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31  A Safe Haven / General Discussion / Re: What's the last movie you watched? on: June 14, 2010, 09:44:25 pm
Lol, in the past 3 weeks, in this order:

Star Trek 6 - The Undiscovered Country
ST 11 (The new movie)
ST 2 - Warth of Khan
ST 3 - Search for Spock
ST 4 - Voyage Home
ST 5 - ...

Can you tell I own all 11 movies??  tongue
32  A Safe Haven / General Discussion / Re: The Dumbest Thing You Said or Did on: June 12, 2010, 05:16:07 pm
When I was in 6th-7th grade, i was a really wierd person ...
I used to pick up candy *off the floor* and eat it ... certainly qualifies as dumb ... but I knew people would make (more) fun of me if they saw me do that ((so why didn't I just stop, duh!)) so I would purposely drop a pencil or something by the candy & pick them both up ...
I think I finally realized how stupid it was when I tried this while going up the stairs between classes and got run into from behind ...  tongue  tongue

That was 10 years ago ...

I can't think of anything specific really funny or pathetic from recently ...

However, one day at work about a month or so ago, all the soda started coming out of the fountains flat.  So I walked up to my store manager and said, "We're out of carbon dioxide."  So she's like 'what??' ... and she says to me, "That's the stuff that will kill you, you know, like in car exhaust?"  So I just started laughing at her, said, "No, actually that's carbon monoxide."
She gives me this embarassed look, and says something like, "Oops, I didn't know that ..."
She tells me, we just always call it CO2 ...
(I still call it carbon dioxide, "CO2" just sounds lazy to me Wink )
33  Simmers' Paradise / Modding Database / Posebox questions on: May 19, 2010, 11:16:00 am
I'm still pretty new to creating poseboxes and BHAV editing ...

The tutorial I used for my last box was by sim_man123 at TSR (yes, I know, TSR, but for some reason no matter how many times I tried Jasumi's tut, I couldn't get it to work.)

So I have a working box, but it plays the animation without looping and it can't be canceled via the queue.  It has to play the full 15 seconds and then stops.  Tongue  This is perfectly fine for people with AL who can use the freezer clock, but for those without (like me) it's annoying if it takes any more than 15 seconds to set up the other sims in the shot ... and if you accidentally clicked the *wrong* pose, you have to wait for it to finish, etc ...

So I would like, well, the opposite of that.  An animation that loops indefinitely but that can be canceled with the queue (not with start/stop options).

Is this possible (I don't see why it shouldn't be) and if so, does anyone know how to do it?
34  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Women / Re: Red Wedding Dress on: May 16, 2010, 11:04:18 pm
Erm ... I know I posted this before but apparently it didn't "take" ...

Sooooo ...

Where did you find this dress IRL?
35  Simmers' Paradise / Clothing & Body Mesh's / Re: wonderfull wedding dress on: May 15, 2010, 02:49:25 pm
Where did you find this dress?  (The real dress)?
36  Simmers' Paradise / Sims Stories / Re: Little Fire Burning (Ch. 56: Slipping away *9.may 10*) on: May 09, 2010, 05:03:44 pm
 shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked Cry

Great chapter though!
37  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Sim Hunks / Re: On White Wings - Gingerbread Steaks on: January 13, 2010, 12:00:39 am
Sweet! Cheesy

Where did you get the ears and the whiskers from?  I don't think I've seen them anywhere before.
38  Sims 2 Community Downloads / Misc. Mods and Careers / Re: User-Interface Mod: No Red Lines During Pause on: November 07, 2009, 02:30:28 am
Question: I never downloaded this because I'm too worried (lol) that I'll un-pause and not realize until it's too late ...
So, is there a way I could modify this so I still have the red line, but not the big round pause circle?  'Cuz I can easily crop out a small red line.  Big circle, not so much Wink
39  Simmers' Paradise / Where Can I Find...? / Pose/Anim Box with arms raised in surrender on: September 09, 2009, 10:30:59 pm
I need a pose box or something similiar that give me a way to have the sim raise their arms as in surrender ...

If there already exists such a pose in the game, please tell me how to find it! Cheesy

lol, sort of like these guys:
 GAH3 Clap

40  Simmers' Paradise / Clothing & Body Mesh's / Mesh conversions, should be simple (edit: added links) on: August 29, 2009, 09:39:17 pm
This is copied/pasted from elsewhere Smiley


Meshing and I are not getting along very well right now.   Meshing and my computer are not getting along very well right now.  My computer and I are not getting along very well right now .........

I would like someone who can do (clothing) age conversions, and preferably male-female/female-male conversions also to please please help me! Cheesy

I'm wanting to do an athleticwear set, and I need a set of meshes for it.  Here's what I'm looking for:  I need this to look like someone handed identical shirts, pants, and shoes to tm, tf, am, af, em, and ef ...

What I'm looking for:

1) Would like the pants and shoes to be almost exactly like the pants/shoes in the adult female athletic wear already uploaded here, but minus any 3D ridges, *except* at the top of the pants.
2) For females, skin-tight (maxis swimsuit/underwear) top, no ridges anywhere, *except* I want the fabric to stretch tight between the breasts, not dip in so much like maxis' ...
2 again) Alternatly, Migamoo has a top-only for teen females based on an outfit from FreeTime, which I think is just about PERFECT for this, for the teen-adult-elder female.  Look here:
And it is "tankers tank tops" and "step it up athletics" as well as "skater" on the previous page.
3) Male top would simply be skin-tight, no fiddly stuff necessary.
4) UV map *please* same for all, or at least same within each gender ... Cheesy
5) I'll do all the texturing stuff, I just need the meshes ... :-(

I'm really sorry if this all seems really complicated.  I'm going to post this, then try to stick together a picture in Paint and upload to Photobucket ...

Edit: Ok, I did it.  Here are pictures.

The mesh I'm talking about for the pants:

What I'm asking for:

Now, of course, the men's will not be this curvy, it should match their bodyshape ... this is just a quick example Wink

EDIT AGAIN:  When I said no 3D ridges, I forgot to specify either there or with a picture more specifically what I meant.  I mean no drawstring bow at the waist.  That'll totally go.  There is also a small ridge at the bottom of the legs on the inside.  That's also not wanted.  
41  Retired Creators / Objects / Re: Modded surgical Table on: July 13, 2009, 02:05:58 am
Quote from: Julie J;1293670
Sims Mod Board, closed down a long time ago was quite popular for medical stuff - They had one where you could have a sim on it it was very buggy though if I remember correctly.

never heard of them Wink

Sorry, I know this was *forever* ago that this was posted, but I was curious as to what this SMB was ... and I found out it either was or was a part of the much more well-recognized  Files can be found at the Graveyard.  Just in case anyone was wondering like I was.

</end random post>
42  Simmers' Paradise / Contests & Challenges / Re: WE NEED A BANNER!! on: February 01, 2009, 03:19:31 am
I hope I'm not too late with this!  But here's my little entry.  (Never tried to design a banner before, I hope it's decent!)   cool
43  Simmers' Paradise / Tutorials / Tutorial: Bodyshop Meshing with Blender 3D v2.45 (Part I) **A Bit Image Heavy!** on: November 10, 2008, 04:30:27 am
Ok, yeah, that was the problem, it had too many vertices.  The max SimPE wanted to handle was 2000, this was more Cheesy.  But, that's fixable, running SimPE in "advanced mode."  

I will possibly try to reduce that later.  For now I'll just work with it as it is Cheesy

I discovered this because on that message, I clicked "more details."  Maybe I should have figured that out before!  Duh!
What it told me:
This is just a Warning. It is supposed to keep you informed about a Problem. Most of the time this is not a Bug!

If SimPE is not running in Advanced Mode, the maximum Number of Vertices is set to 2000 and the maximum amount of Faces to 5000.

If you want to Import this Mesh, you have to turn on Advanced Mode. However, Objects with big Meshes will slow down the Game!

Windows Version

.NET Version:

Faces-2618 Vertices-2174
(Not much more than the Maxis count I started with!)

Ok, another question, how can I add pieces to a mesh and have them correctly assigned to bones, etc.?
44  Simmers' Paradise / Tutorials / Tutorial: Bodyshop Meshing with Blender 3D v2.45 (Part I) **A Bit Image Heavy!** on: November 05, 2008, 11:37:54 am
I am 99% sure that wasn't the problem.  I will definitely check once I can open SimPE again ... (I had Bodyshop open last time I posted, I just closed it, forgot to open SimPE to check the checks, and opened my game. Tongue  If I didn't have such long loading times, I would do it now ...)

All that to say, I'm almost positive I would have taken notice if there was more than one there, even if I didn't know what to do with it ... but I don't remember anything different about it ...

I will come back with an update when I can actually check, but in the meantime, is there anything else it might be???  Cheesy

ps - thank you for the quick reply!

edit: yes, I was sure, that wasn't the problem
45  Simmers' Paradise / Tutorials / Tutorial: Bodyshop Meshing with Blender 3D v2.45 (Part I) **A Bit Image Heavy!** on: November 04, 2008, 05:57:19 am
Ok, HELP!!  When I try to import my edited mesh, I get this error:

Yes, I have added some vertices.  I only subdivided some faces ...  I didn't have any clue that would be a problem ... but now what do I do?  Do I have to make do with the original number or is there a way I can get it to accept the extras?

(I probably sound desparate ... Tongue)

Edit:  When I try to re-import the original mesh (that I have changed nothing on), it gives me the same message.  

Ok, in case you need to know, SimPE v. 0.64, Blender 2.47. Since I'm editing the afbodycop mesh (ok, or whatever it's called), I had to do the extracting the 4 parts by hand, like you have to do using Milkshape tutorials ... but no big deal there ...
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