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Question: Do you want to play without this mod?
Yes - 52 (21.1%)
No - 162 (65.9%)
Maybe - 32 (13%)
Total Voters: 179

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Author Topic: InSiminator Mod for Sims3  (Read 94905 times)
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« Reply #60 on: June 13, 2009, 12:29:02 pm »

There's a few good mods that have been made already.  Nothing like the InSiminator, but the game hasn't been out for long.  I'm not sure if the mods created will have to be kept secret.  There's a lot of sites that have links to the mods, and EA could probably find them all within 5-10 minutes.  Even if EA isn't supporting mods being created it doesn't look like they're doing anything to stop it.

Maybe they're biding their time. It wouldn't be the first company and not the first time this happens - but then they come down with a vengeance to set an example. Right now they're busy patting themselves on the shoulders, but I'm pretty sure their legal departments are already weighing their options.

sorry...but they have no legal recourse.

the only legal recourse would be if someone made mods for a profit. 
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« Reply #61 on: June 13, 2009, 12:35:18 pm »

Thing is, the man that made the original mod turned out to be a skuzz bag along with his wife. It's offered here but not supported. We have the name because when we revolted against Walt, the people of this community stood behind us and supported us the whole way, they didn't want to see this site and the people in it being used to make money. We, as a whole, are the community of that former website and as such, have the right to use the name because without us, those people were up crap creek without a paddle, canoe or even the damn creek.

More than anyone, the people that donated to keep that site running back then have bought the damn name, because they gave over and above what was needed to keep them running. Plenty of them are still here, still members of this community. Thing is, there won't be an "InSIM" mod made for the new game because no one on this staff wishes to use that name for it, more than likely. For many of us, that name is tainted because of the scam that got pulled.

There could be a similar package of mods that come out for the new game, but it more than likely won't bear the name. That was used for the Sims 2 game, not Sims 3. These days, the name InSimenator refers to the community that inhabits this site. So, that being said, thread closed, thank you for participating.

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