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Author Topic: Red De'Vill-update JAN 6th  (Read 31741 times)
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« Reply #60 on: October 18, 2007, 02:55:54 am »

The First Show part 1

“Good evening everyone and welcome to the very first live round of Star Factor 2007”
Cherise Masters stood on the infamous Star Factor stage, announcing the beginning of the show to huge applause from the audience. As the crowd quietened she continued.

“Twelve talented acts have made it here from the thousands of you who began auditions only a few weeks ago…and now the journey is nearly over for the winner amongst them.
Without further ado, let’s say hello to our wonderful judges and mentors, Steve, Marla, Ronny and Mimi……..(Wait for more applause to die down) ….and lets meet our first act of the evening singing a classic disco song……Louis Banks………….”

Louis had been successfully picked out from the qualifying rounds at Veronaville, he had been on the club circuit for years and this was his chance to break into the professional scene at last..He had a lot of live performance experience behind him and took the stage with confidence to deliver a great version of “Celebrate” By Kool and the Gang.

The enthusiastic studio audience gave him a rapturous applause and Cherise waited again patiently for the hub bub to die down before addressing the panel….
“Wonderful start to the show there from Louis..but do our mentors agree….Mimi. would you like to start us off with your verdict?”

The cameras turned to Mimi Anderson,
“Sure Cherise Thank you, absolutely, that was a great performance there with great delivery and Louis looked really comfortable all through…definitely a hit with me”

Each of the other judges gave Louis a glowing review, and then Cherise announced the next act….

“Great result for Louis there….Ok next up we have Bluewaters’ successful entrants…boy band The Rice Brothers……..”

More applause as the quartet of two brothers and their two school friends began “Can you feel it” by the Jackson Five.

Backstage in the Blue room, Ellie was sweating a bit….she was regretting all the coffee she had drunk early that morning. She pined for her family…they would be just about back home by now, rushing in from the car to switch on the TV and watch her.
Sam too would be at her hotel switching on to watch…shame Sam was not able to help Ellie that night with her outfit. She had picked out a nice enough dress and the TV studio’s make up and hair team had helped her do the rest… Ellie fretted , the boy band’s song came to an end.

The studio audience were excited and gave them huge cheers,….but they had not been that good…Cherise once again asked the panel for their feedback.

“All right…Thank you boys…..lets see how our Judges rated you….Steve , perhaps you would start off” Cherise said trying not to smirk.


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« Reply #61 on: October 18, 2007, 02:56:08 am »

Steve Conway launched into quite a tirade…
“That was a disaster from start to finish….out of tune……totally the wrong song for you….and as for the dance routine….well anyway…utterly horrendous…I’m disappointed”

Ronny interrupted….”I totally disagree Steve….These boys are exactly what the chart needs right now..They are fun and the fans love them…I think they have terrific potential…”

Cherise spoke again, asking Mimi and Marla in turn to offer their opinions…

“Ok next up, “ Cherise said brightly…”A young lady also from Veronaville…Cindy Anne Craven……singing a disco classic..”Ring my Bell”…..good luck Cindy Anne….”

Cindy Anne strutted out onto the stage, she was very confident that was certain… she launched into her song , being very provocative , her voice was certainly not her strong point but she worked the crowd with her moves….

She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself anyway…Cherise spoke to the judges again as Cindy Anne sashayed off the stage.

“Well that was an interesting performance…” Marla said trying to be diplomatic…”definitely a confident performer….um….”

Steve chipped in with clear disdain. “Totally awful, just a cacophony…and what was the gyrating for exactly? This is not a pole dancing contest”

“I thought she was sensational…absolutely gorgeous girl with loads of talent and real star quality…two thumbs up from me for sure” Gushed Ronny…who had definitely taken a shine to the ambitious blonde…..

Mimi commented that with work, a lot of work, Cindy Anne could really improve..

The cameras swung back to Cherise once more…..

“Ok thank you panel…we’ll be back after the break with girl band “Lipgloss”   don’t touch that remote!”
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« Reply #62 on: October 18, 2007, 05:51:51 am »

The First Show Part 2

“Hello and welcome back to our very first live show of the series! We have had a terrific first half so without any more delay…lets hear it for ‘Lip Gloss’ with ‘Funky Town’! Take it away girls!”

Five young girls in excruciatingly tight mini dresses and killer heels teetered up to their marks and began singing and dancing….

Ronny Reed was the first to comment this time..
“Ah girls you took the song and made it your own…absolutely tremendous performance…you are amongst my favourites in this whole contest…” he said positively drooling as the girls giggled and waved at the audience.

“Oh do me a favour….” Moaned Steve sarcastically…”Girls you are very sweet but that was just lacklustre …average and what on earth was going on with the harmonies….needs a lot more refining….”

 Mimi was trying to be a little less scathing, but was in total agreement with Steve on this one….
“Yes ladies, I do believe more work is needed…you need to pay a little more attention to your breathing and closer work together with the harmonies…but yes I think there is potential for greater things from you……”

Marla nodded in agreement…”Yes I concur with Mimi…but also I have to say, lovely bubbly performance, you could have a good successful time in the pop charts provided you put in the ground work….”

Cherise thanked the panel and moved to the next act.

A couple more acts later and it was the turn of another solo artist. Self proclaimed diva, Denise Hunter stepped out on stage to belt out a stirring rendition of ‘I will survive’. Denise was also an established live performer having started in Church at the tender age of 6….

Denise too, got a great reception from the crowd…Once more; Cherise was up to get the verdict…

“Ok then panel…marvellous version of the classic by Gloria Gaynor there….lets have your views on Denise”
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Rock Chick

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« Reply #63 on: October 18, 2007, 05:56:52 am »

“Wonderful slick performance there Denise…I think we all would agree you truly belong on that stage and you owned it girl….absolutely fab darling!” Gushed Marla…the other judges agreed…Denise Hunter was oozing with talent.

The next up was a young guy called Pete Marshall from the small town of River blossom Hills…after a quick introduction , he launched into his version of ‘Heaven must be missing an angel’ to lots of squeals from the teenage girls In the audience.

He finished amidst more screams and Cherise finally was able to make herself heard.
“Thank you Pete….Ok Judges, clearly a favourite amongst the studio audience here…but do you agree with them?”
The judges gave Pete good reviews; he was one of the favourites to win overall…good looking and talented..He had the appeal to make a lot of money for Steve’s label…Steve Conway’s company had put up the 1 million simoelean recording contract for the lucky winner.

Waiting in the wings, Ellie felt like she would collapse..The noise and chaos around her was almost too much to bear….she prayed she would have the strength to walk out there…
She could hear Cherise Masters announce her taking a deep breath, Ellie balled her hands into fists…..and walked up on the stage, with the lights beaming down on her…it was hard to make out the audience..but this worked in her favour as she stepped up to the mark and began to sing ‘Last Dance’ by Donna Summer.

Ellie lost herself in the song again…and kept holding on to what her Dad had said…that it was an adventure..and no matter what…her family would always be proud of her.
She was still in a daze as she left the stage.

“You nailed it Ellie” Marla said happily, Ellie had been faultless, even though she looked like a little mouse up there at first..The audience liked her too…the purity of her voice rang out and made up for her shyness …

“Great job…need to build confidence…but even so…classy performance Ellie…well done” Steve actually looked pleased for a change.

Ronny had to agree, he tried to play it down a little…having already thrown himself into backing Cindy Anne for some reason.

The show wound up….A duet were eliminated with the least votes and the entrants retired to the blue room to wind down before going to sleep at the nearby ‘Grand Hotel’.


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« Reply #64 on: October 18, 2007, 06:28:31 am »

yahoo they are back glad you remade then rockchick this story has gotten better though i will miss Kira,must have missed the part about her accident

i'm an insim addict
welcome back kathy and eric we missed you
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« Reply #65 on: October 18, 2007, 08:06:38 am »

Thanks Hotrod...Glad to see you back reading this again! xx

Rock Chick

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« Reply #66 on: October 18, 2007, 08:16:38 am »

The Blue Room- After the First Show

The contestants sat around in the blue room at the studio, it was sort of like a holding area lounge affair…and where all of them had waited to go on after getting ready in their dressing rooms. It was a fairly high charged atmosphere but the production crew kept everything under control.
Ellie was more than a little relieved when her mobile rang.
“Dad!!” she gasped,

Red’s voice on the line was a huge comfort to her..
“Are you all right sweetheart? You were fantastic Love….we’re so proud of you…”
Ellie moved away from where her competitors were chatting ….
“Oh my god Dad I was petrified”
“Well it didn’t show…ahhh…hold on…Noosh is trying to rip the phone off me…speak to your sister a sec will you “
Ellie chuckled as Noosh squealed down the phone…
“Oh my god!!! You were great…really really….and I love the song…and um…do you think you can get the Rice Brothers autographs for my friend Shelby? And Pete’s for me…god he’s gorgeous…”
Ellie heard her Dad prise the phone back off her sister……
“Hello Ellie? So yeah….are you OK now? What are you doing tonight?”
Ellie glanced round the room.
“Some of them have already gone back to the hotel, we’re just having a cuppa and then I think we get chaperoned over to the hotel too in a minute.”

Ellie went quiet….
“Listen kiddo….you go hang out…if you want to chat to me later, just give me a call…don’t worry about what time…if you need me , I am here ok”
Ellie felt tearful again and so quickly composed herself and went to sit with the others.

Ellie sat down in a spare seat between Denise and Louis; they were busy chatting about how their careers would take shape after the contest…
“So Ellie….do you have any particular plans for after the show?”

Denise asked… “Ellie shrugged, “Gosh I don’t know…I haven’t really thought about it…I was so amazed to get this far anyway..”

“I am seriously looking into an album…maybe a tour after the Star Factor tour at least…my agent is negotiating some time for me at a really great studio” Louis explained…
“Uh huh…” nodded Denise, “I just have so many songs lined up..double albums worth for sure… really don’t have anything set up Ellie? really should have an agent..”

“I’m just enjoying the experience really…I try not to think to far ahead” Ellie admitted.

Cindy Anne chuckled and flicked her hair back…
“Wow…seems a silly approach..everyone knows this show can open doors…like so far beyond singing…I have my people looking into a fragrance, clothing line…workout video…I mean SOME of us can pull it off better than others……”
She gave Ellie a slightly superior look.

“Really, I don’t mind..I’m happy to just be this far into it…I miss my family and stuff…” Ellie said quietly, feeling more and more foolish listening to everyone else talk about sponsorship deals and TV appearances.
Gradually the others were collected one by one till only Ellie and Cindy Anne were left.
Ellie was pacing round the room waiting for a text back from Sam when Cindy Anne walked over to her.

“I have to hand it to you Ellie” Cindy Anne sneered as she spoke…Ellie turned to face her…
“What’s that?”
“This goody two shoes act of yours… this for the experience? Come on! That’s so obviously fake…..people are going to see you for what you really are…you wait and see…” Cindy Anne ranted at her.
Ellie recoiled, totally unprepared…”Wh..What?”

“You’re so weak…you aren’t going to last…its not just about the voice..don’t you realise that they can enhance everything in the studios these days? That you hardly ever sing live? It’s all miming..anyone with half a brain in this business knows that… are so out of your league it’s not even funny…..”
Cindy Anne’s eyes glittered; she was clearly enjoying this …
Ellie felt so alone…it was true , she did feel out of her depth….she was so stressed already , and Cindy Anne could tell Ellie was vulnerable…….

“You are never going to make it to the end Ellie….you don’t belong in this contest…I wonder who you slept with to get this far…….”

Cindy Anne’s Chaperone called from just outside the door….as Ellie burst into tears, Cindy left her parting shot……

“And by the way…that dress is gross…you just looked like a dog….”
Cindy Anne left with a satisfied smirk on her face.

Ellie wanted the ground to swallow her up, right there..alone at last she sobbed into her hands…
A text from Sam arrived…it was just what she needed to prompt her into taking a deep breath and drying her eyes.
She walked towards the window and watched the city through the drapes, trying to hold on to thoughts of those she loved back home…who loved her and believed in her….for them she would not let the Cindy Anne’s of the world beat her down.

A voice behind her startled her a little….
“Excuse me? Miss De’Vill….I am so sorry I’m late..”

Ellie turned round to find a drop dead gorgeous hunk looking at her with concern….
“Miss De’Vill? Are you OK? You look upset…”

Ellie was taken aback…about the last thing she expected to be confronted with after her run in with Cindy Anne was someone like this
She nodded and smiled a little
“Um yes…I was er….missing my family you know…big night and all that”

The man smiled back,
“Of course…my name is Brett, and I’m your chaperone for the course of the finals….”

“My what? sorry” Ellie could feel her cheeks burning…..

“Your chaperone, bodyguard..whatever you want to call me really,” Brett explained,
“All finalists have one of us to look after them at this stage in the proceedings…why? Did you maybe want someone else? It’s not a problem if you don’t feel I’m the right person…”

Ellie cleared her throat.. “Um no no..I think you will …er…you will do “
She blushed deep crimson..
”What I mean is …oh god sorry…what I mean is that I am cool with you looking after me… are we going to the hotel?..I mean not staying there in the same room or anything….are we?”

Brett suppressed a grin
“No I shall be next door, just page me if you need me… if everything is in order shall we go?”

Ellie turned and walked out into the foyer determined not to say another word till
she’d had a cold shower and at least 12 hours sleep.

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« Reply #67 on: October 18, 2007, 12:50:16 pm »

This is really good!! And Ellie's Bodyguard is very cool!!! Smiley

The best things in life are, Always unseen. That's why we all close our eyes when we wish, kiss and dream... :angel5:

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« Reply #68 on: October 18, 2007, 01:21:11 pm »

Aw Thank you very much !


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« Reply #69 on: October 21, 2007, 12:05:09 pm »

Wow, it just keeps getting better and better! Keep up the good work!!

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« Reply #70 on: October 24, 2007, 03:59:48 pm »

i LOVE it ! cant wait until the next update!:D

Im looking for judges and prize donations for my upcoming contest Killer Instinct: The search for the next Assassin.  If you're interested or have any questions, pm me Smiley
Life is just one giant freak show, so just buy a ticket and enjoy the ride...:happy8:
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« Reply #71 on: October 28, 2007, 01:32:11 pm »

:rabbit: Hey, you know that black and white skull and crossbone dress Sam was wearing? Where can I find it? Is it based on a real dress? Cuz I want one!! Also, I have yet to see the hot bodyguard! The pic's won't load. :coffee2:
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:welcome: She's here! Iris Delilah Jones. (I know it's kind of stupid to name a baby partly after a Sim story, but I love Banished!!)
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« Reply #72 on: October 28, 2007, 01:52:31 pm »

Thanks folks xx
Hi Kristen, I can't remember offhand where I got the outfit, it might be but I will have a look next time I load the game, and the pics are OK, there are just a lot of them so they take a minute or two to load

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« Reply #73 on: October 30, 2007, 06:31:57 am »

Surprise visit

The next morning, Ellie and the other contestants had a free day..There was only one thing she wanted to do. Luckily, Brett was happy to drive her.

Red was amazed later that evening when his eldest daughter burst in and threw her arms round him.

“OH DAD!!!!” She yelled…hugging him tightly…finally she released her grip a bit.

“What are you doing back here sweetheart?? Are you all right? Is something wrong?” Red was happy to have Ellie back but concerned for her too.

“How come you’re home? You didn’t call me; I would have come and picked you up love”

Ellie took a deep breath
“I know I know….I just…it was a spur of the moment thing….Where’s Noosh and Rhys??” She glanced round for her younger siblings eagerly.

“They are staying at friends tonight….You can call them in a few…listen ..Tell me…is everything all right up there?” Red persisted.

They were interrupted by a mad hammering at the door…Sam was jumping up and down waving and knocking frantically outside… they laughed , Red sighed…

”You better let her in before she makes a Sam shaped hole in the wall…I’m gonna start sorting dinner..”

“Right .thanks Dad” Ellie turned to let her best friend in.

Sam practically ran Ellie over; she was thrilled to see her…
“OMYGAWD WOMAN!!!!” Sam gushed, “You were absobloodylutely AMAY-ZNG!!....I saw you get out the car just now…so I came straight over…is that OK???”

Red called in from the kitchen, “Stay for dinner if you want Sam”
Sam yelled back excitedly…”Thanks Mr Dee”

Sam hugged Ellie enthusiastically, “I missed you, ya cow bag”
Ellie was feeling so happy to be back amongst friendly faces again…Sam was bursting to ask all sorts ..

“Well come on then…been to any good parties last night?....that Pete bloke is a bit of all right isn’t he? Anything to confess then?” beamed Sam

Ellie remembered the unpleasantness with Cindy Anne and winced…
“What?Huh? Are you all right? What happened” Sam urged her for more details.

Ellie nodded, she told her friend about the interlude with Cindy….”I’m just so glad to get away from her for a bit..”

Sam furrowed her brow and screwed up her nose …”OOOOH I wish I’d have been there…I would love to see how she’d manage to smarm around like lady bloody muck with a fat lip and a BLACK EYE…..”
Ellie could just imagine Sam flooring Cindy and chuckled at the mental image.

“That’s better” Sam winked ……”Soooo …..”
Sam smirked and gestured to the door…
“Did you know there was a burly man standing outside looking lost?”

“OH NO!!” Ellie had left her chaperone standing by the gate ..She’d been so overjoyed to be home ….

“That’s Brett….he drove me here”

“Blimey girl…you pulled already?? Well they do say it’s always the quiet ones” Sam giggled

Ellie blushed in spite of herself…”NO he’s my chaperone ….”
Sam cackled ..”Hmmm bodyguard eh…well well….”
She waggled her eyebrows..
Ellie felt her cheeks burning…how could she have forgotten him? He must think she was a complete idiot…or just plain ignorant

Red called out again…”Ellie De’Ville! I’m surprised at you…fancy leaving him out there in the cold…”
He winked at her as he went to the door to call Brett in.
“I’m so sorry “ Ellie blurted, hiding away a bit behind Sam as Brett wandered in.
“It’s ok, no worries” he answered grinning.

“So you’re looking after my girl up there eh?”
Red shook hands with Brett and the two men began chatting.
“That’s right sir”
Red nodded, “ah just call me Red…Listen mate, why don’t you stay for dinner? “

Brett smiled “Thanks Red, If you’re sure it’s no trouble…we will have to leave first thing in the morning though…I’ll kip in the car..”

“No way…you can stay in my sons room, he’s off at his friends tonight…”
Red insisted generously.

Brett thanked Red but insisted on crashing on the sofa.

“OK well if you are sure, I’m gonna dish out dinner “

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« Reply #74 on: October 30, 2007, 06:32:28 am »

Soon the four of them were sitting around the table tucking in to one of Red’s specialities, after years of being a single dad working from home, Red had become a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen.
Ellie cleared her throat and spoke.

“I just wanted to say, thanks Dad…for entering me in the contest..and Sam for being the best friend ever….and um….Brett, I really appreciate you driving me all the way down here…Thank you”

Red and Sam smiled widely, Brett too,

“Makes a change from being dragged around shops carrying bags for someone”
Brett admitted.
 In all previous years of the competition he seemed to be landed with some bimbo who wanted to blow her wardrobe allowance in one hit all round the cities trendy boutiques…never once had he been begged to drive anyone home to their family before…it made a nice change and he said so.
Sam’s eyes glittered…”Wait…did you say they get money for outfits?”

Brett nodded, “Sure, at this stage in the contest there’s a lot of money flying about….the revenue from the votes phoned in by the viewers, all the merchandising…course there’s the spin off stuff in the mags and papers…contestants get a clothing budget, stylist…one of us to look after them…they have the equivalent of their wages paid into their accounts each week…you compensate for having time off regular jobs…”

“I don’t have a stylist…I didn’t realise all that….” Ellie said …feeling out of her depth again…..all those millions of viewers…of course there would be huge money involved…
Brett looked at Ellie thoughtfully,
“That’s what an agent would have fixed up for you…but you can ask for one.”

“I would…I would do it for you in a heartbeat” Sam exclaimed.

Ellie beamed….How perfect that would be….
“You would get a pretty good salary…they put you up in the hotel with the finalists so you are on call for the duration of it…would your boss release you for the whole two months though” Brett asked Sam…Sam was already in action mode…” Oh I will be there..wether the salon like it or not!!  “ She leapt up and thanked Red for the meal, “I’m gonna go phone him now” Sam declared referring to the owner of the salon…
“Don’t leave without me ok??”

Sam left and Red turned to Ellie…” So that’s good news then eh babe? What with Sam and Brett here to take good care of you…its going to be a great experience for you, I’m going to go on to bed so I can get you up in the morning…besides…you two might want some time alone” He winked across at Ellie…Brett seemed a nice guy…

Ellie flushed to the roots again….”Dad!!! “She hissed

Red chuckled and went off in the direction of the stairs teasing, “Goodnight you two…don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”

Ellie murmured an apology. Brett grinned, “You have a really nice Dad…you’re very lucky to have such close family and friends….”
She nodded, “Yeah I know….it feels weird up there without them..”

“Well I guess I’ll turn in if I have that long drive tomorrow” Brett sighed…Ellie was having trouble looking him in the eye..They got up from the table and she peered out of the window…the weather looked like it was taking a turn for the worst.

“I’m sorry you had to drive such a way….and now back to tomorrow as well…I am so thoughtless…” Ellie mumbled feeling guilty..She stared out the window harder as she felt him looking at her..

“Ah no worries really…was a good drive…I enjoyed chatting to you, and having a nice family meal was great…haven’t done that in ages…..” Brett assured her.

“So um goodnight then”
 “Goodnight Ellie”

Ellie stood facing him for a minute..sort of gazing…after a little awquard second or two they turned smiling shyly and walked off in opposite directions.

The Previous Evening, on the other side of  Pleasantview City.

Lawrence Montgomery slumped down onto the couch after a hectic day at the office, Saturday evening television never normally interested him but he had such a draining time of it having to go in on his day off, he felt like veging out …
He flicked through the channels coming to a stop at the first live final of Star Factor, a lot of his staff were buzzing about it…no harm in letting some crass nonsense wash over him that night…his new wife of 3 months came in and sat beside him.

“Darling, whatever are you watching?” she enquired.
Lawrence covered his eyes cringing as the girl group caterwauled through a song..”Dear lord what a nightmare”

“Don’t watch it then…why don’t we pop out to the wine bar tonight instead?” she offered…Lawrence was beat, “ I am far to tired …this is fine..I need to switch off the brain for a bit that’s all”
His wife snorted a little..” Really I don’t understand why Lorraine couldn’t have dealt with it..” she said referring to Lawrence’s hard working PA.
“Jessica darling, Perhaps we can go out for lunch at the golf club tomorrow…”

Jess groaned and rolled her eyes……”Fine” They sat in silence gazing at the TV. The show was almost over, She was about to leave the room when someone familiar caught her eye………

“OH my god Darling…isn’t that your errant daughter???”

Later on, Jessica clattered around the kitchen noisily…mind whirring……

Lawrence passed by to get himself a coffee, “Good lord Darling, you must be distracted if you’re preparing food….” He remarked, the couple employed a housekeeper to do all the cooking and chores, Jessica did not like domestic work and she did not cook full stop…yet she was frantically making sandwiches for supper…
Lawrence went to sit outside taking the sandwiches with him..
Alone in the kitchen, Jessica’s annoyance grew…until a course of action came to mind.

As they sat out  eating supper Jessica looked up at her husband, “Laurie darling…do you think you could get Lorraine to call the Pleasantview Herald …oh and perhaps that breakfast time chat show …Sunrise……I think as her mother, I have a right to share some of Ellie’s good fortune …don’t you? All the private school fees I spent out all those years….for a start..”

Lawrence smiled a thin sly smile…”Oh absolutely darling…and she’ll need our help managing her earnings…you know how irresponsible young people are these days…I’ll get Lorraine on task first thing in the morning”

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