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Author Topic: Baby outfit that isn't a skin  (Read 2676 times)
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« on: June 13, 2009, 01:14:11 pm »

Ok, I found this years ago at a pay site and loved it so much I paid for the required month just to get it. It was a mod that put babies in a sleeper that was a conversion of the toddler sleeper. The site was a pay site, and it had a lot of other great baby items (it actually seemed to focus only on baby/toddler/children items) but this sleeper was so awesomely done. If you bathed your baby the clothes came off (it worked like the maxis diaper). I don't know if the site is even around anymore but I would love that little sleeper again. The site had it pink, blue and yellow just like the toddler ones, but you could only have one in game at a time. Has any one else seen this mod or recognize the site? I lost it in a recent computer crash it is one of the pay items I didn't save on my jump drive.
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« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2009, 05:05:11 pm »

Maybe - that site is free now.
It could also have been simsquirts, but they closed down a long time ago. You can find some stuff at the booty and at the graveyard - but I've only succeded in finding a few of the infant outfits (in the december set 2006).
I couldn't find the maxis outfits among those - but if you really want the maxis toddler pajamas as infant outfits, all you have to do is ask me Wink

You can also get infant clothing in Bloom's mesh AND guest section here at Insim, and at my site.
I've done a lot of maxis match infant clothes, and a huge bunch of pajamas, dresses, everyday, outerwear, christmas, blankets, onesies, suits, hospital outfits, preemie clothing, medieval/leaf clothing, diapers, and I'm even working on some beachwear and some halloween/carnival costumes - so you might find something you like there Smiley

Tenshii made some infant blankets (almost similar to the sims3 infant blankets - but better, since they're recolorable Wink), which you can find all through the mixed outfits section. (There are also some recolors, and other infant outfits by me and simaholic there)

There's also some at (here, Here, here, here), and also at (under hacks-->default overrides).

You can also find a lot at - under clothing --> female OR male infant (plus the panda set, page 2, in micsellaneous). All of these, plus the ones I found at simsquirts, were my favourite outfits until I learned to make my own Smiley

There are even some at TSR. (and I almost forgot these)

Also, Bloom has default override hair for infants (which doesn't come off in wash, but are changeable like the outfits):
straight blonde hair with Bow
straight hair, other colors
Brown, blonde, black, red straight hair, no bow
Curly hair with/without bows
and if you want bow recolors of Bloom's curly hair, or a less red version of the curly blonde hair - my site here (requires log-in)

(oh, and I take requests for infant clothing, as long as they can fit on any of the excisting meshes - and possibly also simple recolors of the hair Smiley)

So now infants has a HUGE wardrobe. Too bad you can only use one outfit at a time... unless you use the skintone changers by simaholic, of course.
They are Here, here, here and here.
(I've figured out how to use them together with other infant meshes, so all I have to do now, is to learn how to change names on everything and make pie menus in SimPE - and then I'll make some, too Smiley

There's probably more too - but these were all I could think of right now.

I'm also learning meshing, and how to get things ingame, so as soon as I'm done figuring out everything, I'm gonna start make my own meshes (and I've got LOADS of ideas Wink)
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« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2009, 08:52:38 pm »

Thank you, it was Eclectic Sims. I appriciate it and thanks for the offer to do the conversion. 
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