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Author Topic: Final Life *New*  (Read 21072 times)
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« Reply #30 on: August 27, 2007, 05:03:50 am »

I believe you'll get the answer to that in the next paragraph.

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« Reply #31 on: August 27, 2007, 07:12:21 am »

YAY it's here!!
yes, I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake but my old pc was even slower!!
love this story already, can't wait to see more Cheesy

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« Reply #32 on: September 16, 2007, 08:02:05 am »

Flid dear please.. I have been a good Kathwynn see no melt downs.. no jumping up and down :blob7: now clowning around :jester: Just real patience :sunny: .
See I have been a real good..  So in the spirit of fairness please , Flid, Please. I know you are a busy person. Life and such does occur. amazing as that is I know it happens from time to time.
But enough.. The Commando Princesses are starting to mutter. Never a good thing. I really don't know how long I can keep them from doing guerrilla make overs.. :shudders:
So, please dear, an update.
Thank you.....

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« Reply #33 on: September 16, 2007, 07:27:03 pm »

ooh great story!  Looking forward to reading more!

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« Reply #34 on: September 18, 2007, 06:43:23 pm »

I'm liking this quite a bit so far.  Nice storytelling and pretty pictures to go with it.  I look forward to seeing where it goes next.

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« Reply #35 on: September 22, 2007, 07:49:31 am »

Every day was nearly the same. She would wake up after dreaming about her mysterious stranger feeling as if she was missing something because he wasn’t there. It was like a hole that was getting bigger and bigger everyday. She knew it was stupid, she knew she was falling for him, but she had only met him once, in real life. It was nearly a month since then. He had probably forgotten all about her and here she was pinning for him like some idiot.

It was as if he was calling her in her head, she knew he was there waiting, but surely it was impossible, the sun still out shone through the windows of the room.

Dani looked down at herself, the pink dress flowed out behind her, and she didn’t remember choosing this, how funny dreams were, in life Dani would never have chosen such a dress.

The stones on the front of the bodice sparkled as the light hit them. She stepped out of her front door and onto sand. Sand? They lived nowhere near the sea.

What strange place had this dream taken her too? She bent down and ran her hands through the warm grainy particles. They fell lightly from her fingers, like dust floating down to the ground.

She turned, she knew he was there watching waiting, she could feel him; feel the energy coming off him in hot waves that surrounded her.

"What is this place?" she asked. "And why are we in sun light?"

"In dreams I can go anywhere. I miss the light, I miss the sea and the beaches, and this was one of my favourite spots before..."

"Before you died?" she said making it a question.

"Yes. My mother used to bring me here, we weren’t a wealthy family, but my mother always taught me that you don’t need money to enjoy what nature has to offer. We used to come down here when she wasn’t working, even in the rain and wind when the sea was too rough to go closer she would bring me. She just liked to watch the waves crashing, listen to them as they crashed into the sand." he said. "Now I can only see the beach in light when I am dreaming."

"Did you bring your children here too?" she asked.

"No, I would have loved to, but I was turned before they ever existed."

"Before? How can that be? I didn’t think you could have children because..."

"Because of what I am? As long as my heart beats and I am healthy I can have children."

"How healthy can dead be?" she asked smiling and he couldn’t help give a laugh. "I'm sorry, that wasn’t a very good joke was it?"

"There is no need to be sorry. It is a long time since I have laughed or even smiled. It’s a long time since I have felt anything."

Dani turned to face the sea and watched as the waves raced up the shore and stopped just before them, he came up behind her and instinctively she leant back as his arms snaked around her waist and pulled her close. In his hold, she felt safe, as if nothing in the world would ever be able to hurt her. It was as if she where she was meant to be. She lent her head back and he rested his chin on her shoulder, his cheek touching hers. His skin was so warm against her face, how could someone this alive be dead?

He was warm and he was breathing, she felt the air tickle her skin each time he exhaled. Hunters don’t breathe do they? She thought to herself. No, they are dead, dead don’t breathe. Dani couldn’t remember, she wasn’t into all the supernatural paranoia that went around. She knew they existed, but up until a few weeks ago, she realised that she had never actually believed it.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.
"Nothing really." she said. Just wondering why you don’t seem all that dead, and I'll have to investigate when we wake up.

He pulled his arms tighter around her and pulled her closer to him. "Liar." he whispered in her ear.

"I'm thinking that if you don’t let go I'm going to pass out through lack of oxygen.

He laughed and loosened his hold on her, turning her in his arms to face him. She stared up at him, his eyes were like grey - silver flames that burned right through her. She bit down on her bottom lip to keep from saying what she was thinking.

"Tell me what it is, please." he said.

"If we arranged to meet when we wake would you turn up?"

He reached out and smoothed a piece of her fringe that didn’t really need adjusting. "This is only a dream. If we arrange to meet, only one of us would get the message, the one who dreamed it."

"Who is dreaming? It doesn’t feel like a dream to me. I wake up and I can still feel you holding me. I can still smell the scent of your skin and feel the air against my own. I wake up, but I feel that I have been with you. Its stupid I know, but I can’t help how I feel."

He knew what she meant, he knew more than anything, he felt it too. There was some connection, more than just a dream. Surely if you’re dreaming, you know it’s your own dream.

"I think we could drive ourselves mad trying to work it out, and going insane while asleep is not something I fancy doing."

"Then lets try it" her voice higher and tight with determination and excitement.

"It wont work." he said. "I promise you, only one of us will turn up and that will be which ever one of us is dreaming, and quite frankly if it’s me dreaming I don’t want to go tomorrow and discover your not there."

"What if we are both dreaming the same thing?"

"Its impossible." he said as he bent down to kiss her. She brought her hand up fast and pressed her finger across his mouth to block him.

"If you want to kiss me then you have to meet me tomorrow. Nine O Clock at Decades. There’s a bit upstairs that’s not to busy and I'll be waiting. Come there and you can have your kiss."


"Tomorrow." she said smiling as she broke free from his arms and raced along the sand back in the direction that he had come from.

"Dani....Dani!.." he shouted as loud as he could, he shouted into the darkness as his eyes opened, he shouted not realising that he was no longer in his dream, but back alone in his room. Her name echoed in his mouth as the reality sunk in and he ceased calling for her.


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« Reply #36 on: September 22, 2007, 03:44:32 pm »

No pictures with this one as it would be impossible to take any good ones for this update.


He could not do this anymore, he couldn’t keep waking up and wanting her. Feeling as if he had really left her somewhere and not just in a dream ready to go back to tomorrow. Maybe one day he just would not come back from the dream and would stay there with her forever.

The display on the clock read 7:45 am; he shouldn’t have woken up this early. He rolled onto his back and closed his eyes. The room he lay in was very dark, every possible the place sun would be able to get too had been covered to protect his skin from the burning rays while in his death sleep. The sleep that he should still be in.

The floor where his room was was also covered from any form of natural light to protect any hunter that would be walking around. He could hear the day staff that cleaned the home while he slept, but none of the hunters should be up and around and that included him, it was as if some part of him fought when he was in these dreams with Dani. Once in sleep he should stay there until the setting sun woke him.

He got out of his bed and went out into the corridor, an elderly woman looked at him startled, he nodded in acknowledgement to her, and she went back to what she was doing.

"Sir" said the elder woman as he reached the top of the stairs. "It is still light down there." The woman was nervous he could hear it in her voice and see it, but most of all he could smell her fear. His emotions were running high. The tips of his fangs started to extend. This should not be happening to him, he needed to get a hold of himself.

"Thank you." he said and turned away from her, he didn’t want to cause her any harm. He had to fight with all his might not to be a true hunter, he could hear the woman’s pulse against her skin, could visualise grabbing her and biting into it, letting the hot metallic liquid flow down his throat. He felt almost out of control.

He stood at the top of the stairs his hand leaning against the wall to steady himself. He could see the light shining through the window as the bottom, this was the first time he had seen any form of sunshine in nearly a hundred years. He took a step forward and down the first step. His mouth was almost watering with anticipation; he so much wanted to step out into the light, to have the sunstroke across his skin with its warm fingers. He could already feel his skin getting hotter, and he knew if he was to go any further he would be at risk of burning altogether, but the thought did not stop him wanting to. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard. What was happening to him? Every emotion felt intensified. Something was going on, he just didn’t know what, but he had a good idea who had caused it.

"Are you planning on killing yourself?" said the boss’s voice from behind him.

"I just want to see it, just once."

"Just once would be all that you would get."

He breathed in and then let it out before he spoke, he was shaking as his emotions ran through him. "Is it you fault I am awake?" he asked turning to face his boss. "Is it your fault I suddenly dream and have desire for light and other feelings that I cant control?"

"You have given me no choice; you will not do what you have to do, what is your purpose."

"Then kill me, but please do not do this to me, I have suffered enough."

"If I do not do this, you will make us all suffer."

He clutched harder onto the wall as if it was the only thing keeping him stood where he was. He wanted to hit this boss, to hit him so hard and hurt him for what he was doing, but this was his father and he couldn’t. "When I dream of her, I am not really dreaming am I?"

"In a way."

"In a way? What is that supposed to mean? You cannot fob me off with your crap. When I meet her, I am really meeting her aren’t I?"

"Like I said, you gave me no choice."

"And that gives you a right to control me? To force this upon me? I thought I had already made my position clear on this, I do not want to be part of her life, or death."

"If you are in her life she doesn’t have to die, you can protect her."

"Like I did before? I do not wish to see anyone else die, if I stay away she will never need to know what hunts her, she can live a free life."

"After all this time are you still so naive? Do you believe that Cowan won’t find her?" asked the boss. "Because he is looking, I have found her, so he can too and when he does he will make sure that both of you suffer. You must get to her before he does."

"Maybe if I do step into the light he won’t. If I am gone he will have no need for her."

"No, but he will kill the rest of the Nosferatu."

He stepped back up and faced his father. "Are you not master enough to hold him off?"

"Are you questioning my authority child, my power? You have seen what I can do, do not think that you have the right to stand up to me, you are my child, my creation and still mine to control."

"I can fix that." He said nodding in the direction of the stairs.

"Do not push me. If you die she dies, do you not understand that? Cowan wouldn’t have to kill her, you will do it for him. If either of your hearts stop you both die."

His world instantly crashed down, everything he had promised himself not to do fell down around him in one emotional disaster as the fear of what his father had done to him suddenly awoke.” What have you done?"

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« Reply #37 on: September 23, 2007, 12:10:55 pm »

fld youve outdone yourself
and you even used the name dani ^_^

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« Reply #38 on: September 23, 2007, 02:35:48 pm »

It was the name you choose when i was writing Seeking Smiley

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« Reply #39 on: September 24, 2007, 04:56:16 pm »

i feel so special^_^

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« Reply #40 on: September 29, 2007, 07:30:11 pm »

This is such a great story!  Please continue writing!

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« Reply #41 on: January 02, 2008, 06:54:11 pm »

She was waiting, just as she had said in the dream. Nine O Clock, upstairs in Decades. Her long hair hung down loosely around her face. She was dressed more for an evening stroll along the beach rather than a night in a club. She wore a short white dress that was dotted neatly with small red flowers, her platform cork sandals made her legs look even longer and made Dani appear to be a lot taller.

He lent against the post out of her sight just watching her. He could see she was feeling the gap from the part that was missing from her life, just the little things she did, the small bits of body language that showed something was missing, but lucky for her she was blissfully unaware. He wished he could be so lucky, he wished he didnt have to feel the emotions slam into him every waking night as they slowly devoured him from the inside, until he was just an empty space of nothing.

The hole in him, the missing piece of his life was sat directly in front of him. Delicately holding her drink, raising it to her slightly parted lips in an image that was so feminine. Her small finger daring to stretch away from the glass as she drank. It was so hard not for him to go over to her, he imagined the feel of her soft fingers touching his face as her mouth closed over his. The way she looked at him, as if she had loved him all her life.

He backed away, never taking his eyes of her, the loud thumping of the music crashing through his head and he fought himself to keep going backwards away from her. He would not be selfish and take her life just so she could have her. She deserved to live and she deserved to be happy.

He took one last look at her as he reached the top of the stairs. She checked her watch and looked around her, searching for him. He wanted to go to her and tell her he was there, but he couldn’t. He blinked away the pressure building up behind his eyes, turned and ran out of the club to his car. He was doing the right thing.

The house smelt of roses when he finally got home. The sweet scent greeted him as he stepped into the hallway. Vases of roses decorated the area, stood elegantly on tables and shelves.

“What are you doing? He asked as he marched into his fathers study. What strange and wonderful plans do you have going on now?”

“His father turned in his seat and smiled. Do you not think they brighten the place up? Give the house a little decoration?”

“It would never be that simple with you.”

He reached out to the vase on the side and plucked the single rose from its glass home. “What are you planning this time? What ever it is, believe me it is better that you stop it now.”

“Are you threatening me?” asked the boss as he stood up. “Everyday you are getting more daring. Do not push me boy, or you will give me no choice but to destroy you.”

He stepped up to his father, facing him so his eyes glared into his. “You would never destroy me. If you were going to you would have done so already.”

His father’s anger filled the room like a hot wave that would take down anything in its path. It swam over his skin and he had to breathe in deeper just to get air. The rose bit into the flesh of his palm as his father crushed his hand against the delicate flower. A red tear slid down his fathers face. “If you were not mine, I wouldn’t hesitate to end your life, but if you carry on pushing me I will have no choice. Why can you not do as is meant? You cannot run and hide from what is prophecy. It is written and it will be, neither you nor I can change that.”

He tried to pull back from his fathers grasp, blood dripped down onto the floor from his hand where the thorns had pierced his skin. “I will die trying.” He said.

 “Then you die a fool and take us all with you.”

“If that is how it must be.” He said and snatched his hand away. “The sun rises outside, not even sleep gives me solace anymore, but the days rays force my eyes to close, I just wish they would close forever.”

It took him a while to sleep, even though the sun was shining somewhere beyond the walls where it couldn’t touch him, he knew it was there, could feel it as if he was tuned in like a radio wave. Only the bricks and mortar around him to protect his delicate skin from the warm heaven that would devour him. He wished that somehow he could just step into the light and be gone, but if what his father said was true then he would curse Dani to the same excruciating death and he could not do that too her.

Death took him into sleep, dread washed over him as he knew she would be there waiting for him. He stopped at the corner, not wanting to walk around the corner and into her world. He didn’t want to cause her any more pain, but he could feel her, like a cord tied in his chest pulling him to where she stood waiting.

Her face lit up as he moved into view and she smiled sadly. “You did not come.” She said. “I waited for you.”

“I told you, only one would turn up, and as you dreamed it, it was you. How could I meet you if I do not dream the arrangements?”

“Can we please try again?”


“Please. When I am not dreaming I feel like I am still connected with you somehow. Its like I know if I dream it here then you will know too.”

He reached for her hands and rested his forehead against hers, both of them looking down to the ground. “Don’t do this Dani, please don’t cause yourself more pain.”

“Just one last time.” She begged. “If you don’t turn up then I will give up, but here with you seems so real, how can it just be a dream?”


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« Reply #42 on: January 03, 2008, 11:01:27 am »

A tortured vampiric love story.  How romantic!  Beautiful writing, Flid.  You have a way with words, and this story is getting ever more interesting.

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« Reply #43 on: January 04, 2008, 08:21:09 pm »

She had fought him into a corner and was leaving him little choice. He didn’t want to hurt her, far from it. He loved her, he always had and would, but this was going to be the only way to save her life and if that meant breaking her heart then that’s what he would have to do.

“Ok.” He said. “I’ll meet you, just this one time, but if I don’t get this message in real life then please promise me you wont try again?”

“Thank you.” She said as she relaxed against him. “I know what I feel and this feels so real. It will work.”

“I hope so.” He said and he didn’t mean the arranged meeting.

He closed his eyes and rested his head against her shoulder, her dark red hair sweeping over his face. He would enjoy this moment and remember it forever because he was quite sure after tomorrow she would never want to see him again and so much as it hurt him to be apart from her there was no other way to save her.

He awoke with the scent of her hair still lingering. The feel of her mouth against his as he had kissed her goodbye one final time. A deep sadness settled inside him and blocked out the natural hunger every night hunter feels.

He showered and dressed quickly. He wouldn’t need to dress up for what he was planning. He wore a simple black shirt and matching jeans.

His father and Sarah were already drinking breakfast.

“I’ll be in my office.” Said his father leaving the table.

“Avoiding me?” he asked. “Or hiding something?”

“I’m not going to fight with you any longer. You’ll do as you’re supposed to. I fear if I sit here with you I shall end up killing you.”

His father leaving him pleased him; it was Sarah he wanted to talk to. For nearly three hundred years she had been by his side, he just hoped now her loyalty to him would provable and she would go against the master’s wishes.

Dani was a flurry of excitement as she dressed. Again she wore just a simple outfit. She wasn’t going out clubbing, she was going to met the man she knew that she had some sort of connection too. She didnt know what it was, but she could feel it none the less. And it was real.

She slipped on her beige summer dress, the evenings were still warm, but even f they weren’t she was to excited to feel the cold. Amanda was at work, Dani was thankful of that. She had received a barrage of questions the first time she went to meet her mystery man, and she hated lying to Amanda, but she wouldn’t understand.

The man had scared Amanda; ever since she had learned what he was she had refused to leave the house at night unless it was for work or an emergency. She had even had extra locks fitted, not that that would prevent a hunter from entering, if they wanted in, then they got in and no amount of locks would stop them.

They had arranged to meet at Decades again, Dani loved it there and it was public, plus a hunter ran it, Dani had discovered so there was no problem with him getting in. It was one of the only spots where they could mingle with humans and not be questioned.

Dani was amazed, all this time she had thought that hunters were something that has been invented by those that run the city, a way to scare people into doing what they wanted. What had surprised her even more was that she wasn’t scared at all by it; in fact it made him even more special.

The doorbell rang just as Dani was closing the house down ready to go out.

“Miss Deacon?” asked the man in at her door, he was dressed in a blue ‘Petals Delivery’ suit.


“These are for you.” He said as he handed her a bunch of white roses. “The cards inside, plus this.” He held out a single red rose. Dani reached for it. One of the thorns caught on her bracelet as the delivery guy tried to hand her the flower at an awkward angle. Another thorn caught the skin of her knuckles and she yelped, dropping the rose.

“Damn thorns.” She said in annoyance as she put her knuckle to he mouth to stop it bleeding.

“I’m ever so sorry.” He said as he bent down to pick it up. “Oh, its snapped. I can get you another from the van if you like?”

“”No harm done really. I have these lovely ones.” Said Dani trying to get rid of him so that she could get out of the house. She smiled politely at him and eased the door shut, hopping that it wasn’t too rude.

She placed the flowers in a vase of water and pulled out the card. “No longer in dreams.” It read.

Her heart leapt. It was real. He was really going to be there, tonight. She placed the card on the table and raced out of the house, she could hardly wait for their meeting now.

Sarah pulled the car up around the corner from decades. “Making me drive in these boots is not amusing.”

“You could have worn trainers.”

“And you could get someone else to help you.”

He turned in his seat and faced her. “There is no one else I would trust.”

Sarah knew what he meant, through all their years together, though they had had a love hate relationship, they were always there for each other. Ever since that night…

“Are you sure this is what you want?” she asked. “Its not to late for me to go back.”

“This is how it has to be, he has left me no choice. I cant kill her, not again.”

“You might not you know.”

“Its to high a risk. This is how it has to be.”

He starred out of the window; he didn’t want to get out the car. This was almost as bad as killing her, but it needed to be done to save her life. Tough love they call it.

“Shall we?” Sarah asked as she opened her door.

He didn’t answer; he gave a weak smile and got out.

Decade’s was semi busy, but not crowded. Dani scanned the people around the room, but she couldn’t see him. Heading upstairs she kept her eyes on the crowd and the door just in case, she was early though so no need to worry. Yet.

He wasn’t upstairs either and although she knew it wasn’t time for them to meet, her heart still sank lightly at the prospect that he may not turn up, she kept the words from the card going over and over in her head as reassurance.

Nerves made her drink faster than she had planned. Leaving her seat she got up to go to the bar for another, and then she saw him, dressed in black. The sight of him made her stop and just stare. She couldn’t quite believe that he was here, that they hadn’t been just dreaming.

She took a deep breath and forced herself forwards towards him. Would it be like in the dreams? Would his feelings for her still be the same? She hoped so.

“Hi.” She said as she reached him. “The roses were lovely, thank you.”

He turned and looked at her, he was taller than she remembered from her dreams, and his skin was paler, but then that was probably because it was a dream.

“Sorry?” he said a look of confusion on his face.

“Its me, Dani.”

“Oh god, I’m so sorry. You’re the girl who helped me that night aren’t you?” he said as a tall woman walked over to him with two drinks. She handed one to him and then began to drink from the other glass. He placed his arm around her shoulder. “Sarah, this is Dani, the girl I told you about that found me that night. Dani, this is my wife Sarah.”

“How very nice to meet you.” She said as she moved from his grasp and held out her hand towards Dani.

Dani’s world crashed down, the music died in her ears along with her. He was married? What was going on? She stepped back from them, they were saying something, but she couldn’t hear them. Her heart beat banged in her head as her vision blurred with tears.

He looked away from her, it took all the fight in him not to grab hold of her and tell her the truth, he knew it would be hard hurting her, but watching her cry over him was almost killing him.

He wanted to take her in his arms and say he was sorry, that he didn’t mean it and it was all a lie, but it was better this way.

“I owe you one for that.” He said trying to sound as casual as possible as his heart tore at his chest. “I’m Jerry by the way.”

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« Reply #44 on: January 05, 2008, 08:36:24 am »

Nooooo! That's not fair. Poor Dani. So glad you are writing another story though Flid.

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