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Author Topic: Olivia *4/11 ch. 14: Hope for a Better Future, is up*  (Read 26462 times)
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« on: February 03, 2011, 10:47:51 pm »

Hi all.

I've been posting this on moolightdragon [I'm Bubbles1321 on there, but for some reason it wouldn't let me register as that. hmm], but I decided I'd post it up here, as well.

It's up to chapter seven, but I'll just post the first two chapters, see how everybody likes it.

Olivia, Chapter 1.

I remember when I was little, when my sister Olivia was born. I was six. I remember the horrible talk my mom had with me about getting a sister or brother. Little did I know, by the time I was nine, I had a newborn baby brother, and my three year old sister, Olivia.

I hated not getting any attention, so I acted out. At eight I started calling 911 about every two weeks. My dad kept getting fined.
At ten I was a bit worse, dabbling into graffiti. When I say dabbling, it wasn’t anything too terribly bad.


Now, at fourteen, I’ve changed. I’ll be going to high school this year. Olivia will start the third grade, being her fourth year at Hendersonville elementary. Peter, my brother, is five and starting kindergarden.

Olivia comes into my room before she heads off to dance.

She wants to know if I’ll do her hair for dance, Mom is busy.

When I’m done she darts out at Mom’s ‘Olivia! Time to go!’, she blurts a “Thanks Hails!” and is off. I watch them leave out my window.

When I have the house to myself, I play the piano. I love the music it gives me.

I dream about playing in front of people when I’m older. Or being a gothic rocker chic, like Amy Lee.

One day, when I'm home alone, I get a call.

“Hello?” I answer, it's my dad.

“Hailey, I’m coming to get you, can you grab some of Olivia’s things? She’s in the hospital. I’ll be there in ten minutes. Be ready to go.”

As I grabbed Olivia’s things, I made sure to get Dollie, her favorite toy. That would cheer her up. I stuffed some clothes into her pink backpack, and waited by the front door for my dad to come pick me up.

When I hopped into the car, my dad had a worried look. As we drove to the hospital, we had no clue how bad it would be.

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« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2011, 10:49:05 pm »

When Dad and I got to the hospital, Mom and Peter were already there, sitting in the waiting room. Mom was crying.

Dad asked me to take Peter to look at the babies in the nursery, but I think he just wanted to be alone with mom. I took Peter, he begrudgingly went, ranting to himself about missing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the tele. I told him to hush up, that Olivia was here for a reason.

We looked at the babies for a while; Peter wanted to know if we could hold one.

I told him that these are other people’s babies, and I didn’t think they would let us.
“Hailey, why didn’t mom have another baby?” He asked me, curiosity in his eyes.
“Um, Well… I guess she and dad decided they didn’t want another baby. Besides, you’re a handful enough.” I said, ruffling his hair.

 “I guess so. I want a baby in the family. I’m sick of being the youngest.” He said, pouting.
“It’s no fun being the oldest, either, Peter.”
“Olivia has it all. She never gets any attention.”
What Peter said made me think. It was true. Olivia hardly ever got attention. She didn’t get the time to be the ‘baby’ of the family. She was only three when Peter was born. I felt kind of bad, between Peter’s firsts eclipsing Olivia’s, and my piano overtaking her ballet, what does Olivia have?

When we joined back up with our parents, we still hadn’t heard anything. Mom was still crying. I looked out the window, the words “What does Olivia have?” overshadowing my thoughts. I let a few tears escape my eyes.   
A few moments later, a doctor came in.

“Hello. Olivia Fellows’ family, I presume?”
“Yes. Hello. I’m James Fellows, and this is my wife, Rachel. We’re Olivia’s parents.”
“Can you come with me? The other children can’t come, I’m sorry. Only parents are allowed in the isolation unit.”

Peter and I waited, sipping drinks and playing tic tac toe.

Several hours later at around 4 am, my parents came out. The news they brought with them was terrible.

Olivia has AML, or Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  They said that she’s going to begin chemotherapy as soon as possible. She had regained consciousness, but she was heavily sedated. She was going to be moved to the cancer ward, and we could visit her tomorrow.

“What this means is that she won’t be coming home for a long time… Possibly not ever.” My mother managed to choke out.
“Olivia doesn’t  get to come home?" Peter said, sniffling.
"I'm afraid not, Peter." My dad said solemnly.

They called my aunt Becca to come pick me and Peter up. When we get home we collapsed on the couch from sleep deprivation.


[just a teaser image of Olivia]


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« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2011, 09:16:13 pm »

When I regain consciousness, I’m in my bed. Mom and Dad must have come home last night and tucked me in.

I look over at the clock, it says 3:00. I get up and look out my curtains.

The sun shines brightly in my eyes.  I go downstairs; the house rest of the house is dark and quiet, except for a light on in the kitchen.

It’s Becca.

“Hi HaileyWailey, I’m making some pancakes. Want some?” She asked cheerfully. Becca was a lot younger than my dad, she was only 27, and really upbeat.

“Um, No thanks. Is Peter up?”
“Yeah, I think Petey is up in Livvy’s room.” She gave us silly nicknames, some sort of aunt thing.

When I went upstairs, Peter was curled up in Olivia’s bed, crying.

“Peter, what’s wrong?” I asked him, sitting on the edge of the bed.
“Olivia’s not coming home… possibly not ever! She promised she’d be right back after dance!  But she’s not coming home..”
“Peter, I’m sure, that someday she’ll be home. Not everybody dies from leukemia, and Olivia is strong. I’m sure she’ll get through this.”
“I just want to be left alone.”
I left the room.

I called Collin, my boyfriend. I told him about Olivia, he seemed genuinely upset.

He asked if he wanted me to come over, and I told him not when Becca was here. I didn’t want my aunt to know I had a boyfriend, that would be beyond embarrassing. She’d try to be like my big sister and drill me on every detail. Those are things I don’t want to share.


When we get to the hospital later, Olivia is sitting up, with her eyes open. She still has several tubes hooked to her, but she’s better, at least.
“Hailey!” She says in as happy and as loud of a voice she can manage, although it’s barely above a whisper. She smiles a weak smile.
“Hey Olivia. How are you?” I say, delicately hugging her.
“I feel like a voodoo doll with all these needles stuck in me.” She joked. So like her. “Angela, can you get a glass of water for me?” She whispers to the nurse, who smiles kindly at her.

“Sure, Olivia.” Angela brings her a glass of water, and Olivia takes simple sips of it.
I spent most of the day with Olivia, just talking. Pretending she wasn’t sick. It was nice.

The next morning I crawl out of bed, and head downstairs. Becca is making something,  I think it’s crepes for my parents.


“Hey, you actually made it up before noon. Want some?” Becca asks, dishing a plate.
“Sure. Thanks.” I scarf the crepes down and head back to my room.

Later, my dad calls me. He says there’s been some complication, and I can stay home if I want to, I won’t be able to see Olivia. Becca and Peter decide to go to the hospital anyways, to be there for my parents.

I call Collin.

“Hey, do you want to come over?” I asked him, trying to sound mysterious.
“Sure babe,  I’ll be over soon.”  He said excitedly.

He comes over, and we talk and kiss for a while.

 Things get heavier.   While he understands, there’s one thing he wants from me.

And I gave it to him.


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« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2011, 09:19:20 pm »

Olivia is doing better later on in the week, but I notice something horrible. There’s a hunk of her hair missing, where it’s bald underneath.

 I don’t point it out to her. What’s the point? She’ll just get upset over it.

She started chemotherapy three days ago, and that’s why we couldn’t see her. Her first round was rough.

With all the drama with Olivia, my parents have forgotten my birthday.  It was yesterday.  Happy fifteenth to me.  Collin remembered.

The necklace he gave me was beautiful. It was a music note, which thoroughly explains my passion for music. Collin got me so well.

But my family forgetting my birthday would have to wait, Olivia was sick. She needed everybody she could get.

Today she and I are sitting in the play area, talking. Peter is sitting on the couch next to me.

 There’s a girl who’s sicker than Olivia in the corner, coloring or something. She’s wearing a colorful bandana, sitting with a man, and what looks like his son. Maybe she’s his sister, the man looks too young to have a daughter that old. She looks very sick. From what I pick up, her name is Lindsae.

The scene that unfolds before us is horrible. It’s one of those things that’s so horrible you can’t look away. Lindsae is screaming for what I’m assuming her brother, “Nick!!!!”  Blood is coming from her mouth and nose, she’s convulsing.

The man quickly shoos the little boy over by the tele and screams for a nurse, he has Lindsae in his arms.

 Nurses quickly come in with a stretcher, wheeling the girl off. Nick follows them.

The little boy was left in the children’s’ room, we get to know him. His name is Trey, and that’s his daddy and his aunt Lindsae, she has leukemia, like Olivia. He tells us about his family, His twin step siblings, and his baby sister, Natalie.

 About an hour later a young woman with twin toddlers and an infant comes in and calls his name.

 “Trey, come on.” She sets down the car seat with the little girl and he hugs her. His dad joins them, I can tell he’s been crying.
“Jo, let’s take the kids home.” He says, grabbing her arm.

“Wait! Daddy, Mummy, I want you to meet my new friends! Peter, Olivia, and Hailey. They go to my school!  Olivia has leukemia like Aunt Lindsae. “ Nick’s body convulses in a silent sob.
“Hi, kids.” The mom answers, smiling at us. The toddlers have already found some toys to play with, she calls them, and she takes the little ones, Nick and Trey stay a little behind. “Dad, can I stay?” Trey asks,
“You’ll be back here for a test in a few weeks, besides, I’m sure you can come visit Olivia and them next time you come for blood testing.” I wondered about that, but I didn’t ask.

Later on, Olivia is wondering if she should go visit Lindsae, maybe they’d have something in common. I didn’t say that I overheard the nurses saying she had died.

I say goodnight, and leave with Peter, Becca, and my parents.

It’s raining when we leave, so we use umbrellas coming in. It’s cold, being the end of September.

I curl up in my bed when we get home, and drift to sleep listening to the rain pattering on the roof.


This chapter is dedicated to the real Lindsae, who passed away in October 2010.

My simself actually has a cameo in this chapter too, she's the nurse with the black hair in the white scrubs when they take Lindsae away.[close up]

[I'll post two chapters at a time to get up to date with the current chapter]


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« Reply #4 on: February 07, 2011, 01:55:57 pm »

:O this is so sad! im surprised no one has commented before to be  honest.
Poor Lindsae...Sad you just made me sad D: please continue this, its great! :O i shall be stalking this topic from now on >:3


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« Reply #5 on: February 07, 2011, 04:02:15 pm »

[Chapter Five]

It’s been two weeks since we saw Lindsae die, and honestly, I can’t imagine that happening to Olivia.. It’d be horrible to watch something like that again, even more so with it being my own sister. I curl up at the thought.

After school, I play the piano. I’m playing the song “Hello” by Evanescence, and suddenly, I feel sick. I rush to the bathroom, and barely make it.

 I think I was throwing up for an hour. It was horrible. When I come out my mom is in the kitchen, and I go in and sit at the breakfast bar. “Mom, I don’t feel well.” I say, clutching at my stomach.

“Well, you have to stay home when we go to the hospital. We can’t risk Olivia getting sick. Why don’t you ask Collin if he wants to hang out here with you?” My mom suggests.
“Okay.. sure.” I say, and call him.

“Hey Collin.”
“Hey baby. “ He says, I can almost hear his smile.
“My mom says I can’t go to see Olivia, so I was wondering if you wanted to come over later…”
“Why can’t you go see her?”
“I’ve been throwing up. Mom thinks I have the flu, but I feel fine now. Olivia’s immune system is down, you know, so they don’t want to risk anything..”

“Are you okay?”
“I told you, I feel fine now.”
“Call me as soon as they leave, and I’ll come over there.” He sounded worried.

After they left, I waited for Collin outside. When he got there he gave me a big hug.

We went inside, in my room. He kept looking really worried.
“Collin… is something wrong?”
“Is something wrong with you?” He asked.


“No, why?”
“Are you pregnant?”
“No, I mean, Maybe….”
“What do you mean maybe?”
“I haven’t taken a test or anything, If that’s what you mean.”

“Are you late?”
I was, but only by three days. That’d happened before, so I wasn’t too worried.
“Yes.” I finally answered, after thinking my answer through.
“Will you PROMISE me that you’ll take a test tomorrow if your period doesn’t come?”
“I promise.” I said, as he took me in his arms for a hug.

The next day at school was horrible. I barely made it the entire day without throwing up. I wanted to curl up in bed.

Even Jenna, a not-so-bright girl noticed.

“Hailey, are you okay?” She said during free period, we were sitting in the library.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” I said, grinning at her.

“Okay…” she said, standing up as the bell rings. “Can I call you after school?”
“Um, no. Collin is coming over.”
“Oh. You guys are still together?”
“Yup.” I smiled. “Six, almost seven months together.”

We departed, I went on to Biology and she went to Algebra.

After school, I decided I’d walk home, so I could go to the convenience store and get a test like I promised Collin I’d do.

There wasn’t much selection in the store, so I just grabbed one. I also grabbed some dye stripper, to get rid of the pink.

The lady at checkout looked at me with a pitiful look. Like the ones puppies give you at the shelter. That look.

When I got home, I discarded my backpack in my room and went to the bathroom with the test.

The wait was only five minutes, but it felt like an hour.


The word “Pregnant” was on the screen, staring up at me like a slap in the face.

[Chapter Six]

Later, I heard the doorbell ring. It was Collin.
“So..?” He said, looking at me carefully.
“You’re gonna be a daddy…” I said, smiling fakely.
His jaw locked tight, he held me closer. “We’ll get through this Hailey, I promise. I’ll help. I can get a job, so you don’t have to.. Maybe, maybe we could get an apartment. Yeah. Or..” He looked  worried.
“You’d stay?” I looked at him, a little shocked.

“Hailey, if I wasn’t gonna stay with you and the baby, I’d have left when I assumed.” He smiled at me, kissing my cheek softly. I curled up close to him, my silent sobs wracking my body.

Later, I stripped most of the pink dye out of my hair, some stubborn little streaks decided to stay. I decided to go back to my more natural hair, going back to blonde and not straightening it.

When Collin saw me with my curly hair, he was shocked. “I never knew you had curly hair.” He looked a little bewildered. It was cute though.

About a week later, after my parents got home, they were sitting on the couch, and Peter was playing Xbox, when Collin and I came downstairs, and asked to talk to them alone.
“Peter, go play upstairs.” She said, he paused his game and went upstairs.
“Hailey..? What is it? Are you sick?” My dad asked, worried.
 “I’m.. I- Um…. I’m… Pregnant.”

“You’re pregnant?” My mother spat at me. My father shot a murderous glare at Collin. “This is just like you, Hailey. You couldn’t stand Olivia getting all the attention, so you went out and got pregnant. You can’t have a BABY at fourteen!”
“Hailey is having a baby?!” Peter darted down the stairs, grinning hugely. “I won’t be the baby anymore!”

“Peter, were you listening to our conversation?”
“Yes ma’am.” He hung his head.
“Go to your room before I sell the Xbox on eBay.” He darted back up faster than he had come down.

 “Hailey, you can’t have a baby at FOURTEEN.” My mother continued, upset.
“Mom, I’m fifteen, remember? You guys forgot my birthday.”
“Oh.. You’re right, you are fifteen.. But you still should not be having a baby at fifteen. You’re just a baby yourself…” a tear escaped, rolling down her cheek. “Hailey, I’m sorry I forgot your birthday..”

“Collin, May I have a word with you outside?” My dad snapped, glaring at him.
“Yes sir.” He said, following my dad out onto the front porch.
“I guess I’ll call my OB/GYN, try to get you in. I’ll get you some prenatal vitamins at the store tomorrow, you’ll need to take those.. And you’ll need to get a job if you’re planning on keeping this baby. Are you?”
I hadn’t thought about doing anything else other than keeping the baby.
“I- I guess..” I began, slowly. “Could I clean out the spare room and fix it up for a nursery? Collin would help..”
“I had kind of forgotten about that… You know, we had planned on having another baby after Peter, hence the spare room, but we had a miscarriage about three years ago, and we just gave up.”
“I didn’t know that…” I said, feeling a little sad.
“It was very early on, we decided not to get your hopes up by telling you so soon.” She hugged me, and then jokingly said “Now I have an excuse to have early grey hair, I can say I’m going to be a grandma.” She laughed, and I giggled a little.

“You know, Hailey, I do like your hair better blonde. I think the little pink left looks cute, too. You should embrace it, because grey hair comes early for us girls. Look at my mom. She’s not that old, and she’s already fully grey.” She laughed, stroking my hair.
“Thanks. Collin was shocked that it was so curly naturally.”
“Well, I guess he just doesn’t know about our curly, blonde hair, since only Olivia shows it in its full nature.” She laughed, then looked sad. Olivia had lost all her hair already, from brushing it too often. It fell out faster that way. She was wearing knit caps to keep her head warm.

Collin and my dad came in, and my dad came and sat down next to my mom, and Collin came to say goodnight, hugging me lightly. “Goodnight Hailey. Goodnight Mr. and Mrs. Fellows.” He said, nodding his head over to my parents, and then leaving out the front door.
“Hailey… Why would you sleep with him?” My dad asked, a little mad tone in his voice.

“James, I don’t..” My mom began, but my dad cut her off.
“Rachel, Hailey needs to stand up for what she has done. Hailey, answer me.” My dad shot at me.
“James. Hailey is tired, she needs her sleep. We can talk about it another time.” My mom pulled his arm towards their room.
“Fine.” He said, getting up and heading to bed grumpily.

“Goodnight Hailey.” My mom said, heading to her room.

About two weeks later, I went to my first OBGYN appointment. It was awkward at the beginning, but got better.

 The doctor gave me an ultrasound to see how the baby was doing and check the size, and she told me I was about nine weeks. The baby looked like a tadpole. She gave me a picture of my baby, I put it in my backpack, I’d show Collin later.

After my appointment, I walked to the beach and mom went on home. I stared out at the waves, thinking about my future.

 I looked at two little girls, building a sandcastle.

 Olivia would be building a sandcastle right now if she was here with me. If she wasn’t sick.

She’d be running in and out of the waves, playing, having fun. Getting a tan, her blonde hair getting a little lighter. She’d smile, and yank my arm and say “Hailey, come play with me!” and I’d be able to, without a worry. We’d smile and laugh and build sandcastles and have fun.

Instead, she’s dying in the hospital.

Tubes stuck all around her. Her hair is all gone.  Instead, I’m pregnant.

Little do I know how much worse things will get. 


Thank you for the comment, Zorom. Cheesy

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« Reply #6 on: February 07, 2011, 05:02:37 pm »

[[ Alright, now it's all catched up. I don't know when I'll get Chapter Nine out, I'm not done with the writing. ]]

[Chapter Seven]

Late one night, a nurse had found Olivia unconscious and covered in blood, they kept her in the ICU for a few days after that.

When she started feeling better two weeks later, the doctors would allow her to go outside, with someone with her.


We sat in the little garden together, and that’s when I broke my news.

“Yes?” she said, wheeling back over to me.
“I’m pregnant.”

“Really? That’s crazy…” she said, looking down at her sock-covered feet. “Is Collin the dad?”
“Yeah..” I said, relieved that she didn’t take it badly.

Three weeks later, when Olivia is back in the pediatric oncolody unit, she’s sitting and talking with a boy. He has a black bandana with gold stars on it, and they’re laughing together. The sound of Olivia’s laughter is uplifting to my soul.

“Tyler, do it again!” She said, laughing at his card tricks.
“Okay, just one more time, Liv. I’m getting tired.” Tyler said, doing his trick and making Olivia’s blue eyes widen with excitement.

“Hi Olivia.” I said, stepping closer. She wheels over and hugs me, patting my belly softly.

“Hi baby!” she laughs. I haven’t started actually showing yet, but when you press on my stomach you can feel a little bump there. Collin goes even nuttier over it. He swears the baby is a girl. It’s adorable.
“How are you feeling, Olivia?” I ask her, patting her head.
“Sore. I feel like a donkey kicked me in the ribs.” She said, getting out of her wheelchair and getting in bed. “How are you feeling?”
“I’m fine. Besides, everyone is more worried about you.”
“People should be worried about you, too. You’re having my niece.”
“Ugh. You’re set on the ‘it’s a girl’ scheme like Collin?”
“Of course it’s a girl. She’ll be beautiful like her Auntie.” She grinned big.


We started clearing out the spare room to turn it into a nursery, and what a mess that was. Collin found my dad’s old high school year book, we laughed at how silly my dad’s hair had been back then.

My dad said ‘it was in style, it was groovy.’ And we laughed. Very hard.

About a month later, they told us that Olivia can come home and just come in for her chemo, that made us all so happy, and right before Christmas, too.

We got the tree up, we made lots of food to get ready for both my family and Collins’.

My bump was definitely noticeable now, Collin loved playing with it. Rubbing it lovingly.

 I was 18 weeks along now, and we’re finding out the baby’s gender two days before Christmas, and revealing it to everyone as a sort of ‘present’.
We watched movies and played games and had fun, trying to be as normal as possible.

 We ate more organic and healthier things for Olivia, but it wasn’t like that was a bad thing. Peter was starting to chunk up from all the junk food he ate.

[Chapter Eight]

It’s December 23rd, and Collin and I are sitting in the waiting room at my OBGYN, there’s a few people there, but not many.

My OBGYN calls us back and I sit down on the bed.


“Hello Hailey. How are you feeling today?” She asks, starting the machine up.
“I feel fine.” I say, smiling at her. She puts the cold gel on my belly.
“I don’t think I’ve met you, what your name?” She asks Collin.
“Oh, I’m Collin. The baby’s dad.” He says, smiling and grabbing my hand.
“The baby looks healthy, everything looks fine. Would you like to know the sex?”
Afterwards, we went to a little restaurant and talked about baby names, laughing and talking. I don’t think I had laughed that hard in months.

When I got home, I put the picture we got of the baby on my wall.

 It looked good there. I gave a copy to Collin, and he framed it for his mom.

On Christmas, I help Olivia downstairs, and I’m quite sure that there’s almost three times as many presents as there was last year.

I smell mom making pancakes, so after I get Olivia settled in her wheelchair I take her into the kitchen.

“Wow Mom!” she says, sniffing the air. I help her over to the breakfast bar, where there’s a platter of cupcakes for later. “Mom, can I have a cupcake?” Olivia asks, her blue eyes pleading.

“Oh, Liv, I don’t know.. You’re on a special diet, I don’t know if you should…” she says, thinking it over a little bit. “Alright, JUST one.” Olivia dives into it, getting pink frosting on her nose.
“Smells good.” I say, grabbing a plate of pancakes.

Dad mopes in, refusing a plate and going into the living room to watch the tele. I go join him, he grumbles and heads back to his room.

I wondered if he’d ever start not hating me again. I hoped at least after the baby was born.


Later we open presents, and a fairly good amount are for Olivia and the baby. Mostly yellow things for the baby, and lots of “I love grandma” bibs, onesies, and what not. Olivia got so many dolls and books I don’t think she knows what to do with them all. My parents only gave me a few things, one of them was a camera.

“To take pictures of the baby when it’s born.” My mom said, smiling at me when I opened it. The other things were money and a promise to help me re-decorate my room.

When our grandparents and Collin and his family come over, the living room is packed, and the tree has been overfilled with presents again.

Collin’s brothers, Markus and Raphael, are a lot older than him. Raphael is in med school, and Markus is in pre-law.

Collin sure has a lot to live up to, and he’s only sixteen.
When our families are all together in the living room, Collin and I make our announcement.

“Well, two days ago we found out the gender of our baby, and we decided to keep it a secret until our families could be all together.” I said, beaming. Olivia looked like she was going to pee herself out of anticipation.

“It’s a boy.” I said, smiling hugely.

There was lots of ‘congratulations’ said, lots of hugs received, and then presents were opened. Again, most of the presents were for Olivia and the baby.

Later, my grandparents were staying the night, and I went downstairs, my Grandma Marie was in the living room, looking at a picture album.

 I sat down next to her, looking at the pictures. Pictures of my dad and Becca as kids, baby pictures of them, and one that surprises me.

 A picture of Becca, when she was pregnant. She looked about sixteen or seventeen. It was shocking, Becca didn’t have any kids.

“Her baby was born too early, and didn’t make it.” My grandma said, touching the picture.

 “You were very little then, I don’t think you’d remember. You and your parents came when she went into labor, and you kept asking why you couldn’t see the baby. You just didn’t seem to get that the baby died. Becca hasn’t been the same since, unfortunately. She got very jealous when she found out Rachel was pregnant with Olivia, she had been trying with Eric. You remember Eric, right? They were only married about five years, they got divorced when Olivia was one.”
I had forgotten about Becca’s ex-husband, nobody talked about him. Olivia wouldn’t remember, she was very little.

My grandma and I looked at pictures and talked the rest of the night.

The next morning, mom made omlettes for everybody, and when the boys and Olivia were in the living room, mom, grandma, and I sat and talked.


There are extra pictures on Theraven's site, where I originally posted the story, if anybody wants to see them. [and the original comments] [Check out her downloads, I got a -lot- of the medical equipment I use in my story there. And she makes adorable infant outfits. ]

- Bubbles

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« Reply #7 on: February 07, 2011, 08:12:50 pm »

Wow. Her pregnancy was a nice plot twist Tongue It was definitely the last thing their family needed
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« Reply #8 on: February 07, 2011, 09:16:18 pm »

My stories are just like that. Sad and dramatic. XD

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« Reply #9 on: February 12, 2011, 10:36:29 pm »


I am officially done with Chapter Nine's writing, I just need to get cracking on the pictures. [Luckily, I got the grocery store set and the road set done already, I just gotta finish the pizza place. I like having all the sets done before I take all the pictures.]

And here's a little mini chapter that happened from boredom, doesn't have a number, isn't really a chapter, isn't that important to the story, I just thought I'd include it.


One day, when it was really snowy, Collin, Peter, Olivia, and my dad went outside to build snowmen.

My mom totally flipped when she saw Olivia outside.

 I mean, it’s a little worrisome because Olivia could get sicker than she already is, but the way my mom overreacted was uncalled for.

 Olivia pouted and mom escorted her inside, I made her hot chocolate.

[Sorry for the lack of pictures of Hailey, Collin, and Peter. They were elsewhere. *cough* ]


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« Reply #10 on: February 13, 2011, 09:47:04 pm »

It’s after Christmas. The hype of the new toys and gifts has worn off, and there’s an odd quiet always about the house. I try not to spend too much time in it, especially by myself. The presence of Olivia is everywhere. It makes me sad. .

Olivia started going back to school at semester, and is doing well.

 They allow her to wear her hats and bandanas during school, even though hats aren't usually allowed.

One day in February, Mom is busy at work, so she sends me and Olivia to get stuff for dinner at the store, giving me a very detailed list of what to get and what I cannot get, and sends us off.

We go around shopping, when I notice a woman staring at Olivia like she has the plague.

“What are you staring at?” I ask her, miffed that she’s so blatantly staring at us. She just looks away and hurries off.
“The nerve of some people!” I yell a little loudly, pissed off.

 “Why do they think it’s okay to stare at people just because they’re different! Come on Olivia, let’s go.” I said, wheeling the cart towards check-out.

“Sorry guys, my sister is just being hormonal. Don’t worry, she’s really very nice.” Olivia said loud enough so the people around us could hear her.

One evening in March, when my parents are with Olivia while she’s getting her treatment, I ask Collin if he wants to pick me up and go somewhere, like out to eat.

We went to Pizza Shack, and talked a lot. We talked about the baby, and the future, stuff like that. We talked about Collin’s job as a mechanic, and if it could possibly support us, and what kind of job I could get.

But coming home was a horror.

One minute, I’m talking to Collin.

The next, blinding light and a screech.

After that, red searing pain.

Blue and red lights. Sirens.

“Hailey…” I faintly hear Collin whisper, and then everything goes black.


[[ Hailey is NOT dead, I promise...  ]]

- Bubbles

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« Reply #11 on: February 14, 2011, 04:36:43 pm »

She aint dead but her boyfriend or the baby is  Cry
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« Reply #12 on: February 14, 2011, 04:42:04 pm »

*cough* I'm not promising about them... *coughhidesinbombsheltercough*

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« Reply #13 on: February 15, 2011, 07:09:17 pm »

Somebody's dead! It's the BF and the baby's gonna have somethin wrong with it! You are SO cruel!
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« Reply #14 on: February 15, 2011, 07:13:51 pm »

I said no promises! D: That doesn't mean anything.
I'm almost done with the first part.
There's two parts to it.

All you have to do is swat me with a roll of newspaper and I\'ll behave.
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