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Author Topic: Path of the Shinobi  (Read 6492 times)
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« on: December 28, 2010, 12:22:06 am »

For those who care, I did have another sims story titled: Overwhelmed, but my laptop ccrashed and I lost everything, including the characters in the story, their house, all my custom content, ect. So after almost a year I got a new laptop. I may continue that story someday but right now, it'd be a pain in the @$$ to do the characters' whole town over again so for now, consider it canceled. Now, on to my new story. One that's a lot more interesting than the last, or at least I think it is. So, without further ado, let's get it started...

NINJA - A mercenary or warrior who is trained in the art of ninjutsu, or a Japanese martial-arts style which involves stealth, speed, mastery of various weapons and poisons, efficient and deadly combat tactics

SHINOBI - A high level ninja, highly trained in the art of stealth. Roughly translates into "Walker of Shadows" or "Warrior of the Night." These ninja were considered to be very powerful in both body and spirit.

The way of the ninja doesn't completely belong to Japan. It may have been its country of origin but over time it spread until it became practiced all around the world. Unfortunately, this lead to competition between countries. 50 years after the spread of Ninjutsu, other countries would regularly try to outdo one another in the art of ninjutsu through contests, tournaments, even assassinations. But that was all nothing compared to the Great War. For five years, countries all around the world waged wars against each other, in their own towns, killing many innocent civilians in the process. No one, not even children, were spared from the bloodshed.

Enraged by how his art had become abused by his fellow human beings, Shinji Akita, the first ninja, created a jutsu that would seal away the part of a person's soul that allowed them to use Ninjutsu. Today, this jutsu is known as the "X-Seal". Akita used this jutsu to rid the world of ninjas forever, draining his life force in the process. Before he died, Akita decided he wanted to leave behind some kind of legacy so he chose four clans, or families, in every country and lifted the seal off of them, allowing them, and only them, to continue on the path of the shinobi.

300 years later......

My name is Kyle River, I'm 13 years old, and I'm a modern day ninja. The River family was one of four American clans, chosen by Shinji Akita, to carry on the Shinobi tradition, because of our decision to stay out of the Great War and for our mastery of Water styled Ninjutsu. Aside from being a highly trained killer(Yes, I've killed somebody before but it's not really something I like to talk about), I'm actually a pretty normal kid. I go to school, I play video games, I have friends, chores, a Facebook, everything a normal teenager has. In fact if I didn't wear my headband, people wouldn't even know I'm a ninja. I don't wear it try and get attention or respect, like a lot of my relatives do, I just like to show pride in my family.

This is my house. Not all Ninjas live in houses like fact, out of all the other Ninja clans I've met, mine is the only one to not have a normal house. My Grandpa is really traditional and in touch with his ninja heritage. So when he built the house, he went for the whole "Oriental look". Speaking of my Grandpa....

Here he is. Nathan River. He's head of our family and I mean our WHOLE family. Me, my parents, my siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, he's in charge of all of us. He's also head of the American Branch of the Shinobi Council, which is basically him and three other old guys. Despite having all these responsibilities, Grandpa is actually pretty cool and fun loving guy. You'd never think he'd have the weight of an entire clan looming over his shoulders

My father, Eric, is destined to take over as head of the family when Grandpa dies. He's also our family's strongest Shinobi. He comes back from missions unscathed while my uncles and cousins come back heavily wounded, he's head of our family's assassination squad, and he's the only person who's ever beaten Grandpa in a sparring match. If the perfect Shinobi were to exist, it'd probably be my Dad.

My mother, Mai, is from a Japanese Shinobi clan called the Yamamotos. When my parents got married, they united our clan with the Yamamoto clan, ending a 10 year long feud. It was kind of like a modern Romeo and Juliet...only nobody committed suicide. My mom isn't much of a Ninja but she's a great musician. She has the talent and potential to do something with her life but she put all of that on hold to start a family. When I hear Mom play the piano I feel bad about how if she didn't have me or my siblings she might have become really famous. But she's assured me that the happiness of being a parent is greater than what any kind of fame could give her.

My sister, Kayla, is the oldest out of the three of us, which makes her next in line to be head of the family. Only problem is, she doesn't want to be. She's the stereotypical rebellious teenager and she hates being a ninja. She's never killed someone before, she doesn't spar or work out with me and my brother, I've never even seen her use Ninjutsu. All she does is go to school, read, and talk to her friends. I don't even know why she wears her headband, I assume it's for the same reason as me but I've never asked her. Like my Mom, she has a gift that makes up for her shortcomings. She's an excellent writer. When I "accidentally" go through the secret files on er computer, I always find some well writen poem or short story. Right now, she's in the process of writing a romance novel with vampires(Sounds stupid, right? I thought it was when I read what she had gotten done so far but the girls at my school seem to like stuff like that so at least Kayla will have a large and impressionable demographic if she ever gets her book published)

My brother Lee can I put this nicely...Ok screw it, I love him but he's a suck-up, a show off, he's conceited, and bent on proving to Dad and Grandpa that he should lead the family when their gone, instead of  his twin sister, Kayla(who was born three minutes before him, making her the oldest out of the three of us) I'd agree with him if he wasn't so stuck up. There's no way I'd enjoy serving under him if Grandpa ever agrees to make him the next in line. He and Kayla actually used to get along. They were inseparable when they were little but as they grew older they started to have conflicting views on the Shinobi way of life. Lee thinks Kayla doesn't take her job as a ninja seriously and Kayla thinks Lee takes it too seriously. Remember when I said I've never seen Kayla use Ninjutsu...well I forgot about one little incident three years ago. It was the first time Lee tried to convince Grandpa and Dad to make him the head of the clan instead of her. She was alright with it..until Grandpa told Lee to give him a reason why he should pick him over Kayla and Lee said some...pretty insulting stuff. I'd never seen her so angry with him in my life and it was the first time I ever saw Lee lose a fight and he didn't just lose, he got his ass KICKED! Which convinced Grandpa that Kayla was indeed a suitable heir(much to her and Lee's dismay)

So there you have it, the Prologue to our story. Right now the Ninja community is in an unusual era of peace(well, except for when we're hired to kill somebody) But that' all about to change. Unbeknownst to us, at the time, an organization, bent on annihilating the Shinobi way of life, was assembling and my family and I will soon be in for the fight of our lives.
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« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2010, 06:55:21 am »

 Grin I love it so far!!  Grin

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« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2010, 08:11:37 pm »


((AUTHOR'S NOTE: Italics = third person narrative. Most of the story will be narrated by Kyle but the narrative will switch for background knowledge or scenes that he isn't in))

The Woods of Miracles. A mysterious forest owned by the River clan. The forest is rumored to be home to many forms of ancient Ninjutsu magic that, if in the wrong hands, could mean the destruction of our world. To keep them hidden, the River clan has placed a series of protective jutsus and traps around the forest. Only an exceptionally powerful Shinobi could enter the forest without being a member of the River clan.

After maneuvering through the protective jutsus, Grandpa, Lee, and I teleported to the middle of the forest. Lee was grinning ear to ear in anticipation. It'd been a long time we'd done something like this and I could tell he was eager to show off in front of Grandpa again.

"Okay" Grandpa said "I can sense the intruder's aura. He's definitely somewhere in here. But he's a crafty one. He's using some kind of jutsu to scatter his aura throughout the forest, making it impossible to know for sure where he is. Any suggestions on what we should do?"

I stayed silent. It's not like I didn't think my opinion mattered. I was just scared that any plan I had would the last "search and destroy" mission I was on. I didn't want to risk disappointing Grandpa again. Lee on the other hand....

"Why don't we split up?" he suggested "We'll cover more ground that way."

"Excellent idea, Lee. The intruder has split his or her aura into about 9 different directions. If there are three of us than there are three trails for each of us to follow. Do you have anything else in mind, Kyle"

Actually, I did. if the intruder is strong enough to not only get through all of our traps and still have enough energy left to conceal his presents, then there's no way splitting up will work unless Grandpa finds him. With power like that, he'd wipe the floor with me or Lee. It's suicidal to think we could take on somebody like that by ourselves. But Lee, without letting Grandpa see, gave me one of his "keep your mouth shut" glares. Like I said before, he thought this was his time to shine.

"No Grandpa" I sighed

"Alright then. Let's move out!"

And with that, we were off.

While Lee and I searched on the ground, Grandpa jumped into trees and looked for the intruder there. If there's one thing I never thought I'd see, it was an 80 year old man jumping from branch to branch. It's amazing how powerful he is in his old age.

Meanwhile, I tried using my intellect to catch the intruder, unlike Lee who would only try to use brute strength. First I tried searching in the trees like Grandpa.

But I ran into a beehive and....well....yeah

Epic fail

Next, I tried this jutsu that Lee uses to cheat on tests at school. It heightens your intellect to near genius levels via electronic stimulation and since I'm a bit of a prodigy, just imagine how smart it would make me....

But I accidentally skipped a step and.....yeah

Epic fail #2

Ok, we've been at this for a good 15 minutes already an all I've accomplished is getting chased by bees and possibly giving myself brain damage. i wander if Lee is having as difficult a time as me

Lee was starting to get frustrated. He'd searched almost every part of the forest. He used all the tracking jutsus he knew, he even checked the trees like his Grandpa. But his efforts were in vain. He was no closer to finding the intruder than Kyle was


Or was he?


A scream echoed through the forest, disturbing the peaceful balance and scaring the crap out of me.

"Wait a minute" I said "That sounds like....LEE!?"

"Damn, damn, damn!" I sad to myself, running into the direction the scream came from "Please be okay, please be okay!"

"LEE!?" I cried "Oh man, you really got messed up!"

"Yeaaah" The intruder said "And you're next, kid!"

Seeing no other way out of this, I got into my fighting stance and prepared to defend myself

He ran towards me and tried to roundhouse kick me, but I was too quick for him and dodged it by a few inches. While he was recovering from the miss I gave him a strong uppercut in the jaw. But that wasn't enough to stop him.

He tried to kick me again but I was in zone now! I dodged it with ease and then grabbed him by his neck. Then I balled my fist up as tight as I could and punched him again. I coulda sworn I felt some of his bones break when my fist made contact with the side of his face.

Oh yeah. He's down for the count! I started to tie him up and go get Grandpa, but before I could even get my rope out...


He disappeared in a puff of white smoke and a log was left in his place

"Crap!" I thought to myself "A Substitution jutsu!?"

"Gotcha!" A voice behind me laughed

I turned around just in time to get kicked in the chin and sent flying at least 10 feet forward

I tried to stand up, but that one hit was strong enough to temporarily paralyze me. By the time I could move again, he was already standing over me, waiting to deliver the final blow

"Well, you fought a hell of a lot better than your brother. But I'm still way out of your league."

He raised his hand to strike, when....

"You forgot about me, already!?"


Grandpa's punch knocked him out cold. I even poked him a few times to make sure it was the real him and not a shadow clone or the result of another substitution Jutsu.

"Wow, Grandpa! That was amazing!"

"Yep. This old man still has quite the left hook" Grandpa bragged "You did pretty good too. You're getting a little rusty though. Maybe you should spend less time on Mybook...or Facespace...or whatever the hell you kids are on nowadays and spend more time training like your brother"

"It's Facebook, Grandpa" I corrected "Nobody goes on Myspace anymore"

"Whatever, it's all the same thing" He laughed "Whatever happened to the telephone? Or mailing letters? Now it's all these Instant Messaging and chatrooms"

"The 21st century happened."

As Grandpa helped me up, the Intruder let out a muffled groan and got back on his feet as well

"Jeez Dad!" He complained, taking off his mask "You think you could be a little gentler next time!?"

Grandpa laughed again

"Oh, Eric. You have a lot of nerve telling me to go easy on you after what you did to your sons"

"What? They're young!" My Dad said "They can take a few beatings"

"uuuuuuuhg" A familiar voice groaned

"Speaking of beatings" I said "Look who's awake"

"Can it, Twerp! I only got knocked out because Dad snuck up on me. I coulda put up a better fight if he came at me head on"

Lee tried walking forward but stumbled before Dad caught him

"Easy there, soldier" Dad said "Don't overdo it!"

"Yeah, yeah. You can put me down now. I can walk just fine"

"Suit yourself"

Dad let him go but he fell flat on his back

"HA!" I laughed

"Sh...shut up!" He said before passing out again

"That boy! He's always pushing himself too far" Grandpa said "You should talk to him about that when we get home."

"Don't worry" Dad said "I will"

I bet you're pretty confused right now. Yes, the "intruder" was my Dad all along. And we knew it. The forest and the secret jutsu hidden within it was in no real danger. It was all just a basic Shinobi training game called "Target". You and at least one other Ninja look for somebody posing as an enemy ninja and the first to subdue him, before he completes his own mission, wins. In this case, the first to take down my Dad, before he took us out first, won. Obviously, Grandpa won. Which means there'll be some kind of punishment awaiting Lee and I when we get home. Lucky us.

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« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2011, 08:43:35 pm »


After being lectured by Dad and Grandpa about why splitting up was the worse possible thing we could have done, we walked home in complete silence. Dad and Grandpa were probably having some private conversation with their little ninja telepathy thing. Lee was too pissed at his failure to say anything. And I stayed silent, not wanting to risk Lee lashing out at me for trying to break the tension. As we walked home, I couldn't help but shake the feeling that we were being watched. At first I shrugged it off as simple paranoia, being a Ninja kinda does that to you. But I was starting to sense a faint presence. Like somebody who really sucked at hiding their aura.

"Do you guys sense that?" I asked

"It's probably just a squirrel or something." Lee said

"But it's flicking on and off. Like somebody's trying to conceal themselves and epically failing at it"

"What, you think it's some kind of assassin? You paranoid brat" Lee laughed "Who'd be dumb enough to try and stalk us with Grandpa and Dad around"

I looked at Grandpa and Dad, they weren't even paying attention, obviously engrossed in whatever kind of private conversation they were having. If somebody was around there's no way they'd sense it.

"But..." I started

"Did you ever think that maybe the energy you're sensing is flickering because you suck at sensing other people?"

"But you're sensing it too right!?"

"No. I can't! Now stop bothering me about it"

I gave up. He wouldn't listen to anything else I'd have to say. I decided to stop trying to sense whatever was around us. I wanted to believe that maybe I was just being paranoid, but this feeling was overwhelming. The sooner we get home, the better.

"Welcome home, guys" Mom greeted us at the door

"Hi Mom" Lee and I said

"Good evening, Mai" Grandpa said before walking off to his room

"Hey honey" Dad said, giving mom a quick kiss and then going to follow Grandpa

"So, how was it?" Mom asked

Lee made a tiny groan and sulked off to his room

"That bad, huh?"

"Not really" I said "He's just mad because he missed his chance to show off again."

"Well by the way you all smell, I'm sure he tried his best"

Confused for a second, I sniffed under my shirt

"Yikes!" I said, smelling dirt, blood, and sweat

"Yeah, it looks like you guys got quite the workout"

"Eh, kinda. I got most of my exercise, running from a swarm of bees" I laughed

"I can tell, you're covered in little red marks"

"Yeah I think I'm gonna go get cleaned up and go to bed. I still can't believe he made us do this on a school night!"


After saying goodnight to Mom, I headed over to the hot spring. A simple shower woulda worked too but I was tired to stand and this water had special properties that could get rid of the bee stings.

"Ow, ow, ow!" I groaned

Note to self: Open wounds + whatever the hell is in this water that apparently heals them = PAIN!

After a while, the pain grew fainter until it was gone. Wow, this water really did the trick. I laughed a little, thinking about how Lee still has all his his wounds. He doesn't know this water can heal because the only ones who really use this hot spring are me and Mom. I knew it probably wasn't the safest thing to do, but I started to go to sleep. I had the dream again. Well it's more of a flashback than a dream...all really bad flashback. I'm back on my first mission, two years ago. So much blood...dead bodies everywhere...Dad's arm blown standing over his again.........NO!!!!!

"Whoa!" I woke up

That feeling again, it's not going off and on again though. It's growing...coming closer. And then I heard it, whoever it was just took a deep breath.

I stood up "Who's there!?"

"Chill kid!" Kayla said "Sit back down, it's just me"

I sighed

"Sorry" I said, sitting back down "I've been real...jumpy...lately"

"Sure, whatever. So, how'd the game go"

"It was alright. Grandpa won. It's not really as fun now that you've stopped going with us"

"Yeah, sorry but it was never any fun for me. You know that"

"Yeah but you were good at it, and it was always fun watching you upstage Lee."

Kayla laughed "Yeah well I'm sure he's happy I stopped playing along and going on missions with you guys"

"Not really. He's never happy when he can't impress Dad or Grandpa"

"I told Grandpa to just let him be head of the family but the old man is convinced that it should be me."

"Because you'd make a great leader. And you're a better ninja than Lee"

"Whatever." She sighed "I'm going to bed, enjoy your bath"

She always does that. Every time I try to tell her how good of a ninja she is, she just brushes the compliments off and leaves. She has so much potential, if she were to take her training seriously she'd be the perfect ninja. Oh well, her loss.

Even after Kayla left, the feeling went away too. I sighed with relief, maybe that I was sensing her back in the woods. Maybe she was just checking up on us and didn't want Lee to see her and accuse her of wanting to be a Ninja again. After I was done bathing I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth...and it came back again, only much...much stronger. I looked behind me to see if it was just Kayla again. Nobody was there. So I turned around and continued brushing my teeth........



"....What the hell!?" I shouted "What is wrong with me!?"

"Chill out and go to sleep." Lee said "You're really starting to annoy me now!"

"Lee! I'm serious! There was someone there! Then I turned around and he was gone!"

"Nobody's following you! Why would somebody be following you!? You're not even that good of a Ninja. If anyone here was being stalked it'd be Dad or Grandpa or me. Now take Kayla's lead and go to sleep!"

"He can't take my lead if I'm wide awake because you two wont SHUT UP!" Kayla complained "It's 3 in the morning! GO TO SLEEP!"

After Kayla turned the lights off, she and Lee went to sleep. I couldn't though. I know I wasn't seeing things in the bathroom. Somebody's here! The feeling may have gone away but I know whoever it is is still here. Needing somebody to talk to, I got out of bed left the bedroom I shared with my siblings. I know somebody who'll believe me.

I was at the memorial shrine for family members who have died in battle. If nobody living would listen to me....maybe he would...if he can hear me.

"And that's pretty much it" I explained "Lee and Kayla think I'm just being paranoid and I thought I was at first too. But now I KNOW somebody is here, watching me. I can sense whoever it is. It's faint but every now and then I can sense them."

I laughed "You'd probably think I was crazy too...well...if you were alive. But you'd listen to me anyway, you might even believe me. That's more than I can say for the rest of our family."

I sighed "I really miss you, Sam. Not a day goes by where I don't regret what happened that day. It was all my fault. I messed up and you had to pay the ultimate price for it."

When I was done talking, I made my way back to my room. Talking to Sam always makes me feel better, even if I don't know whether or not he can hear me. I still felt a little on edge but maybe some sleep will fix that

Later that night.....


A dark figure knelt in front of Kyle's door, cracking the door and peaking through to make sure he was asleep.

"Status report" A voice, coming from the Ninja's earpiece, said

"He's showing no real extraordinary signs when it comes to Ninjutsu. Though he does appear to know he's being watched. The rest of his family remain oblivious. I tried to hide my aura from him but he was able to pick up bits and pieces of it. And he momentarily saw through my invisibility jutsu."

"Interesting. Return back to headquarters at once."

"Yes sir"
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« Reply #4 on: January 08, 2011, 04:20:48 pm »

Well, now would be a better time than ever to introduce another Ninja family who will also play a key role in this story. Introducing: The Stone Clan

Unlike most Ninja clans that work solely for themselves, the Stone clan works in conjunction with the police, FBI, CIA, ect. Basically, if you plan on going into any kind of police force or Military, you can bet you'll be trained by somebody in the Stone Clan at some point. They're the only Ninja clan with any official ties to the government which pretty much puts them above the law. Legally, Ninja families are only allowed to kill lawbreakers, terrorists, mob bosses, pretty much anybody the feds pay us to kill. But sometimes we're hired by the very people we're supposed to be hunting, which could get us in serious trouble with the law. The Stone Clan, however, can participate in these transactions without any negative repercussions since they basically run the police/FBI/CIA. So I guess you could call them crooked cops..well you could until their newest leader decided they'd no longer associate themselves with anything illegal, no matter how much they're paid, to keep the clans good public image.

This is my best friend, Jordan Stone. He's destined to become head of the Stone family after his Grandmother and Father. He isn't much of a fighter though. He's more of a "behind the scenes" type of guy. He knows all the basic stealth jutsus and he's an expert hacker which means he's perfect for relaying enemy data to other Ninjas. He also acts as a consultant on missions. While the rest of his family goes out on missions, he stays behind and hacks into government satellites (he doesn't have to since his family works for the government, he just likes having a challenge) to watch over his allies and relay information to them. Sooo..yeah. Mr. Techie gets to be head of his family and I don't even have a chance to be the head of mine unless, God forbid, both of my siblings die.....Not that I'm jealous or anything. He's my best friend, I'm happy for him........Ok yeah, I'm a little jealous but that's besides the point.....right?

Believe it or not, this is the head of the Stone family. Jordan's grandmother, Marrissa. Hot right? Well I hate to burst your bubble but she's older than my Grandpa. She just likes to use transformation jutsus and make-up to make herself look young. I've seen what she really looks like and...well actually she still looks really good for a woman her age. Even if you saw the "older her" you'd never guess she was in her mid eighties. And she's really fun to be around. She plays video games with me and Jordan, she always has some kind of story about how she's saved the country for communists or terrorists or other threats, and she's one of the HARDEST partyers I've ever met. She took Kayla out to the local nightclub with her for her 18th birthday and they came home at four in the morning with a completely TOTALED car filled with an ocean of empty beer bottles, 3 hungover frat boys from a college that's two states away from us, a half dead hooker, and a Mike Tyson's tiger(Don't ask me how they got it) Kayla said hanging out with Marrissa was the scariest thing she's ever done. She had fun though and said I should give it a try when I turn 18.

Nicole. Jordan's younger sister(by one year), and the tomboy of all tomboys. Unlike Jordan, she's not scared to go out on the battlefield and get down and dirty. She comes back from missions covered in dirt and blood. She spends almost all her time training(and using Jordan as her punching bag from time to time) And she's the first 7th grade captain of our school's Girl's basketball team. She's amazing...but she works too hard. She has almost no free time. She used to hang out with me and Jordan when we were little kids but now it's all "train, train, train" and "work, work, work" with her. I think the last time in 4 years that I've seen her not training was when she passed out from training too hard.

Detective Crystal Evans(well Stone now, but she still goes by Detective Evans when she's at work) She's may not be a ninja but she still kicks plenty of butt! She's actually the first officer to marry into the family. The Stone clan try to keep their relationship with the Police department strictly professional but she and Jordan's dad were an exception to that unofficial rule.

And finally, we have Micah Stone, next in line to be head of the Stone Clan. He's pretty much just like my Dad (which sort of makes sense since they've been best friends since they were in elementary school) I don't really see much of him since he's always at work or on missions, but he's a pretty cool guy. Calm, level-headed, and the only person Nicole really listens to.

Not much of a chapter really. Just introducing some more key players to the story. I promise the next update will be the next chapter
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« Reply #5 on: January 27, 2011, 05:21:27 pm »


Well, it was that time again. Marissa and my Grandfather give Jordan, Nicole, and I a day off from school once a month to give us our all day ninjutsu lessons. Our Grandparents take turns each month teaching us new jutsus, battle strategies, or just simply reviewing the basics of ninjutsu. Nicole and I usually look forward to these lessons but it's a different story for Jordan. While Nicole and I could be considered above average ninjas, I said before, he knows the basics on stealth but that's about all he's good at. He doesn't view these lessons as a way of honing his skills, he views them as a way of making a fool out of himself in front of his sister, who never gives up the chance to ridicule him.

"Hello there, class." Marissa said, in her usual cheery tone "Sorry we had to relocate our lesson to the roof but it's Micah and Crystal's Anniversary and they want the house to themselves so they can...."

"GRANDMA!" Jordan and Nicole exclaimed

"What do you expect? It's their anniversary! Now sit down and shut up so we can start."

"Now, who here can tell me about transformation jutsus?"

Before Jordan and I even had a chance to think about it, Nicole's hand shot up

"Yes, Nicole"

"Transformations are an advanced from of ninjutsus that allow a shinobi to change their shape into whatever they want, at will" Nicole explained "While the process is relatively simple, it must be done flawlessly or it could have catastrophic results."

"Excellent answer" Marissa complimented "A perfect quote from chapter three of Ninja Arts: Ultimate Assassinations by Sasuke Sarutobi."

"Yes. Grandma. It's my favorite book" Nicole said in her fake "nice girl" voice "I've read it 5 times"

It took everything in Jordan and I not to gag at Nicole's fake sweetness. She always did this when she wanted to make herself look better than us....well more me than Jordan since I'm her only real competition for our grandparents' praise

"Very good. Now can somebody describe the so called "catastrophic results"?"

Nicole shot her hand up but Jordan, not even bothering to raise his hand, spoke up first

"Consequences for a failed transformation jutsu include changing into the wrong organism, becoming trapped in your transformed state for an undisclosed amount of time, or suffering permanent damage to your real form."

"Correct. And well spoken. And kudos to you for not reciting Sarutobi's excerpt, word for word. While a good memory  is a valued trait in a shinobi, creativity is far more cherished"

Jordan shot a smug look to Nicole. She doesn't take being upstaged well, especially by Jordan. He'd probably pay for it later but for now it was a win for him.

"I will now demonstrate a flawless animal transformation jutsu. Pay close attention to everything I do."

Marissa dug into her pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a Polaroid picture

"In order to transform, you must have a clear image in your head of whatever it is you want to become. Ninjas often keep pictures of their desired form on them to use as a reference."

After examining the picture for a few seconds, she put it back in her pocket and made the Ram seal with her hands.

"After making the hand sign, you have to empty your mind of all thoughts except who or what you intend to transform into"

Once she closed her eyes, Marissa disappeared in a puff of smoke and was replaced by.....

...a lioness

"Wow!" I exclaimed "That's awesome"

"Ok, now on to the next step" Marissa said "Changing back. Who can tell me how to..."

My hand went up before Nicole's.

"Yes, Kyle"

"Changing back is just as simple as transforming. You just have to picture every little detail of yourself in your head, this includes everything you were wearing before you transformed."

After my explanation, Marissa transformed back into her old self.

"As you all know, I use various forms of transformation jutsus to make myself look a lot younger than I really am. Which means what you saw me do right now was go from one transformation to the other without stopping at my real form in between. Doing this can drain a lot of energy out of ordinary ninjas. But luckily, I'm no ordinary ninja. However it did take me years to master it so i wont expect any of you to know how to until adulthood. However, today you will be doing a basic animal transformation. Who wants to go first?"

"I WILL, I WILL!" Nicole jumped up and yelled before Jordan or I could volunteer

"Well...ok then..."

Marissa dug into her pocket again and handed a polaroid picture to Nicole

"I want you to examine that animal closely. Down to the very last detail. Once you have a clear picture of it in your head, just make the hand sign and concentrate"

Nicole did as she was told and in a matter of seconds........

She became a snow leopard

Marissa gave her granddaughter a round of applause. "Very nice for your first try. But it wasn't a perfect transformation. It looks almost exactly like the photo but you're missing a few spots"

Nicole let out a low growl and changed back. She scowled at Jordan, who laughed at her lack of perfection.

"Ok Kyle, you're up next."

Marissa handed me a picture of a Grizzly Bear

", that thing is big..."I said, nervously.

"Scared?" Nicole taunted

"Please. If you can do it, I know I can"

I took a good look at the bear. I took in every last detail. Its shaggy brown fur, its long dark claws, even the length and shape of its muzzle. Everything had to be perfect. Once I was sure I had it's appearance completely memorized, I put the picture in my pocket, made the hand sign and cleared my mind of everything but that bear...

to be continued.....
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 YAY this is awesome so far! keep it up, I want to see what happens next :3

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