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Author Topic: Cordelia Chase from Buffy the Vampire Slayer  (Read 18144 times)
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« Reply #15 on: October 02, 2010, 05:29:36 pm »

I just pointed out some things that might help you if you wanted to make the face sculpt closer to the celebrity, and I'm sure that's what Lizzy meant, too. Your version do look like Cordelia, Dizzygo, but with a few small changes, it could look even more like her.

I myself keep far away from trying to make sims look like someone, because face sculpting just isn't my thing (if I want to make a special sim, I do like Joy, finishing the face sculpt first, and then add makeup or skin details later). I do however have a sharp eye for details. Not always for my own things, though, as it's easy to be blind for the things that other people see instantly - especially if you've been working for a long time on something. That's why I tend to post in-work pictures of my stuff, especially if it's a request, since other people might spot things I don't see.

Constructive criticism is a way to learn how to become better at something, and even learn new ways to do it. But like Joy says, it's your choice whether to take the advice or leave it be.

Yes exactly! I wasn't trying to bash anyone for giving me constructive criticism; i understand that your trying to help me and i thank you for that because even after years of making sims i am still learning, i was just saying my reasons for making her the way i did; i personally don't see much wrong with her since i've studies faces through drawing and eventually simming; but maybe in the future i might think differently Smiley. Aside from the fact that there are things that i could do to change her, i'm happy with the outcome and people can alter her in their game if they wish, (PLEASE DON'T UPLOAD THOSE ALTERATIONS OF THE SIM ON TO ANY WEBSITE!  Cry3).

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« Reply #16 on: October 03, 2010, 03:34:22 am »

Hello dizzy again. In fact myself used facekit stuff at the beginning when I started to replay the Sims 2 by 2008. But it's a matter of taste as well. Since I sorted all from my Bodyshop subfolder in Downloads I hope to grab nice skintones and separate make up, etc. I don't like photoskinned skintones with already eyebrows, blush. I like to have my own choice for customising a Sim's face. It might take me some time but I like to create Sims.

Anyway for your enjoyement I got Charisma Carpenter for download and a new Sim, called Betty at my blog :

BTW apart from just celeb Sims, we all have our on style for Sims, just like drawing (I'm also drawing). My daughter's Sims - most inspired from mangas - has her own style for creating Sims and she doesn't change it. My very first Sims wow, I got to say were ugly but back in 2005 I found them great and I didn't have much CC.

Also in regard to my Charisma Carpenter Sim, I created her from the random female Maxis Sim appearing in BodyShop and chose the first Maxis Sim template to resculpt.
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