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Author Topic: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th  (Read 31737 times)
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« Reply #45 on: October 14, 2007, 03:58:28 pm »

Thanks for reading xxx more soon hopefully *hugs*

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« Reply #46 on: October 14, 2007, 06:14:40 pm »

Shopping with Sam

Funny how time can stand still one moment and slip by so fast in another. As Ellie stood outside near the gate waiting for Sam to show up and take her audition outfit shopping, she felt so nervous…like she was getting pulled off the surface of the planet by her stomach…
Rhys grinned at her on the way back to the house after alighting from the school bus.
“You’ll have to wear hot pants and a crop top…you know, if you want to impress the judges”
“Thanks Rhys” She scowled..Rhys could be a little arse at times. “But I’m going to audition for a singing contest not Hooters..”
“Ah well don’t say I didn’t warn you”….He disappeared into the house enjoying his moment of triumph. Making Ellie mad was one of his favourite pastimes, always had been.
Ellie’s fuming was cut short when Sam arrived. Her new friend had been working at the hairdressers’ for most of the day. Ellie knew that she was lucky not to have to go straight out and find anything just yet..The contest was scary but it was like a holiday too…well, infinitely better than working as a temp again in some stuffy office. She would rather do anything else after the contest than that again.

“That was a crappy day in the salon…” Sam exclaimed “Like… advanced crappy”
Sam was funny, even when she was trying to be serious.
“Blasted faux-hawks all day…so flipping BORING….anyway...I called a taxi and we have about 2 hours before the stores close today….”

“I won’t need two hours” Mumbled Ellie…she was so accustomed to buying her stuff from mail order catalogues that the idea of trying things on in trendy boutiques was really nerve wracking.

“pfffft” Sam grinned….”We need more than two to be honest…shopping is an art you know…Anyway we need find something to show off your awesome leggies!”
Ellie burst out laughing….”oh noooo way, categorically NO minis”

“Ah come on….at least prove to the world you have knees, woman!!!” Sam retorted…”You’re not a granny yet …..or are you???.Oh my god….you look marvellous for your age…” She teased.

“Sorry Sam…people will have to just trust that I have knees” Chuckled Ellie…having a laugh helped the tension a little. There were only a few measly hours before she would be waiting her turn in front of the infamous judges…TV cameras….
“Hmm…we need to thrash the tweed twin set mentality out of you girl” mused Sam…the taxi arrived and Sam led the way smiling happily
“Let’s rock then shall we”

So there she was at last, choosing her audition clothes with her new best friend. Trying not to look out of her depth in the midst of all the trendy clientele and snooty looking shop assistants.

Ellie saw a bit of blue sleeve and pulled out the top to peer at it…Sam whizzed up to her..
“Put the naff blouse down and step awayyyyy from the mumsy section”
They laughed…”Aw come on you said blue….” Protested Ellie.
“Yeah slinky classy young blue not making jam for the Womens Institute blue”

“Argh…well as you are so keen to be a stylist…you find something……I trust you…no pvc though right?”  Ellie gestured towards the clothing displays , half joking half desparate.
Sam patted her arm…”You nervous eh”
Ellie nodded…”Petrified”
“But you want it” Sam said warmly.
“Very much”
Sam smiled reassuringly, “Then let’s find you something perfect”

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« Reply #47 on: October 15, 2007, 06:56:50 am »

Star Factor Begins

In a hotel suite in downtown Pleasantview, the infamous Star Factor judges were waiting for the call to start proceedings. Last stop of the nationwide first round auditions and all were tired and some more than others feeling jaded.
Mimi Anderson was the newest member of the panel. She had been a well respected recording artist for years, having had a break from her gruelling worldwide tours to have a family..This was a gentle and fun way back into show business. Marla, the most popular of the existing panel from Star Factor, had asked Mimi to participate that year.
They sat chatting quietly on the plush sofa.

“It’s usually pretty dire by the time we get round here….well the last leg anywhere is..I hope I get the 25 and over category this year. Groups are always a pain…so many more egos ….” Marla explained adjusting her pearls. Mimi was enjoying the experience immensely, just missing her baby and producer husband Kenny like crazy.
“It’s exciting though…I’m looking forward to seeing some amazing people today”
They had been to all the major cities in the country all through the summer. So many hopefuls, a few with unmistakable raw talent but the vast majority somewhat deluded…naturally a few insane ones snuck in.  The viewers and fans of the show lapped it all up.
“I like this town” Mimi said smiling, “I hope that they can produce a finalist this year, truly…”

“Don’t hold your breath” came a wry response from one of the other sofas.
 Steve Conway was the ‘nasty’ but annoyingly astute judge everyone loved to hate. In private of course, a very nice guy…but his reputation for brutal honesty to auditionees had half the nation despising him and the other half adoring his candour. It was like being a pantomime villain but he enjoyed it all immensely.
He sat slightly bored, with the presenter of Star Factor, Cherise Masters. She was equally bored, but Star Factor was hugely popular, she knew she was fortunate to get the gig.
“Oh now come on Steve” Marla smiled…”This place is always a hoot”

“Yeah ‘hoot’ …rather good word to describe some of the caterwauling that these inbred imbeciles drone out every year”
“Oh Steve, don’t be daft” scoffed Marla. She knew he was exaggerating terribly.
“Getting into character already Steve? “ Quipped Cherise.

 Steve allowed a faint smile to flicker across his face. He enjoyed the fact that Cherise had enough front to tease him..She had ambition and he admired her for it.

Mimi frowned a little, inside hoping that at least one contender for the live shows would be somewhere in the crowd that day…if only to wipe the smug expression from Steve Conway for once.

“Well I always enjoy it here…I’m hoping we’ll find a good new boy-band…you know the business is crying out for a new …”
Ronny, the eldest member of the panel, was always hoping to emulate the success his label had a decade before. The charts had been dominated by boy-bands and girl-bands back then…   and managing them was his forte.

“Oh come on Ronny” Interrupted Steve, looking annoyed, “What about the fuss you had with those god awful Caliente sisters here last year??”

“I’m telling you Steve, there’s a big revival of the singing groups this year…” Ronny argued

“In your mind only Ron, anyway…ten years isn’t long enough ago for a bloody revival of anything…..” Scoffed Steve.. “I can do without a repetition of all that dross in my life time thanks”
Cherise rolled her eyes, “There’s not going to much much of it left if you keep going through the brandy and cigars at your rate” She muttered.

“Well I just love the old dears who come along…singing the old show tunes…they are marvellous” gushed Marla…”and the viewers love them of course”

“Oh god, I forgot…this place is full of OAPS” Moaned Steve, Ronny told him off indignantly… “Oi you’re not a spring chicken mate…how many nips and tucks is it now Steve?”
“Hey I take care of the merchandise …nothing wrong with that” Steve retorted, winking slyly at Cherise. They enjoyed flirting, an affair between them was constantly speculated over in the tabloids. Publicity was publicity after all, so the two of them seemed to relish keeping the rumours alive.

Further bickering was interrupted as a runner appeared bearing an overflowing clipboard in the doorway…”Time to head out everyone” he gasped breathlessly…runners always seemed to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

“Thank you Wayne” cooed Marla; she was like the Mum of the whole crew…
The judges left for the Audition venue…where hundreds of excited Pleasantview hopefuls waited buzzing with excitement in the crisp autumn air.



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« Reply #48 on: October 15, 2007, 03:04:05 pm »

Oh wow. This is really good!! Sad Kira died though. :cry:

The best things in life are, Always unseen. That's why we all close our eyes when we wish, kiss and dream... :angel5:

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Rock Chick

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« Reply #49 on: October 15, 2007, 03:27:32 pm »

Thankyou very much!  More soon xxx

Rock Chick

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« Reply #50 on: October 16, 2007, 10:07:32 am »

Ellie’s Audition

So there she was, Ellie De’Vill, sitting in the waiting area as people tromped in and out past them to try and win over the Star Factor panel. They had been there for hours, Ellie finally persuaded Red and the twins to go home when Sam volunteered to wait with her.

Red was indignant about staying but for Ellie it was a relief when he reluctantly agreed to leave. The pressure was immense, and Ellie could not bear to face her family at that place if she were to make a mess of it.
She had to promise to call immediately as she finished her turn. That is if she ever got in there. Sam smiled at her….
”Wow there were so many of them today….did anyone actually get through to the next stage??”

Ellie gulped, remembering the seamlessly endless procession of weeping, swearing and bewildered individuals pouring out of the audition rooms all day.

“But they haven’t seen the best yet eh? “ Sam added seeing yet more colour drain from her friends face.
Sam had not yet heard Ellie sing…she hoped inwardly that Ellie actually could for her own sake. The judges could come out with some pretty devastating comments to some people….most people actually.
Ellie was grateful for Sam’s help in getting ready; she had picked her out a clingy classy navy blue top and some trendy jeans…just right knowing how reserved Ellie was…she had also done Ellie’s hair. Sam did joke, that if Ellie got through to the live rounds, she would be kitting her out in sequin pasties with tassels and a thong.
Sam was a real brick as it happened, so many times, Ellie had felt like bolting from the door…usually after some poor unfortunate emerged from their turn wailing into a handkerchief.

“I’m so sorry for all this waiting” Ellie had apologised almost every 10 minutes…
“Will you shurrup woman!!! “ grinned Sam…”I don’t mind…I’m well excited…”

Someone popped their head round the corner and called “Number 111 please, number 111”
Ellie felt her heart fly up into her throat…”Oh god, Oh god”

Sam pulled her up off the chair and flung her arms round her…
“Now listen you, get in there and show them what a proper singer is..I will be out here ready to egg the buggers if they upset you….now get going”

“Thanks Sam, so much…I don’t know what I would do if it we…..”Mumbled Ellie.
Sam pushed her towards the doorway smiling widely…
”Will you bloody go before you miss your turn??”

Here it was, the point of no return.
Ellie walked in quietly, trying not to look at the TV cameras and sound equipment looming all round her. The production crew looked busy, a couple of them nodding and smiling politely in her direction.
She was ushered to her mark in front of an old style mic. Gradually she raised her head to face the four people who could change her life.

Mimi spoke first
“What’s your name Honey?”

Ellie clasped her hands tight together to stop them shaking….
”Ellie, I’m er….21…and I just moved here recently”

Marla smiled at her “Little nervous Ellie?”

Ellie nodded…feeling warmer and warmer under the lights.

“So what are you going to be singing for us this evening Ellie” Prompted Steve..

Ellie cleared her throat….”Um …..‘You don’t know me’ “

“That’s an interesting choice for a young lady like you…any particular reason?”
Asked Simon, being uncharacteristically pleasant.

Ellie took a deep breath, “Well, I really like Ray Charles…um…and this is one of my favourites……..”

“Ok Ellie…in your own time”

Ellie began to sing, it helped a lot to imagine just her Dad and brother and sister, the people who she sang for …the only people she’d ever sung for. And just sang for them…she knew that they were at home then, at that very moment, watching her and willing her on. And she sang it for Sam..Who she was pretty certain was outside the door with her ear pressed to the wood.

That was the thing about her music, she could lose herself in it, as she closed her eyes her voice flowed effortlessly, and she was enjoying herself too much to even notice the judges had allowed her to continue.
Once she had finished all was eerily silent for a moment or two.

Rock Chick

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« Reply #51 on: October 16, 2007, 10:07:54 am »

Ronny was first to break the silence.

“That’s not the voice I was expecting to hear from a shy 21 year old” he admitted…”I’m going to say Yes.”

Ellie breathed finally…”Thank you very much”

Mimi was next…”That was beautiful Ellie…it’s absolutely a yes from me”

Marla beamed at her…”Yes from me too sweetheart” she gushed……all eyes fell on Steve..

The last judge to make a decision leaned forward in his seat to peer at Ellie intently…her hands were shaking wildly..

“So Ellie…three say Yes….do you think you could cope with the pressure of live shows?”

“I hope I can have the chance to try…at least..” Ellie said softly…hardly daring to speak at all…

“Well you managed not to murder one of my favourite songs…” he went on…

Marla interrupted…”Oh come on Steve, don’t keep the poor love waiting “

Steve chuckled….”All right….all right…… “
He turned back to look at Ellie.

“I like your voice Ellie….I like your personality….but I worry about your ability to cope…..however…I think I’m going to have to say ……(long pause) ….Yes…”

Ellie stood motionless for a moment… They all smiled at her…
”That means you are through to the next round honey” Mimi nodded at her…..

“What?Huh?? Really?Huh?Huh?
Ellie gasped then launched herself up in the air whooping.
“Thank you so much …Thank you!! “ She gushed breathlessly, racing out of the room, leaving the judges smiling and laughing at her enthusiasm.

Sam was in mid scream when Ellie raced up to her


“Thanks for being here with me Sam…you rock so much…” Ellie spluttered..
They did a little victory dance, then left, whooping and jumping all the way out into the chilly October evening air.



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« Reply #52 on: October 16, 2007, 05:32:10 pm »


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« Reply #53 on: October 16, 2007, 06:22:24 pm »

Glad to see you got the story back on track! Great updates!

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« Reply #54 on: October 16, 2007, 10:39:33 pm »

I am lovin' it!!!

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« Reply #55 on: October 17, 2007, 05:39:29 pm »

Thanks very much you three! It's lovely to know this is being read now I can finally continue with it xx

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« Reply #56 on: October 17, 2007, 05:41:51 pm »

The Finalist

Life took on a surreal quality in the couple weeks following Ellie’s successful audition.
There had been a family party of course…Sam and her family had been over for  a somewhat chilly but fun all the same, last barbecue of the year on a mellow autumn evening…
Ellie let herself be carried by the events that followed. There in their lovely new home with her doting Dad and siblings, new loyal best friend and a huge adventure unfolding before her, what else was there to do but enjoy the ride?
So much was happening on a daily basis it was impossible to really mull over anything too much.

It wasn’t till she sat drinking coffee at a ridiculously early hour one Saturday morning that things began to dawn on her fully.
About the third cup along, Ellie’s father poured one for him-self and joined her.

“Morning Love” He said sleepily, feeling concerned as Ellie sat staring into the opposite wall.

“Couldn’t sleep eh? “ Red added… Ellie blinked and smiled over at him, looking pale.
“Oh hey Dad sorry…was miles away”
Red sipped his coffee thoughtfully. “Things are moving pretty fast for you, how are you feeling about tonight?”

Ellie went a little paler…”Um Ok I think…I’m glad you are all coming to drop me off…I packed last night…I could have stayed in bed but…”

Her voice tailed off, she had been awake most of the night, Noosh slept peacefully across the room they shared. All sounds seemed magnified, the alarm clock ticking…wind in the tree branches outside…even the sound of the foxes crying out in the woods ..
She had showered and tried to force down breakfast but felt so sick with nerves the smell of the food made her retch.
That day she was to appear in the first Star Factor live show as one of a dozen finalists. 12 acts that made it through the qualifying stages to fight it out in the last few weeks live on TV to the nation every Saturday.
Ellie had been enjoying the relative safety in numbers up till this point…but attention was now going to be firmly on the final few…she felt out of her depth and scared to let her family down.

“I see “said Red, he was worried for her, she was pushing hard..And he wasn’t absolutely sure why she was doing it any more. Now the scale of it all was hitting home, he wondered if it was really what she wanted, or what she thought was expected of her.

“Ellie……If you want out…we will be here for you, absolutely no-one will think less of you for quitting today….you don’t have to justify it to anyone…you know that kiddo?”

Ellie sipped the last of her coffee,
“I know Dad, I am scared…but a part of me needs to see it through…I can’t explain why…just like something is compelling me to do it anyway…”

“Sounds like the De’Vill in you” Red smiled and finished his drink.
“You miss Sam too I know, she’s been a terrific mate for you…she’s a good kid” he added.
Ellie’s dearest friend and self proclaimed stylist had been ordered to go on some course for new techniques by the salon boss. Ellie missed her enthusiasm and confidence, not to mention her fashion advice…but they were calling each other and sending loads of texts…Ellie was grateful that Sam and her Dad were there for her as much as they could be.

Ellie got up from the table to fetch yet more coffee.
“Why don’t you try and eat something now, all that coffee is going to make you feel ten times worse….and then I want you to have a nice soak in the bath and have a nap before we get going..We have a couple hours before we have to start driving up there…..Dad’s orders OK?” Red insisted.
Ellie grinned, “Still going on that date with Molly later in the week then Dad?”
Red flushed a little…”Hey you cheeky sod. I would hardly call some new age support group a date…..”
Ellie chuckled for the first time in what seemed ages ..”Sure Dad, whatever you say”

On the way through to the bathroom, Noosh was busy at the piano already, trying to turn one of her poems into a song with Rhys’s help. Her younger brother stopped her….Ellie braced herself for a load of cheek as usual, but Rhys looked serious for once.
“Hey Elle’s Belles…I just wanted to say…”

Ellie turned to face him… “What? “
Rhys almost looked like he was about to cry…”It’s like….I know I am an arse…..and know you’re annoying like…you’re always on at me about stuff……but “he faltered a bit.

“Ok” said Ellie patiently, bracing herself for some sort of sudden typical Rhys wind-up.
He threw his arms round her and squeezed her tightly.

“I do appreciate what you do…and I know…without you Dad wouldn’t be here…or any of us…and if anyone should win and be a rich bitch diva it’s you…..”

Ellie squished him back, chuckling …”Thank you…I love you too you little snotface….anyway….” She felt tears pricking her eyes…

Ellie turned and disappeared into the bathroom feeling tearful but a little stronger.


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« Reply #57 on: October 17, 2007, 07:08:46 pm »

Nice Job!!

Everytime We Touch is a 5 star movie!Best ever!

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« Reply #58 on: October 18, 2007, 01:55:03 am »

I'm so happy you continued with Red's story - I just love Red - wonderful story so far - can't wait for more.

My Avatar is my cat Sheba - She died on June 22, 2007 from cancer.  She was 14 years old.  I really miss her - she was loved very much.
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« Reply #59 on: October 18, 2007, 02:48:45 am »

Thanks very much for commenting! Hope you both keep reading ! I am determined to finish this one Smiley

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