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Author Topic: Memories  (Read 3236 times)
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« on: August 25, 2009, 10:08:57 am »

Okay. I had these pics sitting around on my computer for a few months and I decided to make a little story out of them. It'll maybe be 4 or 5 chapters long, it depends. Please be nice, hope you like it YAY

Part 1: Dreaming

Millie Jacobs was a hardworking sophomore student at SSU, a well known college around Desiderata Valley. She got good grades, took extra classes to earn her degree faster and she volunteered at the local pet shelter. When she was at her own little house on the outskirts of campus, she liked to dance crazy listening to all kinds of music. From hip-hop and rock to alternative. She loved dancing.

When she had some free time (apart from crazy dancing) she had her own little garden and she grew many things like strawberries, cucumbers, pole beans and tomatoes. She sold the items at the local farmers market once a week on Saturday mornings to earn extra money to help pay tuition. Since she was 18, she payed for tuition with the money she earned and with occasional help from her mom and her mom's partner Isabelle. She didn't care her mom was gay, she loved her mom and Isabelle so much.

After a hard day working her butt off in class and watering and weeding her garden, Millie decided to make herself a special treat, a shake using some strawberries and pole beans. She got the idea from her grandmother who used that mix to help ease a lot of pains from tummy aches to knee aches. It worked most of the time and you could also have it as a tasty treat. She mixed up some of the stuff and while putting in pole beans, she accidentally spilled some tomato juice in. " Oopsies, well at least it'll still taste great! Gram-grams always knew the best recipes! " She poured the stuff into a cup and took a huge gulp.

She finished the shake and put the cup into the dishwasher. She really didn't feel like handwashing the dishes right now. " I'll just go get my book and watch tv before I go to bed. " She was leaving the kitchen and she felt her stomach rumble. " Oh no, gas problems. Again." She went to her medicine cabinet and took some anti-gas pills. But one side effect was that they made her really sleepy. She grabbed her book and went to the couch.

Millie opened the book and yawned. " I'm too tired to read. I'll just watch tv. I wonder if Top Sims Chef 3 is on." Top Sim Chef 3 was Millie's favorite show. But halfway through the episode, Millie laid her head down on the couch and closed her eyes. " Just a little (yawn) nap before I go to bed." She closed her eyes and began sleeping. She felt as if she was floating on a cloud.

Millie was dreaming of riding a horse on the beach with the wind running through her hair. She began to move around a little, coming out of her dream state. She smiled and rubbed her nose. Then a sharp, " Daddy!!!! " Broke the peaceful silence. Millie groaned quietly. she layed still for a few more moments hoping to fall back asleep then a cry rang out again. " DADDY!!!! " The cry came again a few more times.

Millie sat up, mad that someone had woken her up from a pleasant nap. She shook her head. Her house was different and there was more furniture. It was like a family had moved in while she was asleep. Her clothes and her hair were different. " Okay unless I was alseep for a few months, there is no way my hair could grow 4 inches in my sleep. I know I didn't buy this." She looked at her printed shirt and dark jeans. She never wore jeans as nice as this because all her money was used on tuition or bills and she was wearing a wedding band.

A man came out of a room down the hall and stood in front of Millie. " Millie dear, I see you woke up. Can you help me with Chloe? I have to do a few things." Millie's mouth opened wide. " Um, sorry dear. Who are you and what are you doing here? My mind is a little foggy." The man smiled. " Well Millie, my name is Justin and we've been married for 6 years and have a 4 year old named Chloe. I see the meds got to your head again." Justinl, as he was named, went into the room he had come out of and left Millie to collect her thoughts

(A few weeks later) Millie had grown to love Justin and Chloe so much. They saw Chloe celebrate her 5th birthday. Millie also took Justin to a rock concert. They had so much fun together, but Justin knew he had to tell Millie was was going to happen. Justin had just shut the dishwasher and Millie came out and saw him wearing his army uniform. " Millie, now just hear me out. I'm being deployed to the Middle East in a few days. I have to go to the base tomorrow. I'm sorry." Millie felt a lump in her throat rise. " How long? " Justin didn't want to tell her but he didn't want to lie. " A few years. Millie, baby, I'm sorry."

Millie started sobbing. Justin stood there, not know whether to let her cry or to comfort her. But being the gentleman he was, he went up to her. " Sh Millie. Please try to quiet down, Chloe's asleep. It'll be alright. I'll call you and write whenever I get the free time. I love you and I don't want you to cry." Millie just kept crying. Justin wrapped his arms around her. Millie didn't want him to leave her. She loved him and she was sure Chloe would miss his so much as well.

The next day after packing a few things. Millie got Chloe in the car and drove with Justin to the army base a few miles away from Desiderata Valley. The night before, Justin had to shave his long hair. He had a buzz cut now. Millie's heart sank with every mile she drove. It became unbearable and she was barely able to get out. They stood before the plane that would take Justin away from her and Chloe. 'All personnell leaving today must be on board in 10 minutes. Repeat, we leave in 10 minutes." Justin held Chloe and told her. " Chloe, you keep mommy company and be a good girl okay? I love you so much Chloe." " Okay daddy, I love you too." He then turned to Millie and he hugged her tightly. " Millie, if you ever miss me, just look into your heart. You're never alone. I'll miss you, I love you so much baby." Millie cried and said, " I love you too sweetheart. Be safe Justin." She kissed him and with that, he picked up his bag and got on the plane. Millie held a tired Chloe and as the plane took off she whispered, " May god be with you Justin, I love you." Then she left.

A few years passed and Chloe was now 7 and Millie was used to the fact that Justin was gone. She had gotten a call from him one day saying, " Hi Millie, I can't talk long. Is there anything you want to say? " Millie just said, " Just this, I love you baby. I miss you so much and Chloe says hi and that she misses and loves you so much Justin. She got to see my Gram-Grams last week. " Justin laughed. " Okay. I got to go Millie, tell Chloe I love her. I miss you both and I love you." " I love you too Justin. Bye-bye" Millie hung up and went to help Chloe with her homework she had.

Later at about 9:00 when Chloe was fast asleep in bed, the telephone rang. Millie got to it before it woke up Chloe. " Hello? " " Hello, is this Mrs. Woods?" Millie said yes. " We deeply regret to tell you that at the time of 6:59 pm this evening, your husband Justin Woods, was killed by a hit and run. His comrades did all they could to save him. We're deeply sorry ma'am." Millie kept herself from crying. She hung up and fell to the floor.

Chloe came out of her room, still dressed in her clothes she wore earlier that day. " Momma, what's wrong? Is daddy alright? " Millie bit her lip and looked up at Chloe. " Chloe honey. While fighting oversease, daddy was hit by a car and he died baby girl. He's in heaven now honey." Chloe just started crying, " Why daddy? Why him?" Millie just said, " Chloe, everyone has a time when they have to die at some point and others died too early on in their life." Chloe just ran into her room and cried herself to sleep.

Later on, Millie was taking a hot bath to soothe her feelings and to help herself calm down. " What will me and Chloe do without Justin? How am I going to pay for things?" She just let these thoughts spin around in her head all at once, never bothering to focus on a single one. She slid down in the hot water, letting it cover her head before getting out and draining the tub. She put on some pj's and climbed into bed, on Justin's side. " I love you." She whispered as she fell asleep.

A few days later, Millie and Chloe were at Justin's funeral. Chloe was crying while looked at her father's gravestone. " I miss daddy so much!" She was crying and Millie was doing her best to comfor her. On the inside, Millie wanted to cry too but she had to be strong for Chloe. Millie almost fainted when they handed her the folded flag from his casket. Then everyone said their last goodbye and left the cemetery after they lowered him into the ground and buried him.

Justin's headstone read, " Sergeant Justin James Woods. Birth: May 18th, 1979. Death: October 4th, 2009. May he always be remembered. R.I.P" The only thing that sat on Justin's grave was a vase filled with his favorite flower, the red rose. They were from Millie and Chloe as a small gift as if to let him know that they were still there and that they loved him so much.

After finally getting Chloe calm enough to sleep, Millie went about the house, picking up her toys and putting them in the toby box where they belong. Even though he'd been gone for a short while, Millie heart ached for Justin and she wanted him with her right now. " Oh Justin, why did you have to die? " Millie wiped away a tear and sat down on the couch.

Millie began to feel sleepy. She then laid down on the couch. " I won't sleep long. Just a small nap." She fell asleep within minutes and began to feel as if she was floating on a cloud. She then felt herself slowly being carried down. She felt herself slowly waking up but she wanted to stay alseep for just a little while longer.

Then Millie woke up completely. She sat straight up. " Wow! That was some dream! " She wandered into the kitchen and yawned. The phone beeped. " You have 1 new message from Justin Woods." She pressed a button and it beeped and she heard his voice. " Hey Millie, it's me Justin. I was wondering if you didn't have anything going on this weekend, I thought you might want to go with me to the roller rink just to skate and hang out. Call me. Bye-bye." Millie smiled.

Millie dialed the number. She waited for a few moments. " Hello? " She paused. Her dream came flooding back to her. What if this started all that happened. ' Naw, it couldn't.' She thought. " Hey Justin." " Oh hey Millie." Millie paused and said, " I'd love to go with you this weekend. See you around 5, I guess?" Justin said yes. " Okay Millie, see you then. Bye" Millie hung up, knowing this would start something wonderful.

                                                                THE END - of Part 1
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« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2009, 12:40:25 pm »

Wow. Nice start. I can't wait to read more. And Millie is pretty.  YAY


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« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2009, 07:20:35 pm »

thank you!!
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