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Author Topic: Babies Galore (Post your pics of your infant babies here)  (Read 109869 times)
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« Reply #240 on: October 14, 2010, 04:46:28 pm »

Thanks for the advice, Dobydog.  Most times my ACR works, but I was very shocked when my self-sim got pregnant. ACR calculates the age of the sim and brings the fertility of the sim down with age. My Neicy's was 9 days from elder and got pregnant, plus she's a knowledge sim, total egghead, so when she popped with the first trimester, I was like, WTF, where did that come from?  I let her have the little girl, and now I have fallen in love with her. Just had something like this happen in another lot. I just talked to myself "doggone it" and dealt with it. LOL!

Jessi 85, all you need is recolors to the Maxis bedding for the bouncy to get recolors. It takes the colors that you have for the crib bedding. Most of my infant clothes are from here. You can get others @ TSC2 but you would need to get the mesh for those at MTS2.

Here is cute little baby Liam, whose parents are Megan and Michael Moscovitz, two college students who live with their best friend, Sienna Gray.

His eyes are so clear, I'm amazed. This has to be some of the best graphics I have ingame. Don't ask about the outfit. My actual son had a nail infection so I got some nail fungus treatment. I'm fixing it tonight. Btw, his birth was so funny. They all had just come back from exams (Dean's list, yes! I needed more topical analgesic) and then she started giving birth, lmao.!


Poster child for birth control

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« Reply #241 on: October 14, 2010, 06:13:17 pm »

That's frightening. Haha,  Grin

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« Reply #242 on: August 21, 2012, 05:27:14 am »


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