a moment to remember what exactly could have happened. He noticed that his hair had grown long as he had to push away some hair from his eyes.
He was a bit worried now.

He remembered very well that he had hair-cut just a week it could not have grown back so quickly over such short time. And he felt his face....he had beard!
NO!” he screamed, horrified. He would never keep facial hair except for only light stubble....he always liked his look to be clean-shaved.
He looked at his clothes. But he was still wearing what he was wearing at Rudy’s house-party....except that they were tremendously torn.
What have you done now, Maxwell Tepper?” he asked himself loudly.
As he got up, a chilling breeze swept over him and he felt cold. He still felt a bit unsteady on his feet, and had no idea in which direction he should move. Now he started to notice the forest around him....the trees were very tall and birds were chirping, the insects were making noises and occasionally he could hear breaking of twigs or the rustling of leaves.
It still did not help him to know in which direction to move. His left hand was in pain, there were red patches on his left arm. Some of his wounds were still fresh, but he did not feel too weak because of them.

He started to walk, and was happy that his shoes were still intact.
“Could anybody have kidnapped me?” he thought to himself, “Or maybe someone chased me into the forest and beat me up and left me here to die?” Then he tried to remember who could have grudge against him. A few names came to his mind and one name stood out clearly – Dustin Walsh!
Maxwell felt angry and humiliated that Dustin could have done such thing to him – even though only he would have the perfect motive to do this. Maxwell was dating three girls then – keeping them away from each other and one of them was Beth Parker, Dustin’s childhood love. Dustin must have found about Maxwell’s affairs and....the rest is history!
When he lost track of time, he saw a clearing ahead of him....Maxwell felt excited as he paced up to get to the edge of the forest. He could hear running water....
He looked down and saw the river below him. He knew where he was now – in the forest of Sheridan. He should have guessed that long back.
“At least, Lostread is on the other side of the Missleloe River,” he said to himself, and felt safe, “I’ll come by Old Norman’s barn before and ask for a ride to town.”
And he started to walk around the bank of the river to find a place to cross over to the other side.
6  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 3 - The Threat on: August 10, 2011, 01:19:23 am

“I would like it if you did not smoke in here,” requested Dr. Karofsky.
The other man did not seem to hear him as he lighted the cigarette. After a few moments, he spoke.
“Do you have anything on the subject?”
Dr. Karofsky knew the personal visit from the CEO of Fringe Science Corporation must have a serious reason. He was apprehensive about this from the beginning.
“What should I make of your silence?” snapped Terence Malvacini, frustration edging in his tone.
“Mr. Malvacini, I am afraid my team is trying in vain to find the subject,” replied Dr. Karofsky, fretfully, “We had never anticipated this situation.”
“Well! That’s pretty obvious,” said Malvacini, maliciously, “If you didn’t have half your brain, Stephen, I would never have made your existence so prominent with your dreadful failures.”
Dr. Karofsky turned around angrily. “Are you threatening me?”

Malvacini smirked. “Would you like me to?
He walked around the table and said, “I thought my visit to you would be enough for you to work more efficiently. But I had been informed otherwise regarding the report you had me to me.”
Dr. Karofsky became tensed. A mole?
“What information have you come across, may I ask?” he asked of Malvacini.
Malvacini smiled and took a seat.
“Are you hiding something from me, Stephen?”
Malvacini was confident. Dr. Karofsky knew that he knew.
“I believe you know what you need to tell me, so carry on,” replied Dr. Karofsky, looking away. He winced a bit, as the room was filling up with smoke now.
“You reported that the subject was a vegetable when it escaped last month,” said Malvacini, “so how did he escape?”

“Like I had said, he had momentarily regained his consciousness...” answered Dr. Karofsky, but he was cut across.
“And he managed to break out of the metal chamber, then overpower the whole of your team along with the security and vanish so effectively?”
“What are you suggesting?” snapped Dr. Karofsky, angrily.
“I am suggesting that you were hiding your reports on this subject for a very long time, Stephen,” said Malvacini angrily, “I have reason to believe that subject Delta was not a vegetable, which you lied about so blatantly. Subject Delta showed positive response to the mutations and he developed symptoms, which helped him to escape your facility.”
Dr. Karofsky did not reply, so Malvacini continued.
“I want subject Delta at any cost, Stephen,” ordered Malvacini, “I have put a lot of my investors’ money in this project and I am not going to let the subject go out of my hand just because you’re so completely worthless.”
“So what do you...” started Dr. Karofsky, but Malcacini cut across him again, “I am putting Sting in charge of this place temporarily until the subject has been found. We’re lucky no one’s yet found him. And I’m not going to let anyone find him other than Sting.”
7  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 2 - For Remembrance! on: August 06, 2011, 10:04:58 am

The weather forecast said it was going to rain today. It was raining!
And she was kneeling over a belonged to her mother.
She felt sad that she could only visit her mother’s grave only once in a month. But she did not have any other choice.
She was settled in Lostread and it was far away from where her mother died.
It had been almost thirteen years since her death....but she remembered everything vividly.
She shivered.....she still wished that night was a nightmare which did not happen! But it did!

It was raining that night.....she was just coming downstairs to have dinner.....
The front door suddenly burst open.....she heard it and stopped.

There were a few men.....they were walking towards the kitchen.
She was certain that her mother had not heard it.....she must still be wearing the headphones.
The men would pass through below.....she peeped through the bars.....there were two man had a patch over his eye......
.......and the other one had a hidden gun inside his jacket.
Her father had told her once.....if someone carried a gun in their home other than him or police.....they are bad people!
She tiptoed upstairs to call the police....without having any idea what could have happened downstairs.
By the time she had dialled 900.....she heard two muffled shots downstairs.

The next thing she remembered was that police were all over their house.....and the nice lady police was holding her tightly and telling her that her mother was in critical condition.....
And she was carrying the memories of that night all these years.....probably that is why she did not get upset when her father left her everything and vanished.....she had become stronger.
She was eighteen then and very grown-up compared to any eighteen year old girls.....

Suddenly there was an audible rustling behind her....
She became conscious of her surrounding.....she did not want herself to be seen in the graveyard.
She left.
8  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Chapter 1 - Keep your Enemies dead! on: August 04, 2011, 01:15:52 am
simssuperfan - I am glad that you are liking it already! and here is Chapter 1..... Smiley

He was running as fast as he could.....
But his assailant seemed to be catching up with him very quickly.
It was dark.....but the damned street lights were giving his position away.....not that the darkness would have helped him at all.
He wondered why....why did he have to do it? Obviously he had no idea the situation would rebound upon him. It was not one of the nights when he could get away he would do in his line of work.
He ran and he ran away.....he took at turn around the playground.....
“There's the wall!”
Feeling safer, he tried to get on to the wall and over.....
But as the night was turning out to be.....he slipped and fell on the ground. Not one of his lucky nights!

His assailant was almost behind him as he took another chance at getting over the his safety!
He failed again.
He turned around.....he could see the gun reflecting in the streetlight.
He knew he had no other way.
“PLEASE! PLEA.....!” he choked and coughed as his throat became dry in fear, and his assailant cocked the gun.
“NOOOOO!” he screamed, almost begging for his life, “Please let me go! I...I won’t tell Galt anything...I won’t I promise!”

“I can’t believe I am seeing you like this,” smirked his assailant, “You seemed to manly to me before. You pathetic loser!
“Please....I beg of you! Please leave me.”
“Well! I’ve been here too long to know something, you know, what that is?” continued his assailant mockingly.
There was silence....expect for his heavy breathing out of fear.
Keep your enemies dead.
9  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Prologue - The town of Lostread on: August 02, 2011, 10:15:30 pm

The town of Lostread is home to the chief research facility of Fringe Science Corporation or FSC – the most scientifically renowned corporation, in the country of Veronure – a powerful country in the world - dealing with enhanced scientific researches chiefly in genetic experiments. But that is only one of the massive fields of their work.

But it is not the only thing that makes Lostread infamous - crime rate is so high that supposedly police cars do not patrol some areas at night. The disappearances linked to Lostread are so common and misleading that once someone goes missing within a week....they are considered dead - unless the missing ones return, which is cent percent hypothetical. Even though, Silverdawn, the capital of Veronure, is very close to has long been proven that being so close has been the reason for Lostread’s increased criminal activity. As the police chief in Silverdawn had once said – “What we do here in turn casts a dark shadow over Lostread.”

So, moral of the day – it is better not to live in Lostread or Silverdawn....rather in Veronure, if one has some love for peaceful life!
10  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Cats among Pigeons (Action/Drama/Suspense) Chap 8- The Re-Union on: August 02, 2011, 11:31:03 am
Hello to all!! Smiley ....I have been working on a sims 2 story for a while....I liked the way it has turned out, so I am sharing it with all of you....I hope you like it....all comments are appreciated!!!!  cool

And here is a poster I made for the story!!!  Grin

11  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Re: Euphoria on: May 23, 2011, 11:49:39 pm
This is so excellent!!!!!!!  YAY
12  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / ~Stranger~: :~ Discontinued on: April 11, 2010, 01:27:08 am
Hi to all 'Strangers' readers!!!!!!

I know it has been a while since I had updated the story, but I don't think I can do it anymore. I don't have time to play the game anymore, but I really wanted to share the complete story with you. Embarrassed

I am so so sorry for leaving you hanging on the edge. Sad

Thanks to all my story readers, for keeping faith in the story!!! I hope my story did not bore you at any point of time... cool

P.S. - If I happen to start another story, I will probably continue in this thread!
13  Simmers' Paradise / Sims 2 Pictures / Re: Sim's Of The Darkside...Post Here! on: March 31, 2010, 04:47:45 pm
Shawn Yates - Mutant

Dr. Gem Gordon - Mutant

Eve Hume - Mutant

14  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Re: Her World Upended on: March 29, 2010, 05:20:36 am
Very interesting poses... Grin!!! looking forward to the next update Cheesy
15  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Re: ~Stranger~: :~ Chapter 11 UP on: March 22, 2010, 08:21:22 am
Zorom: Yes, she is a stranger....but just wait & watch why she is a stranger & what had happened to her that she lost her memory...dark times will be coming into her life again.... cool
Kyle: I'm glad that you like my story like the Big tangled webs will clarify soon...!!! cool
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